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Offset Is Putting Cardi B Through It Again

hey good evening this is the star report
I’m your host Troy terrain pique a star Tuesday evening welcome aboard
okay I have to give a lecture tonight no notes needed the country pimp is back at
it again yeah the contraband the impeachment trials
you don’t care about that never mind Kamala Harris dropping out of
the race I mean you can call in a few you know you want to but nobody cares
about that the hottest story off set back on his bullshit you can play around
with all that allegedly all that little uh who got hacked that niggas seasoned
and let me just say right now on some G shit a tiger cannot change its stripes
no he can’t no he or she can’t anyway welcome to the show that never ends we
should be good everything rolling here super check cash yep good evening in the
live chat might roll baby’s how you feeling huh hey hey hey you had to
handle some business yesterday couldn’t play with you but I’m back for the get
down tonight yeah back to the bullshit what a beautiful topic offset is putting
cardi through it again yes he is and the body language in a second that’s nice
Carly’s body language did you peep it oh she’s up on the gram going apeshit
you know when come on yo she looked like a lovin come on soon Camuto I’m loving
it loving it loving it how you guys feeling a live chat Ronnie
is gonna be acknowledging some people tonight in the live chat Ronnie you can
call it now where are you are you ready I don’t have my contacts in yeah offset
putting the cardi through it again and let me just say this before I even you
know start taking calls and and things like that buckwild love him to death he’s back
home in jail buck told me years ago he said star your philosophy is objective
heat my philosophy is to die with the lie die with the lie offsets the same
type of nigga yeah man and let me just say this let me put this out there early
the young young lady that all this is about if you’re not the speed a young
female by the name of Jade she did a video I saw the video where she pulled
up her phone low raggedy phone and she didn’t have her nails done Lord Jesus
come on boo boo um and then she showed what appeared to
be offset DMing her one o’clock in the morning talking about miss you F R that
means for real I guess so let me just jump out the window and say this Jade
probably has the fire pussy I’m sorry to be so vulgar the fire pussy we’ve had
conversations before about fire pussy and what it will make a nigga do a nigga
will deny his kids for some fire pussy I’ve been with you know associates
friends workers and they have thrown it all out the window they throw it all
away over some fire pussy okay hold on a second how we doing here phones working
okay hang on a second we get Bostic we’re in the line Ronnie said tell him
coming right back to you sit tight Ronnie wants to go back into the the
movie Queen and slim and I’m gonna let her and Moses he wants to call in we’re
gonna be a little sloppy tonight holiday season I’m loving the holidays and I’m
gonna be heading back up to Lake Lanier maybe this week because from what I hear
they have the Christmas lights on some of the trees yeah Lake Lanier 60 miles
north of Atlanta one of my new hangouts also tonight we can touch on a few
things Christie Lampkin that’s Jim Jones is I’m
gonna say girlfriend not necessarily a fiancee she was on one of those crazy
talk shows was it the real or talk I don’t know and she says that marriage
is no longer a priority for her in Jim and after seven years they’re now going
back on Love & Hip Hop why no Jim I fuck with JJ I call him JJ fuck with Jim
Jones a heavy but if you not get mad we don’t see you back up on Love & Hip Hop
um and I got some under notes here Chicago or former partner former Chicago
Superintendent yeah he’s out of there you finally tossed him like the Caesar
salad hold on a second I got some notes here for you yeah guy got him to fuck up
out of there sleeping in the car back in October October the 17th to be exact in
case you don’t know Eddie Johnson yeah the mayor fired him Brock Eide he wasn’t
doing the job anyway you know he should have been fired if you asked me right
after that whole juicy I called him juicy juicy Smollett you
know fiasco debacle all right and I got some notes for Kamala Harris if anybody
gives a shit that’s my other topic on the screen there Kamala Harris drops out
of the presidential race bye-bye we won fucking witch anyway baby no you know
Obama put his pimp hand down too hard we’re not trying to hit that biracial
bullshit back up in the White House you know and what’s that old saying
fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me
yeah she was gonna try and flip the okey-doke you know the scam fuck out of
here okay uh Wall Street money are you there hello hello hey hey hey how are
