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Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Reduce Pain In Patient – SLUCare Interventional Radiology

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Reduce Pain In Patient – SLUCare Interventional Radiology

SHANE: 2000 One of my legs got RSD, and then it
uh end up going to amputation. The RSD, people don’t understand it that there
ain’t many doctors who know anything about it And it’s just very painful. I mean even to the touch, and then oh probably
about four or five years later I got it in the other leg, below the knee. And then later on in 2015, I lost it above
the knee. Then it went into my hand about two years
ago. What got it started was I was working on the
floor at my house and I was using a hammer, and it triggered it. And uh so, then it swelled up, both hands
actually swelled up and this one went away and this one stayed. I hurt so bad, your thoughts are, what do
I do?I mean where do I go from here? I mean maybe a chance of losing my arm. you know I mean. It’s scary. no-one else could figure it out, I come to
SLU, and they had every single doctor coming in on my arm. uh the whole crew. DR. PEREIRA: We had a multidisciplinary approach to Shane because, you know I’m a vascular interventional radiologist, I do minimally invasive procedures
and I can control his pain, but there are a lot of other factors that contribute to
the pain, combination of specialties of neurosurgery, vascular interventional radiology (me), Pain
medicine, uh psychologist, critical care medicine, all these specialities got together to give
Shane the type of care he wanted. and uh this is something that a team of doctors
working together is something special which you know a place like Saint Louis University,
which is an academic institute, offers to people in St. Louis. SHANE: Pereira come in, I mean he was coming in daily,
if not twice a day with his a, he would bring different, uh, of his team in to try to figure
out what to do with me. He was bound and determined that I was going
to get help. Thought I was gonna lose it was going to be
the solution and they figure out, figured it out you know what to do. I mean first we went for ablations, it didn’t
work, um but it helped for a little bit. Pereira was able to get me the stimulator
so. It seems like it’s doing a good job. DR. PEREIRA: The neurostimulator is basically a tiny catheter that is inserted using a minimally invasive procedure through a tiny pinhole in the back under x-ray
guidance we go up close to the spinal cord, uh and basically this neurostimulator has
got electrodes on it that alters the nerve signals, so basically your pain is relieved,
he’s been doing well since then preventing major surgery and doing everything through
a tiny pinhole, and this is what minimally invasive medicine is all about. SHANE: This whole hospital they were, all the doctors,
were awesome, every single one of em. [MUSIC]

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