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Midweek Politics with David Pakman – New Stations, GOP Urologist Poll, Audience Emails

Midweek Politics with David Pakman – New Stations, GOP Urologist Poll, Audience Emails

new stations running mid-week politics
if i didn’t mention it last week kate a and you in college station texas running
the show thrilled to be on in texas couple new t_v_ stations belcher town
t_v_ belcher town massachusetts simsbury t_v_ in simsbury connecticut and saint john’s university t_v_ in college bill minnesota glad to be on
their last week’s poll on mid-week politics dot com voting is closed having said all bomber supporters should
go elsewhere for care urologist jack cassell should not be
allowed to practice forty seven percent or should be allowed to practice fifty
three percent well pretty close i think he will be allowed to pluck practice i
don’t think he’s actually in violation of the hippocratic oath even though i’d
hear the arguments they could be made new poll on mid-week politics dot com it’s related to michael skill and the
question is michael steals presidency of the republican national committee will democrats or help republicans many people saying
steel is actually going to help democrats more than his own party emails always interesting when a radio station
tells me that we’re just too liberal and here’s one email david we’ve talked
among star leadership at the radio station and your program doesn’t fit into our
radio programming goal or a christian radio station and prefer to have those who will teach
through the bible verse by verse understand not wanting to hear the shell
right arm you have a didn’t get a hold of are sure to begin with a lot of them
are on our on our mailing list no idea how the gun bucket on g_o_p_
religious jackets cell saying he doesn’t want to go by on the patient obama
voters over ninety five percent of blacks voted
for obama who do you think he was talking about when he made that sign
someone else you’re just parroting liberal talking points related to democracy street lower health
care segment with chris man’s which you can check out online and on youtube
another segment and a promotion for chris man’s then somebody else like
increased so much suggesting we should replace luis hey david you need any
sidekick it’s chris get rid of louis enjoy your program and from england thankfully i live in a
country that has had social health care before i was even born related to my
story about being recruited for scientology by a handyman billing recap
my mum’s house duty it’s not an accident you were targeted scientology needs
young motivated people in its ranks adults with money in security don’t need
it and usually avoid it they’ll suing you if you speak to valid
runaways fast as you can from those people scientology is a colt but then again so
i was all organized religion and one person saying their is however and argument four scientology i haven’t heard it yet but i would love
to send us your emails radio at mid-week politics dot com plenty more next week thanks for listening mid-week politics
dot com is the website you’ve been listening to live with
politics him meeting all of those is right here in
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mid-week politics visit mid-week politics dot com

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