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Meet Sunit Sebastian, M.D., Radiology Care Provider | UW Medicine

Meet Sunit Sebastian, M.D., Radiology Care Provider | UW Medicine

always meant to be a doctor. And for me, the
biggest aspect of it was the human element
and that personal touch that comes with medicine. And many people
think that radiology is sitting in a dark room
and looking at images, and never seeing the patient. I’ve always done this
throughout my career, stepped out of the reading
room, talked with patients, shook my hands, made
them feel that there is a person behind the
images, that is interpreting those images for them,
who’s a physician and who is equally
responsible and who equally cares about them,
as far as their treatment is concerned. That human element is perhaps
the most important thing that one can have in practicing
medicine in any field. And that is particularly
near and dear to me. Patients teach us every day. That as an absolute fact. We do take care of
them, but each patient leaves us with something,
either in medicine or just in your personal life,
that you can always take something from
and learn from and live with all your life.

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