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Model 2530B – 25 MHz, 500 MSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope Overview

Here is the model 2530B, a 25 MHz, 500
MSa/s, compact digital storage oscilloscope. The 2530B has many features including: …A large 5.7 inch color display, …Auto setup button that automatically sets
the vertical, horizontal, and trigger settings to a… …proper value, for fast signal display, …and per our educational customers, a code
for the disabling of the auto setup button, …Large internal storage for up to 20
oscilloscope setups and 10 waveforms… …Waveform analysis with math
functions including FFT, Interface menus in English, German,
Spanish, and 9 additional languages… Free EasyScope PC operating software, …A Help menu button that once pressed
displays the functions of other buttons… And a USB device port to store and recall
waveforms, setups and screen shots via a USB thumb drive. On the side of the 2530B you will find
the universal AC line input. On the rear of the 2530B you will find:
RS232 and USB ports for remote PC control, …The Pass/Fail BNC output… and two Security Loops that allow you to
secure your instrument to your workspace.

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