you good evening all right who are you I’m charge I’m hyped I am had a very
productive day all right so where do we start we’ve been talking what do you
think you saw the video cardi be trying to explain that offset was hacked he’s
not creeping into Jade’s DMS you saw the video with Jade it’s everywhere the
same room Bossip big story will be going yes and one thing I noticed because she
did a scream record you know which proving that this wasn’t like a
Photoshop screenshot this was you know the video you see the message going
tracing right back to his account but I saw and her messages like right after he
sent that to her she directly messages messages the shade room like she ran
right to them as she supposed to she supposed to come oh come on
yes I saw them in her log so now listen initially I thought okay he got her
right eye I didn’t understand what was going on I’m thinking this girl is you
know she’s being duped as well like whoever acted you know took his phone
whatever but then I see all the videos that cardi put up you know just trying
to basically explain away the situation and one thing I think a person tries to
do when they’re trying to convince you is they volunteer too much information
now hang on Ronny but before we go any further you are defending offset tonight
yes or have you changed your position because we spoke about an hour ago you
say you’re holding him down has that changed yeah well listen it’s not that I’m not I you know I looked at the videos I looked
at the the body language I looked at her you know her her parents how a little
bit like this disheveled she looks and I was like it’s
just a lobe like okay so look this is damage control because I mean she put
out four different videos she’s showing like trying to get into his Instagram
and his Twitter and you know just the things that she was saying she’s like
you know she was very self acknowledging she said you know we look crazy
yeah we broke 9 we’ve been sick all night offsets holding a baby and in true
pen fashion well true southern pimp fashion he that he ain’t saying shit
when the camera goes to him What did he say Ronnie what do you say
to the camera it sound like I said like go ahead I go ahead with that or
something what What did he say well wait a minute
I used that you’re defending him you don’t know exactly what he said right if
I say exactly what he said it makes it sound worse for him because he did look
like a pimp just hovering over her and she looked like frantic almost like she
was trying to convince us that you know his account has been hacked so he
couldn’t have possibly sent this message she literally said you know we’ve been
sick all night we broke night we you know we just woke up because it
was 3 o’clock in the afternoon literally like an hour after the girl all that’s
Cuba Ronnie I need you to be specific and immigrants to what offset center I
wrote it down but what he said is very very poignant here let me bring in some
more callers come right back in a second area code 6 3 6 good evening this is the
biggest story 6 3 6 or you there 6 3 6 good evening yes no maybe you’re hiding
stop in there with details TV our STL was going on plan how you met we talked
about I know I hate your brother I know I do brother that’s ok we talked about
that country pimp come on let’s talk tonight man let’s talk they’re real kids
oh yeah can’t we talk about it man Ronnie listen I was with you at first
man I at first I wanted to ride with my boy I’ll say man damn them and my blade
I was set out her handling business man look at this
I was listen if you pay attention to it the only thing that made me question all
the shit was when old girl put the post up and say how will he hack their one
o’clock what point in time was this account hey yeah and would you look at
what time he started showing them mercy and it’s about a good hour and a half
difference in between the two we could have smedium alipio me
yeah I’m jumping out the window and I’m gonna say he’s putting her through it
and and and and most of these guys who know how to move you know shake rattle
and roll up on iig they know how to cover their tracks they know how to send
out a bunch of tweets and all all sorts of DMS to make it appear that their shit
was hacked in there and then they changed the password and then they said
oh no I don’t know what happened come on man that’s a it’s 2019 he got their
money to come on now he could have made anything chopped off he could’ve had it
easily I take person to something like they
easily faked a little counseling this I’m gonna take a kid’s account die with
the lie to do it but like you said he’s the country pillow you can’t get mad at
him like you say he’s taking us through it though that’s the show yeah let me
ask you a question do you think he’s giving car to be uppercuts and you know
