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Mosaic Music. Интервью с Михаэлем Ротером

Mosaic Music. Интервью с Михаэлем Ротером

[Music] I’m very happy to be in Russia again in Moscow for the very first time I just had a few minutes to see the museum but I’m very impressed and I think it would be a great location to play I’m invited to do some film music in the studio with a band and asked what what’s the name of the band and he said Kraftwerk and I thought what a stupid name yeah that’s what my honest reaction I have a big problem with this expression I never liked the term krautrock you won’t hear me say yeah my music is krautrock I would never say that this would misunderstand my original intentions because since I started making my own music it was always the intention to hope the wish the desire to be different not only from the British American musicians but also from our German bands so to be put into a box with anyone is quite the opposite of what I wanted to achieve I started playing live more and more and since in the last 10 years or so I enjoy playing music my music the mixture of my favorite tunes from Noi Harmonia and for my solo works around the world and this is why I’m here [Music]

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