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My first EVER 40m Mobile Ham Radio QSO M0MCX/M

My first EVER 40m Mobile Ham Radio QSO M0MCX/M

repeat your calls on for me please fantastic okay hey listen thank you very
much for the contact all the best 73 Delta Delta 3 Juliet November this is fantastic
thank you so much Name is Cal over get well hello this is I didn’t honestly
think that anybody would would come back this is the funniest thing for me ever I’ll put this on YouTube and the DX
Commander channel so I will feature you there over .. You are five and seven on the meter
five and seven yes I have I played with my music in my
drums fantastic okay well get to see you next time thank you so much for being
number two a deal sadly the same fantastic 73 Mike zero Mike Charlie
x-ray mobile now QRT

11 comments on “My first EVER 40m Mobile Ham Radio QSO M0MCX/M

  1. Great stuff Cal. Duncan MM5AJN uses those Diamond antennas to great effect for his WAB adventures, look him up on QRZ. His is strapped to a Merc as well ! Maybe its the car brand that makes them work so well ! Sid MI5UTC

  2. Maybe I will have to install my h.f. rig in my taxi once again! Bad thing is we have allot of bad electrical power poles around Charlottetown, PE.I. Canada and noise on h.f. is horrible! All i have is those huge Hustler coils.

  3. I'm not sure why the lyric "rolling mobile stones truck" jumped in my head while watching this video, but it did. And don't call me Funky Claude !

    Just a wee bit of randomness to shake things up !

  4. Hey de kg4muk cq DX I stay on 7.175 in the USA bloody hell I’ll have to keep a eye out for you in the early daylight hrs and just before dark here your 4 hrs ahead of me at the moment next week our time changes

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