giving her jammies if not you know at some point she doesn’t get to that to
that to that point should be wearing makeup to cover up the marks I’m going
here fucking you know what I think you know what stuff keep it really I
think she oughta talk I don’t think he uppercut no nothing cardi B y’all talk I
think he’s slinging that pie phone hmm I think they’re part keeping her in
control right now they’re piping that they’re piping that grimy attitude keep
her in check right now she know better he’s like one of those situations like
shit like I was my father pretty much like you said ain’t happen so you know
thing he had to whup my ass I’m gonna get my ass ain’t fucking with right
nothing ever is how it is don’t play with me she’s dick-notized let’s go
dancing fuck you yeah father Kamala Harris man I
want to laugh about can we have a great laugh man let’s be honest she wasn’t
doing nowhere man and I’m Rick you know how to fuck his Joe Biden hottie Joe
Biden get the nerve to have this seat go up didn’t come all the Harris say she
went to college with Tupac or something about college and to panco crazy shit
bitch is my age oh no she said she went to college with him but I believe she
did say she bumped into him back in the day right but you know she was trying to
push the votes and shit that’s how you knew she was gonna make a man good
reason I’m saying see just blowing smoke you know I appreciate you though man
I’m calling in and keep my two cents man often us in that cash up energy saying
keep it smooth you around the idea thing yes okay thank you okay yeah folks I
might have to get simple pee on the line tonight that’s the homies sinful peer
pimping can some guy hide their body hold on a second Ronnie uh big cock on
the check and be a super Chet he says pimp question mark question mark
question mark this same nigga that was begging and crying on cam question mark
that’s how pence move that’s a motherfucking meal ticket you got you
might you get down and eat your knees him beggar come on baby please don’t
take the take all the money with you the kid to what Ronnie are you there
it was boss chick yeah I’m here okay so did you find that exactly what offset
said did you go back did he say go ahead y’all alright y’all go ahead y’all you
know now let me ask you do you drink it all of you smoke weed I think you told
me that I forget I drink like very rarely because I just don’t like alcohol
I don’t really you know I’m very lightweight so I could have three drinks
and I’ll literally be drunk so okay that’s you know do you smoke aside from
cigarettes do you smoke weed no okay well let me just say you know I don’t
talk about it too often but I smoked Skywalker OG and when I when I you know
I get to that place I I start you know getting up on motherfucking Instagram
you know going up in the d-ends doing all so it’s a crazy shit and then wake
up the next day and I said damn him up I was walling off set may have been on
some bullshit one o’clock in the morning and again this this little girl a little
girl she’s Takashi 6-9 aka snitch 9 this is his girl yes yes but she had a fling
with him before allegedly no no let me get to that and this is the girl and her
sister cardi be sent some other girls to the
strip club in Queens allegedly to handle that shit yes yes yes allegedly this
girl has the fire pussy I’m going there tonight folks
we’re gonna be vulgar phone lines open cash app super chat and holistic mope
fax wants to call and Ronnie uh okay there’s more right there because you
want to go back into a queen and slim so let’s do that now then I’ll come back
because I’m charged mo fax is that you sir 703 how you Doris tar hey hey hey
are you doing Ronnie good evening man hi moe hey so uh promote your platform
first of all because you did a damn near a two-hour video you and Adam curry and
you guys went you know in your direction I respect the fact that you stood ten
toes down your platforms on YouTube yes yes it’s almost XCOM I mean I got a web
site most that calm mo e FAC TV and it’s the same in all social media sites and
YouTube as well okay so Ronnie do you want to take from here you had some
issues with Moe his review of a film he has not seen what do you wanna go Ronnie
well yeah I mean I just would have to say that I have noticed a pattern with
you where and you seem to want to be a contrarian just for the sake of being a
contrarian I mean there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion but if you’re
going to provide commentary it should at least be based on an informed opinion
you trash when they see us without having seen it you trash clean and slim
again without having seen it then you go on and do a two-hour commentary on a
film that you haven’t seen okay that’s why is asking Farrakhan eat a pork chop
