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Notre Dame Television Internship: CBS News

I’m doing an internship with CBS News
out of their broadcast center here in Manhattan. Working with the Investigative Unit within CBS News, working very closely with producers, pitching stories,
researching, fact-checking: that all contributes to
all CBS News platforms. As a part of the CBS Internship Program you get assigned to do a group project. I got selected to anchor the project. They treated me just like anybody else which
I really appreciated that and it really made for an experience that I’m not
going to be forgetting anytime soon. Living in Manhattan is not easy mentally
or financially. It takes a lot of getting accustomed to. The Arts and Letters
Summer Internship Program grant has really helped support me during the
summer. It’s so important to get experience outside of the classroom and
in the real world and the internship is the perfect opportunity to do that.

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