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Motorola CP200 Radio Programming (Advanced)

Motorola CP200 Radio Programming (Advanced)

Hi this is Matt from Two Way Direct and today we’re gonna go over a few basic programming features within the CPS for the CP200 radios so first thing we’re going to focus
on is a very popular feature known as scan so what we’re gonna do with this is
first we want to go through all of our channels under conventional
personalities and make sure that we activate the scan on
those channels so as you can see were clicked on
personality 1 and then on the right hand side here we wanna go over to the second box down
here which is labeled scan list and we’re gonna go ahead and select
list 1. What we’re gonna do after that is just go through each channel go ahead and select that list one make sure your kHz spacings always at 12 1/2 as well. So go ahead and go through however many channels you wish to scan for this video and
argument sake will say we’re just going to do the four channels here so we’re gonna go ahead and select that, and then from within here you can see there are a few different choices but for basic scan we will just leave
those blank for now. So as you can see, channels 1 2, 3 and 4 all have list 1 selected. Now we’re gonna wanna go down here to you scan itself and there’s that list 1 that we selected so now we have to go ahead and add those frequencies into the list, so the radio knows to search for those. So we’re gonna go ahead and select all those
personalities that we just added. As you can see we have personalities 1, 2, 3 and 4
and those were available and we move them over to the list So now those are in the scan list and then if you wish to be able to talk
back without changing the channel selector on the top of the radio you
would go ahead and click this and let’s say I was on channel one here and I was picking up some one on Channel 4. If I had this talkback selected I can simply push my pushed talk button and answer them back
immediately. Otherwise if we deselect this I’m gonna have to change my channel
selector knob from 1 all the way down to four to answer them if I’m picking some radio traffic up there so a lot of people do opt for selecting
this feature here and then this right here I would
recommend just leaving this as is now we’re gonna want to do is go
up to the buttons here and we need a way to
activate that scan so you can set it on any of these 2
option buttons short or long press a lot of people opt
for the long press here so they don’t
accidentally hit scan. So from within here we’re
gonna go ahead and select the scan features so just have to scroll
through here and locate it so let’s see And here we go here. A little tough to find
sometimes cause there’s so much information in here but as you can see it’s gonna be labeled
toggle system scan on and off. So you’re gonna wanna go ahead and set that here and now we know if I do a short press on my option button number one it’s going to activate that
scan. And we just double check everything everything’s in the list there and we have them selected on each of those four channels if we take a look at Channel five you
can see it’s not selected there So that’s setting up scan with the talkback enabled there Another basic feature here on the
radios if you’re looking at personality one here if we have two people maybe that don’t
need a great coverage they’re close together we can select the power
level to go down to low-power which is gonna be a default of I believe one watt of power and that’s
gonna save that’s gonna save lot a battery
life because it’s gonna go from 4 watts down to 1 watt of power and below that you’ll see there’s a box for Vox and this would need to be checked if
you’re using a voice activated headset with the CP200 radio you would need to check this so the radio will auto-detect that accessory when you plug it into the side of the audio jack One other thing to touch on here as the
squelch types as you can see under the receive and transmit and there’s
probably about 30 different names for these motorola calls these TPL and DPL but other companies will call them sub-audio tones or privacy line tones, but they all have all the same set up here so you always just wanna write these down if you’re cloning a CP200 over to a vertex radio, you’re gonna want to make sure that you get these numbers and just fill them in accordingly on the correct spread sheet. So for now that’s a nice basic program information on system scan, changing the power level
to low-power as well as activating the vox feature. That’s all from Two Way Direct for now and we’ll be back soon with another

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  1. How do you install this for free? I just got this radio and the programming cord from you guys… please give me the link to it. Thank you!

  2. hello dear friend I have a problem with a cp150 radio when I do it to program it says that it is not the supported version .. and I combine the version and it remains the same you could help me as I do .. thanks

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