we talked bad about the pea no that’s not it’s exactly the same way if it’s
unhealthy 19 let me explain how if I deem it to be unhealthy for me and to be
designed to be traumatic to me or in my people why would our parts taking that
product if that’s my whole point that’s that that I’m not very
so again start did you so traumatized by that film no I’m saying it’s built those
these films are made to be automatized black people and I’m not the only one
that says that I mean a lot of people say well mo you’re telling me about what
people are saying but you didn’t see the movie for yourself so you can’t form an
objective opinion you’re characterizing and I listen to your commentary you
characterize this film as trauma entertainment you said that the purpose
of the film was to update the quote-unquote victimization mentality
yes now that’s an it folks we’re talking about our mo and Ronnie are talking
about the Queen and slim film give us a minute or two we’ll come back to offset
and cardi B I’m sorry guys you say I said that is an ignorant assessment
coming from someone who has only seen the trailer see what you fail to realize
is that this movie wasn’t centered on trauma it’s a two plus hour movie
beyond the initial scene with the officer you don’t see a continuation of
distress and trauma what you see is a manifest manifestation of strength and
both characters you see an unlikely romance build you watch them experience
things they had only dreamed of doing now I could easily make the case that
carpe diem was more of a recurring theme than anything else in the movie because
these are two people who are on the run but we’re still choosing to live their
life to a certain extent if you if you saw the movie you would know that but
you haven’t so you think it’s just you know I don’t know I guess they’re
getting beat like slaves for the entire movie you presume I don’t know I didn’t
say I didn’t I didn’t make that and one thing you said that I said I only saw
the trailer know I was very informed because I watched many uh critiques on
the movie from both people that liked it and didn’t like the movie whenever I
take on a topic I’ll always educate myself from both sides of the argument
but looking at the trailer alone did they not use imagery of modern-day
slavery did they not show a chain gang chopping working in a field that there
was imagery alluding to slavery did not the movie and in a traumatic scene
both people were met their demise at the hands of the of the so-called oppressor
tell me I don’t understand how you say this is not trauma
this is trauma even though these guys watch listen I see people working to
cleaning the roads every other week that that goes on that’s a reality this this
film is a screenshot it’s a time capsule of where we are right now these are
things that still happen I still see people from the county jail on the side
of the road picking up trash so you know that’s not if you think that that’s
traumatic imagine having to live through that it wasn’t traumatic for me I’ve
seen it before so and that was a literally a split
second shot and a second guys for those of you who are just now tuning into the
show our top story tonight is is an offset putting cardi B through it again
we’re coming right back to that but Ronnie and Moe are talking about the
film Queen and slim Ronnie you loved the film yes because you haven’t been on the
show since Friday you love this film yes yes I really like the film and I thought
it was I thought it was a great film now on a surface level mall I want to ask
you a question right okay I’m coming on to come right back to home okay okay and
Moe you did not see the film and you have no intention to see this film you
you trashed about spies I don’t watch films or anything I’m consistent it’s
not that I have a Alfred just this film but any film got deemed to be of the ilk
of some kind of traumatization propaganda I don’t participate in it
gotcha okay Ronnie I proceed you had a question
running running I was gonna ask when yeah I was gonna ask when is the last
time he saw an r-rated studio vac feature starring two characters with
skin as dark as yours that’s a real question name that movie what is
darkness the skin had to do with anything I’m asking it means everything
representation is everything are you saying that we shouldn’t have people saying when you see not answering my
question you just want yours Ronnie I’m going to ask you a question give me a
chance when you set out to say I need in the casting call that our refresh rates
on the last time oh sorry you’re going for a point you’ve made why can’t you
answer my questions your question so if you’re saying we need a gif or a movie
title moe I’m cutting right for the shade you want to deprecate for two
hours it was exhausting right it was as often but she was entertaining cuz she
made it through all two hours no I listened to it because I wanted to hear
