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Mustang Raxiom Navigation & Touch Screen Upgrade For OE Radio Review & Install 2015-2017

Mustang Raxiom Navigation & Touch Screen Upgrade For OE Radio Review & Install 2015-2017

Hey, guys. Stephanie with, here with
the Raxiom Navigation and Touch Screen Upgrade for the S550 OE Radio for all 2015 and up
Mustangs. In this video, we’re gonna go over a few things
with the Raxiom Nav and the Touch Screen Upgrade. I’m gonna tell you about its features, and
we’re gonna talk about the install as well. I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to
call this a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, because it’s all plug-and-play. You don’t have to splice anything. It is a little time-consuming, but I’ll talk
more about that later. The Raxiom Navigation & Touch Screen Upgrade
is gonna be a good option for the S550 owners out there that have a base model Mustang and
wanna upgrade to a capable, factory-style navigation and multimedia system that comes
with modern amenities, like a backup camera, a touch screen display, and even HDMI mirroring,
which I’ll talk more about in a second. This will work for models that came with the
standard OE Radio with the four-inch screen. So I mentioned that this nav has HDMI connectivity. There’s an HDMI input that’s going to allow
the content that’s on your Android or your Apple phone to be displayed on the nav screen. So if you’re connected to the unit and you’re
texting, it’ll come up on the nav screen, which is a hi-def screen. So texting is not really all that exciting,
but this will work for any of your mobile apps, so Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or
whatever it is that you’re using while you’re parked. That’s pretty cool and all, but I think the
best part about that is when it comes to navigation. Now, this is a full GPS navigation unit, and
I can talk more about that in a second. But I know that a lot of times, people, including
myself, aren’t turning to their phones for navigation anymore, even if you do have a
full navigation unit in front of you. Sometimes, it needs to be updated, and it
won’t show current routes or if a road is closed, or it won’t give you a heads-up about
road hazards or cops, like certain mobile apps do. With the mirroring capabilities, instead of
having to stare down at your phone, you can have that map or the app displayed on the
larger screen in the Raxiom unit, so you have the best of both worlds. You have more of a real-time GPS through a
mobile app, but you also have it displayed on the nav, where it’s easy to see and interact
with, like a traditional nav. Another nice thing about this is that it retains
the sync functions, so you don’t have to worry about losing those. You still have all your voice-controlled factory
functions, as well as the radio functions, CD, iPod, and Bluetooth hands-free systems. The other thing that this upgrade has is OBD-II
reading functions. There’s a built-in OBD-II reader, so you’ll
be able to read basic info, like tire pressure, door and trunk status, and parking brake status. Now, you can’t read and clear trouble codes
through this, but you do get some stats here. Other than that, you’re still looking at a
ton of other nice features. The screen is an eight-inch HD LCD touch screen,
so you can interact with it, and that’s especially nice if you’re mirroring your phone. Of course, it does have radio capabilities,
and you can access your music from your phone as well, and it has full-color backup screen. This is a high resolution and double the size
of the factory screen, and, of course, you’re looking at a full warranty through Raxiom
here. The nav system does use a software that has
some cool features to it, too. It gives a voice and visual turn-by-turn directions
on the screen. You have 2D, 3D, and topography routing directions
and 3D building views for major cities. All of the map software is pre-loaded, so
this will all be available on initial startup. You won’t have to download anything or update
any SD cards or anything like that. And, of course, it has maps for both the U.S.
and for Canada. The unit is gonna come with everything you
need for the install. You have your screen, your interface box,
a factory-style dash bezel so you can maintain a factory-like appearance and still keep all
of your dash controls. You also get the GPS antenna, HDMI cable,
aux cable, and your other needed cables, and your main wiring harness. As far as price, you’re not looking at breaking
the bank here luckily. This is a unit with new technology and capabilities,
and it’s gonna upgrade you so that you won’t be missing the OE unit. You’re looking at spending close to $800 for
this. The install for this is easy. It’s a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter. It’s gonna take about two hours total to get
it all done. The install is all plug-and-play. You won’t have to splice any wires or cut
or have to worry about any of that. You need a few basic hand tools to get the
job done. Basically, you need to remove the center console,
so you have to disconnect any connections and take off some trim pieces so you can get
the control panel out. The sync unit is behind this panel, and that
needs to be removed, along with the radio unit. The Raxiom wiring harness will plug right
into the factory harness. You’ll have to plug in some input wires and
cables into the back of the new nav unit and reinstall all of the pieces that you removed. Once you have everything plugged in, and run,
and in position, it’s just a matter of getting the center console back together and getting
your backup camera run and in place. Raxiom does give step-by-step instructions,
and it tells you how to set up your unit on startup as well. So they make it easy. Wrapping things up here with the Raxiom Navigation
and Touch Screen Upgrade, this unit has quite a few capabilities, like HDMI mirroring and
Bluetooth. It still has a full GPS navigation unit that’ll
work for both sync and non-sync cars and maintains all of the sync functions. There’s a lot to look at with this unit, so
I suggest you check it out more online for yourself right here at

