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Nathalie – Top 3 Favorite Records (Radiohead, R.E.M., PJ Harvey)

Nathalie – Top 3 Favorite Records (Radiohead, R.E.M., PJ Harvey)

Here we are with Nathalie
It’s me visiting this time because we are in Rome to talk about? Vinyls I’m looking forward to know
the first record you picked up I chose PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love this is a beautiful album starting from the cover she looks like Ophelia in my opinion she’s halfway into the water such a sexy dress she wears sexy and damned
look at this pic so sensual
this record is produced by John Parish
and for sure with this record she broke through this record is not an easy one it’s a bit hard at the first listening why?
because all the songs are different from each other and it’s overall kind of dark sound my favorite tracks are the title track “To Bring You My Love” that opens the record is obsessively dark very brave to start with a song like that then I love “C’mon Billy” “so good to me” it’s more upbeat but not happy not her mood I like when she goes deep into the dark side of the human soul and feelings skipping to the B-side a favorite one is “Down by the Water” such a twisted tune it’s not the usual structure because she likes to experiment not the usual verse-chorus song she follows her feelings PJ Harvey way often they sound like unfinished songs but I’m sure is a production choice to let it a bit rough apparently
and kind of lo-fi it’s her trademark then and then “Send his Love to Me”
almost all are favorite and in the end she reaches
the top with “The Dancer” why the top? because first of all she sings like she’s having an orgasm and this is beautiful another pretty dark song played on organ it’s obsessive but passionate all her passion in there with such a simple structure a three chords song pretty simple I have goose skin just thinking of it not sure if it’s because of John Parish, the producer, but I really appreciate when a producer let the creativity flowing out from the artist understanding that a sound even when rough and in some way simple it works and might become a trademark rather than overproducing right, when it’s too fancy but not honest at all the musical instruments played in the songs it’s never over three musicians true Polly Jean Harvey, her real name plays guitar, organ and sings John Parish plays all the rest percussions, guitars, bass sometimes there’s a guest drummer or other guests the two main player are PJ Harvey and John Parish
and it’s a 1995 record released by Island Records do you remember when you bought it? I didn’t buy it when it came out
because first time I heard about her was in 1997 and then I quickly bought all her albums yes, 1997 definitely
how did you hear about her? through a radio station in Rome focused on rock music are you ready with the second record? Which one is it?
“Automatic for the People” by R.E.M. I was a huge fan of this band in my teens and I had a crash for Michael Stipe Really? But he didn’t love you back he takes care sometimes of the graphics and artworks
like this time by the way the pictures are by Anton Corbijn we went to his exhibition in Berlin together 3 years ago beautiful exhibition great pictures I love just seeing the vinyl I didn’t get it yet how is it possible to transfer the music into the grooves into the tracks and the magic when the needle is on the revolving vinyl and the music comes out it’s pure magic look at this pic
he looks like one of the Oasis here true, it was released in 1992
before Oasis this is a record I love so much it’s definitely a masterpiece with beautiful songs in it starting with “Drive” that is so dreamy and magic in some way with the delay repeating the words Hey, Hey
Kid, Kid it makes the magic sometimes an echo might be so structural in opening up a song I fancy that while they were in the studio and the producer or someone from the band said that something was missing in the song Hey
Kids Hey (Hey) Kids (Kids) it’s fun to guess what happened in the studio in the process of composing a song like that followed by “Try Not to Breathe” such a beautiful ballad with great lyrics if I’m not wrong it’s about a man who’s dying it goes like “Do not worry keep breathing” it’s such a beautiful song all great then the classic “Everybody Hurts” a song so popular typical R.E.M. ballad simple but passionate just a few bands can make it with simple chords it’s not complicated but so honest sometimes, you know the simple songs are more direct and they last forever I like “Nightswimming” as well their memories of swimming naked into the sea and “Man on the Moon” is another classic “Man on the Moon” is dedicated to the comedian Andy Kaufman it’s for him “Find the River” is another favorite one it’s beautiful opening with an accordion or something like that and it blows me away the album is recorded in New Orleans and in Athens in Georgia
their hometown would you like talking about their concert? Yes, I was 15 and I went with my dad and a dear friend of mine I remember making a big sign