you out because instead of tearing you down the way you tore this film down
without seeing it I gave you the benefit of the doubt that’s why so I’m asking
you a simple question I asked you for a movie title I mean if you can’t come up
with an answer you say well our fences fences was a good move with two darsky
since you want to make it longer though is that element r-rated and it starred
them studio better future yes you start Denzel Washington and the lady from hell
I can’t remember an angle and it wasn’t exactly a good it was actually a good
film that had actually good writing and a good story
what year was that I think 2017 I believe fences came out in 2016 a drama
two hours and 19 minutes with Denzel Washington and that that was critically
acclaimed good yes so I like good art it’s not that I don’t like art what I
don’t like is propaganda that’s my own well what do you think the propaganda
was in the film that you saw on site and Biola Davis pardon me guys Viola Davis
is one do you remember the film mr. and mrs. Smith yes the lead characters were
assassins literally they went to the movie killing right did a half a billion
dollars at the box office guess what didn’t happen no white people
jumped up and said this is propaganda this is trauma porn they’re updating the
victim programming you know that this is ridiculous your your grapes with this 12
like every we can counter that before you get off
that point let me counter that point but like through the inch up let’s say
either that oh this film makes me low white men again all this film makes me
have faith in my people again oh you know saying that’s my whole point
that’s my whole point if you gonna say it’s a film there’s a film but don’t
come out hand you this propaganda and be propagandize yourself because obviously
you’re in your emotions behind this film you didn’t take it as just a real movie
I’m asking you a question that’s emotional know what I’m saying because I
have a critique of a family I didn’t see but I’m well-versed on because I didn’t
participate in the actual experience of the film bond will educate on because
you watch my show for our on 29 minutes and 36 seconds Oh neither link I know
more as you rightly so you know I will afore I draw all the light blinks of
what we know you’re not very well informed because you didn’t see it you
don’t have a first-hand account you have sex that can hand account although we
can all be being a foreigner basically a first-hand accounts on so we had can’t
be falling on Civil War World War to civil rights movement anything of that
nature because we didn’t take it at first hand we can’t learn from
information incredible information is written on these topics I mean you spent
two last hours talking about the film if it were you to buy like I used a binary
source do you know anything about sighting that’s called a primary source
the fact that is that and watched it but what idea was I use people with the
Chronicle people that gave it good reviews and bad reviews for the love of
juice darling I don’t look into the live chat but running state you’re in their
live chat sometimes you want to call in and promote your channel and talk about
cardi B and offset did I say her name right Ronnie for the love of juice yes
her name is for the love of juice is the number for the love of juice Jo oh yeah
she’s poppin I see right now she’s got a hundred and seventy nine thousand
subscribers thank you so much darling um okay so listen guys do you want to stay
on the line mo I want to get back to offset and cardi B but we can continue
talking about Queen and slim as well can you hang out
moe yeah I’m sure I’m okay stay right there hang on a second Ronnie and Ronnie
are you looking a live chat if you see for the love of juice and she wants to
call in to promote her channel her videos please let me know okay – Ronnie
he’s running dear I’m looking okay yeah do you hear me okay I’m going to super
Jack keep me posted Mike from Michigan good afternoon sir he
sends in a super say he says yo stone my nigga let’s put some fucking respect on
offsets named slicker than a Mississippi pen can we get Steve the Dean on the
line to drop knowledge yet listen to me I’m gonna try and text Steve the Dean
I’m doing a lot right now but thank you for your donation sir okay Mike from
Michigan NC edge says a hashtag FB a foundational black American in the
building thank you sir salute to mr. Tyreke Nasheed as always 100 Acre Woods
on the check-in via super chat he says whoever out here hating on my beats they
weak they’re blind their sleep new world order make them obsolete get rosebud not
simple okay okay Melissa May if you want to call in Hunter Acre Woods shoot me an
email mana or salute you always for a spreading scroller guerrillas oh okay
