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Mimi & Josy – Radio Guests [Eng Sub/Sub Esp]

Mimi & Josy – Radio Guests [Eng Sub/Sub Esp]

Mod: Good Morning! M&J: Morning! Mod: terrific that you’re here Mod: it’s great Mod: we have already heard something from you today Mod: Chris, do you still have goosebumps? Chris: I constantly have goosebumps Chris: whenever these two sing Chris: awesome Mod: the astonishing thing is seeing and then hearing them Chris: yes, they look like delicate, cute little girls Chris: and then they open their mouths and sing Chris: and then woah Mod: a big voice comes out Mod: both of you visit middle school M: yes Mod: and you told us that you are writing some autographs Mod: what audience- who digs you the most? J: 5th and 6h graders J: 5th and 6h graders
(the boys!) Mod: what about those your age? M&J: them too Mod: but they probably act coy M: they are not like ‘oh, can I have an autograph?’ Mod: because they have to act cool already
J: they are just like ‘cool’ M: yeah, totally cool
J: yes, they are casual Mod: I assume- your mum is also here today Mod: Hélène, good morning H: Good morning Mod: I assume the girls’ talent didn’t fall from the sky Mod: you are musically inclined, too, right? H: yes we are H: I’m an opera singer and a vocal coach H: and my husband is a professor at the Musikhochschule Munich Chris: yes, that’s what I thought Chris: so you more or less grew up with music right from the cradle M: you can say so
J: yeah Mod: do you at all speak at home, or do you sing everything? M&J: no no, we do speak a normal language Mod: (singing) ‘please Mimi, tidy up your room’ Mod: ‘clear away the dishes’ Chris: so you do speak normally, too? J: yeah M: yes M: occasionally

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  1. Richtig süß und putzig die 2 die sind die besten macht weiter so ihr seit echt die besten 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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