26 comments on “Mustang Raxiom Navigation & Touch Screen Upgrade For OE Radio Review & Install 2015-2017

  1. $800 is too much for this unit. There's similar hardware out there for under $600 that provide the same features. Also I know it's a small detail, but I don't want to see the Raxiom logo pop up when booting up, I want to see the official mustang logo like in every other navigation system out there.

  2. does anybody know if they will be updating the software for this unit. I've had mine for a while now and I love it, there's a few small things that could be fixed or added like displaying album art while playing your music to smaller things like day light savings time working properly…thanks. any input or information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. what good is using a navigation app on your phone if the screen mirroring only works when you are parked? I think it would be better to get something that has apple/android auto. Probably cheaper too since it won't have the nav bundle. An OEMRadio kit would be better than this for sure.

  4. I see MyFordTouch and its a no go. If they made this with sync 3 I'd consider it . I have the myfordtouch in my 2015 mustang and it's just not a good infotainment unit.

  5. Way overpriced! I think I'm going to get the moddiction unit. It does everything this unit does for a couple hundred less.

  6. First you won't have all the functions of your original sync and they don't seem to willing to update those missing functions. Siri eyes free doesn't work, no radio station Id, you cant delay the back up camera any more, very hard to reply to messages in the onscreen due to messages issues with my iPhone (7 plus). They will never update the software for better information and integration. You cant dim the unit without dimming your dash, you ca no longer turn the radio on unless you turn the entire car on. So there are functions you will lose and raxiom will not fix them or upgrade to give you your full functions of sync. They should tell you this. Also the warranty is non transferable so if someone buys it for you as a gift they need to put everything in your name otherwise you won't have a warranty. There are better looking interface out there that are cheaper and they seems to care about the product

  7. I was told that NO ONE, best buy, car toys, NO ONE can or will install an aftermarket unit because it voids the warranty and there is NO HARNESS THAT'S LESS THAN $1000. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Is this true or am I just surrounded by know nothings in Houston, TX?

  8. how do you make this any brighter? during the day I can barely tell what's on the screen. Help me pleasee

  9. while i love the look $800?? tjat literally close to what i payed for a brand new set of rims on my 2016 GT

  10. go with raxiom. the unit from moddiction is a piece of junk. bought mine from moddiction 3 months ago and the nav does not work. moddiction has the worst customer service. buyer beware, you get what you pay for. unfortunately I did.

  11. I have the older one for the 07-09 and there is absolutely NO support or upgrades for the software on this that I can find.

  12. Hi American Muscle! I have this exact unit, but I'm having problem with the micro SD card where the GPS is stored. Where can I buy the new micro SD card for the gps?

  13. Would this fit a base model Sync 1 w/ 4'' screen 2018 Mustang GT? Every single button is identical to my 2018.

  14. You can get literally the same thing fit under 300$. I'm convinced they are reselling the 200$ tomtop unit for over 700

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