read that one part me let’s go back to the phone lines here bring an area code six four six
good evening six four six we’re talking about that country pimp tonight offset
got car D gone crazy are you there 6:46 hey what’s that mean how’re you can
you come closer and take off the headset you sound a little far away Elvis the
chef Rosenberg let me do that way all right folks I’m in chatty patty mode
tonight this is the big story let’s not play that game okay Queen insulin did
you see it oh yes I saw it and I receipt you
already milk come on let’s go I think this movie for me represents America
this is an American tale okay it just so happens that the people that are in this
will be dealing with the new reality about the way you are able to videotape
police duties because police shooting people in the middle of the road always
happen and I believe there’s been hundreds of police officers that have
been killed the media will have us believe that all these officers were
killed by the range you are gothics and sick people on heroin and meth okay
that’s not always true and this movie kind of shows you that this was you know
I don’t know if I talked about this but I do a lot of traveling as far as like
RV RV across the country about right and I just recently came to the holidays I
was in Vermont and I took only the side roads of Vermont and back no interstate
so this movie really spoke to me about the people that you meet along this
Americana road the interstate is the turret police dogs accidents and death
well has the third Road and full of people that have nothing but really fun
okay and educated and smart and different okay there’s no no white
people gonna complain about this movie because this movie it will touch watch
as much as it will touch block okay hang on a second mode you want to respond to
Elvis the chef Rosenberg even though you have not seen the movie what do you
think about what he just said no I’m sure was well-balanced I mean it had to
be like I said this movie had to be palpable to uh to the white audience
that’s why you had a black the black kid kid the black killed the black cop to
show you saying that it was a racially balanced on the cop killing on stand
point so so supposedly you had white people helping the free clean and slim I
mean like I said it was it was designed in a way to be
palatable to Miller America why being this a quote piece of propaganda to this
antenna to the target arty Wow I mean I’m not an idiot honor with Lena Lena
when Moe says fake whoa okay hold on moe come on I’m sorry I wanted to say moe I
always say sometimes you need to think bigger and yes you are thinking bigger
but I think that your bigness is just mainstream bigger you are now falling in
truth and I say this respectfully you know I got no respect for your Mo’s you
do them you doing it I love your YouTube channel and all that respect what you
got going on but I just will say this to you this movie is the least movie about
propaganda that I’ve seen in a long time and I believe in O’Fallon no it’s not a
propagandized movie it’s not this one of the least proper got propagandized movie
I’ve seen in a long time this movie represents the heartbeat of America when
that when that when they lost when they car got pulled over the first power or
not a gas and when the when the guy were to help them who just happened to be a
sheriff when he told them I’m just trying to help you he really was that’s
America he really was trying to help them hope when they went into the store
and the kid was saying let me see that I didn’t I’ll give you I’ll pay for your
gas because I don’t believe you were killed
that’s America this movie was an American movie because I’ve been in
South Dakota with a 31-foot trailer pulled over the side of the road in an
Indian Reservation that was a hundred miles long and I had the people helping
me I was an almond abrasca with 688 people in honor to pasta and over 50
people in that town made sure that we got hope that was needed to fix the
hitch that broke they make sure that we have food talk put money in my pocket
drove me to six different towns to get that hitch fixed all for free didn’t
want a dollar didn’t want a god this is America this movie truly
oh shoot that in America when you in trouble they’re here to help you both
the propaganda is the TV and what they showing you how you can’t even leave
your house you can’t trust your neighbor just in that that’s all alive okay ll
vez I hate to cut short men I want to get some other calls on thank you man
and thank you for taking the time to uh send in donations Yvonne I don’t do the
show man thank you alright so okay mr. Elvis the chef Rosenberg gonna check in
hold on mo and Ronny Hassan on the check-in via Cash Shop he says start
rescuing niggas from whack-ass YouTube shows thank you sir insert there’s only
one arm my name sta are it’s not to ours and star stands for strange thoughts and