with R.E.M. written on it and I was such a fan hoping that they would see it I saw them at the Olympic Stadium I was there too a few years later and it’s time for the third record Look at this cover
you’ve read my thoughts it’s beautiful such a powerful image
with this street a future urban environment those little men it looks like a plan from architects coming from the future
true rather than having the band members’ faces they like to stay in the shadow and the lyrics it reminds me of Apollinaire and his experimental typo work with writing and printing it’s funny that maybe you buy a vinyl rather than a CD hoping to read the lyrics
but no way, they’re too small no idea how small they’re in the CD how sweet are these two guys holding hands NO DATA true, good care is taken of every detail and then you have this
modern world awesome here they are a love story in the future world schizoid in some way
a record from 1997 I remember buying it the day it came out it’s the first time they used a computer as a friend in the production true, because the previous records
were sort of post-grunge yes, post-grunge
they didn’t want to use any electronics or post production their music was more straight and raw before it’s been always hard to put a label on their music yes, because they’ve been always themselves
from the very beginning the sound of this record has been an example
for the following music many bands, artists and producers still getting inspired from the sound of the guitars sometimes sounding like keyboards
through all the pedals and effects the singing style is so interesting with the overdubs and the harmonies Paranoid Android the section “Rain Down, Rain Down” etc. it sounds like a cathedral it’s a huge change from
the previous part of the song this song is a brilliant suite that keeps surprising the listener it’s twisted and the choir section maybe some sampled voices through a pitch effect don’t know I’m trying to guess as you said, it sounds like a cathedral a dark choir anyway shall we say that “Paranoid Android” is the
Radiohead’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”? haha sure those song like
“Stairway to Heaven” with long length and always changing yes, it’s a suite and so brave in writing a song like that and Paranoid Android was the first single of the album Karma Police was the second single a crazy choice but it was so successful helped by the beautiful cartoon video weird and not easy to understand hard to catch the meaning and the lyrics as well, hard to get the meaning “Karma Police” is another masterpiece so is the music video great visual a song pretty inspired by “Sexy Sadie”
from the Beatles in my opinion true, the harmonies the piano part is similar I really love “Lucky” me too
and it starts with this guitar played before the first fret it’s a weird sound yes, the guitarist is brilliant he’s not Johnny Greenwood but Ed O’Brien “No Surprises” is another great song yes, amazing tune it starts with a Glockenspiel yes, exactly, sounding like small bells it sounds like a lullaby but the lyrics have a tough meaning Johnny Greenwood plays glockenspiel and Ed O’Brien plays with a high pitch capo eventually the capo is on the 12th fret this high tone comes out playing the arpeggio using the capo that way brilliant they like experimenting every Radiohead album in my opinion has a concept including merchandising, artwork, the music videos it’s all linked definitely Nathalie, finally, after two records with Sony you just released your third album yes, “Into the Flow” what’s the main topic of the album? it’s the water, in every meaning among them, being female I dove into an aquarium for the photo shooting and the water was very cold there were two aquariums
a vertical and an horizontal one the water in this one was +5 degrees and you filmed some music videos, right? yes, two music videos a funny one for “SMILE-IN-A-BOX” and the second one is “Tra le Labbra” filmed by the videomaker Hyst this time we cared about the watery vibes of the album I would really like to know about “Into the Flow” that has an english title while the other two albums were titled in italian are in there songs in english or in italian? both, english and italian the songs came out this way I went with the flow and actually there are mostly
songs in english this time for the very first time there are 7 in english and 3 in italian you’re looking for the international market
be honest I didn’t think about it actually but sure, why not and it would be nice since this records doesn’t sound much italian and it would be nice to play more often abroad I put all my love and affection into this record probably enough is the album that mostly shows who I am sounds like a good reason to buy the record
where can it be found? in Italy for sure in the record stores for the international audience on Amazon and all the other platforms there are anyways links in the description Nathalie, it’s been a pleasure

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