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New GE 3T MRI – Radiology Associates of Ridgewood NJ – Bergen County MRI Center

New GE 3T MRI – Radiology Associates of Ridgewood NJ – Bergen County MRI Center

Radiology Associates of Ridgewood New Jersey is proud to introduce the latest advancement in imaging technology: the new GE 3T MRI This state of the art MRI unit greatly improves the overall scanning experience with its wider space and soft flexible coils. The table surface has also been completely redesigned, creating a more comfortable and relaxed examination for our patients. By doubling the strength of a normal MRI, the GE 3T can generate better images in a shorter amount of time. The detail quality of the GE 3T is so remarkable, it can capture details smaller than the head of a pin, such as small blood vessels and nerves. With this new MRI unit, Radiology Associates of Ridgewood has a powerful diagnostic tool to help in the fight against cancer. We can now analyze brain functions and anatomic structures much more accurately than with standard MRI units This helps to improve the success rate of patient operations. Being able to locate extremely small areas, such as brain tumors, is now more possible thanks to the GE 3T. The detail imaging of the 3T is not limited to brain scans. Its higher spatial resolution helps to enhance the detection of orthopedic issues such cartilage tears of the shoulder, hip, wrist, as well as problems with various other bones and joints such as the knee and elbow. For women, the 3T MRI provides improved detection and characterization of breast cancer. For men, the 3T MRI can be an integral tool for the detection of prostate cancer. Evaluation of vascular disease is also markedly improved in the 3T, especially for those patients unable to receive contrast material. With the 3T MRI Unit, Radiology Associates of Ridgewood is raising the bar of excellence for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. We are committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic imaging services in the New Jersey / New York area. To speak to one of our trained staff about the 3Tesla MRI system or to schedule an appointment, call Radiology Associates Of Ridgewood today at 201-445-8822 or visit www.

1 comment on “New GE 3T MRI – Radiology Associates of Ridgewood NJ – Bergen County MRI Center

  1. Piece of shit machine.. .No consideration for claustrophobic patients. This crap is so fucking small, and they say its more spacious when you call these clinics… I had to abort a session how claustrophobic these crap machines are. But its now popular and you cant even find a descent wide bore machine anymore because these tiny pieces of craps 3T MRI machines are taking over. Probably cheap deal because its so fucking cheap. BE AWARE WHEN THEY SAY ITS MORE SPACIOUS ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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