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Navi 900 IntelliLink | Personalisation | That’s How It Works!

Navi 900 IntelliLink | Personalisation | That’s How It Works!

Do you know the feel good function of your car’s infotainment system? The funky music playlist that gets you going in the morning? The navigation system that helps you reach your destination quicker? Or the hands-free phone function that helps you call your loved ones whenever you feel like? Why not make the infotainment system your own personal hub for making driving more comfortable and convenient. Whatever function you use most – it’s just one tap away. You can personalise your infotainment system in different ways. In addition to storing your favourite radio stations, you can access your most frequently used playlists, contacts and destinations by storing them as favourites. For example, to store a music favourite  from a USB-connected mobile device, press and hold any favourite button. Choose between storing the currently playing Artist, Album, Song or Genre. To store a playlist, tap on BROWSE and select PLAYLISTS. On some screens, the favourites bar is minimised. To reveal it drag the favourites bar up. Again, press and hold a favourite button. Now, select the playlist you want to store as a favourite on the screen. You can also store contacts from a Bluetooth-connected phone as favourites. Reveal the favourites bar… Press and hold a favourite button… And select a contact. Navigation destinations can be stored during active route guidance. Reveal the favourites bar and press and hold a favourite button. Did you know that you can also customise your favourites? First, tap on SETTINGS. Then select RADIO. and tap on Manage Favourites . You can easily rename … Delete … … and relocate your favourites. And that’s how to personalise your infotainment system.

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