revelations for those who don’t know okay strange thoughts and revelations
but thank you sir direct from Connecticut on the check in salute you
sir I got your email I will respond after the show oh I got two Cuban
libertarian he wants to get a piece of the action hold on a second where are
you sir said he wants to come for Kamala Harris neck is that Javier is that you
sir oh yes sir oh hey I thought I saw your topic and I
saw Kamala dropout which is another basically getting whooped by the weirdo
what’s his name biting right um I think that uh well I want to approach this can
you give me a second to massage this a little come on um I’m gonna talk about
about the psychotic race mentality Kamala Harris was pushing right she was
constantly pushing the white man to devil this guy’s the devil whatever
Republicans are out to eat you alive or whatever but as a libertarian I’ve been
enlightened to the eugenics movement to the Ku Klux Klan membership of the
Democratic Party and let’s just be honest Kamala Harris her ancestry were
slave owners does Kamala Harris have to pay reparations to my black brothers and
sisters I mean she was over there doing the minstrel show doing that little
dance and shuck and jive but I just want to say there’s a there’s a mental
illness when it comes to being a liberal and I
hope there’s a liberal online that maybe wants to get put into the queue and
possibly debate me I want to know why us is former Democrats and people who are
connected to the Democratic Party why do we not acknowledge the fact that the
Democratic Party is built on lies and a lot of the people that are in the
Democratic Party or secret racist their creep shows it wasn’t a Republican that
called black men super predators right very clearly Clinton have yeah if I can
just jump in I think most people should have an understanding of what you what
you said and we should know most of these things you yourself you spent ten
years in the penitentiary you were a changed man now yes for those who don’t
know you’ve called him before yeah yeah okay absolutely and I was converted to
being a conservative behind bars III met real real true racist shock
collars and real gangsters day in in your face would was would preach the
race rise the race you know this guy’s a race traitor but when you will get them
alone and speak to them there were bone hardcore conservatives they were tell
they would tell me in secret this is a lie we’re just doing this for power all
these dumbasses that are killing each and what did you spend the majority of
that time in the penitentiary I forget okay one more time what did you spend
the majority of your time in in the penitentiary what state within Avada
Department of Corrections I was in in the high desert state prison I was in
Ely supermax prison I was locked down in the Shu for 23 hours a day out for one
hour I was with them guerrillas and killers okay there are real real made
guys who can basically snap their fingers and get you killed on the
streets I was I was in a gang called Nevada 13 it was a prison gang we we
found it ourselves California gang what do you say Ronny I said he he called in
the other night yes yes yeah this is my new libertarian Cuban co-host he we’ve
been talking behind the scenes and and the reason the reason the reason why why
I’m calling and I’m so said a Kamala Harris is there I I search
into a background tonight after she dropped out of the race her family were
slave-owners why are we allowing these people to manipulate us
why why why us as people of color and I’m CUBAN are my race is 70% black even
though I’m a white cube well she went down in flames so in reality I’m
celebrating her being out of here so I mean I don’t I’m not against what you’re
saying hanguk mode you want to respond to what Xavier is saying about Kamala
Harris or Rani either one of you oh well you know I’ve been on come on Harris
hear everything I call it the first calling into your show star I mean
that’s really originally what I started calling it about what the justice mon
case listen her alleged connection to that whole thing yes so I mean and our
opportunity to use propaganda in that case with the anti-lynching law they
came right behind that that hoax event so that’s my whole point about calling
out propaganda because yes everybody does have the high level of thinking to
see through the propaganda so we had to point it out to them and they made that
let them make their own decision about what they’re saying right right Ronnie
do you want to jump in or do we let Xavier finish up any second have you
running yes sir um you know I never really saw her going far and this
campaign her insiders you know the people who have since defected from her
camp have even said that there was no official plan to win so you know just as
I never took her bid seriously she apparently didn’t take herself seriously
either yes all right I think her plan was to
hoodwink black people and I don’t mean to throw a shot but wasn’t Lonard
Charlamagne wasn’t he like one of her biggest supporters from The Breakfast
Club yes yeah she was gonna run the run the okey doke like Obama anyway have um
a listen thank you for calling in lets you and I chop it up more behind the
scenes anything you want to finish up with regards to Kamala Harris all I want
to say is that liberalism is a mental disorder on the the entire left-wing
movement as a whole has killed more people
in any right-wing movement in human history they they put a stamp on
something called dem aside the killing by government the Khmer Rouge killed two
million Chinese Nick Chinese the Cuban military executed people and would make
people pay for the bullets every time that liberals get into power they snatch
your guns away and then there’s people kicking in your door and raping your
family I just want to let people know that these people hate our guts Kamala
Harris was a slave owner and anybody her ancestry was and this this you know
half-breed person nothing not that this might have to breathe people because I’m
CUBAN away take it easy take it easy this person was hanging her head then
she she was hanging a hat on being black well I don’t consider her I don’t
consider any slave owner a black person no and I just want people that even
though there were black slave owners but listen man I hate to cut you short I’m
gonna get back to this cardi B topic hey we will talk again mister thank you okay
okay how do you having to check in hold on a second folks um Rick Hayes 99 on
the check-in via cash thank you sir he says Kamala didn’t
stand a chance hashtag keep America great thank you for your donation
homeless second guys someone pretending to be Dana Dana with the header okay
thank you for your donation via cash at Rahim thank you sir he says Kamala ain’t
even no fight died talking about a Tribe Called Quest
oh she didn’t know five dog died from Tribe Called Quest mo oh no she spoke
about him and present kids not past it oh wow wow okay I must have missed that
one somebody says I got smoked for Ronnie
hold on a second they sent in a cash at wait a minute are you clever 2.0 are you
there to for Oh yeah yeah yes sir how are you good
evening sir can you turn down the background please turn the background
guys say you’re happy that black people are on screen with that movie queen and
swim and swim is acting like a fucking slave gave the white man the gun hmm
like I say yes stay there stay there so you walked out are you serious when um
when slate when he gave the guy the gun I wanted to reach through the screen and
slap him what cuz I don’t like so can you watch
the f-bombs watch the f-bombs please go ahead I know you’re somewhat rolling but
no I wasn’t going to walk out of the movie so come closer to the phone you’re
on a headset or a speaker and hear what you’re saying come closer please
oh yeah I’m on that’s line nigga shit the Bluetooth or whatever they doing
come on if you if you if you could have made it past that part if you thought
that got you hot the ending would have really ticked you off because okay so if
you made it if you made it there do you remember when they first broke down and
he said he didn’t want to get help from anybody that was he said he wanted help
from somebody that was black and she said that might not be a good thing
do you remember that that ain’t always a good thing
I was really high all I really remember was the gun and but it you’re telling me
that too now I’m even madder know if you got to that part with the gun then you
saw that already well sir whether you trolli or not you sent in a cash Shep I
appreciate that man all right but still though you don’t disarm yourself when
you’re on under on the run situation what other what white folks do that when
you want to be seen a white person give up the gun when somebody asks for animal he look like a man you want that even
more to not give up the gun you got so crazy you met that white person it’s
okay it’s okay right I’m done thank you thank you for the call man salute all
right okay hold on guys hold on Rick Hayes on the check and he’s sent to the
cache at salute to Rani she’s a real one and complements the hater effortlessly
and salute to use to our great show as always thank you sir I appreciate that
he says hashtag silence mo hashtag cancel Dana okay thank you for your
donation hey guys but before we go too far away from the country pimp I’m
putting respect on his name tonight offset I have to ask this question do
you think jade has the fire pussy why did cardi B send those girls down
there to the strip club Lynette and I think she got 14 counts with regards to
you know those girls running down on Jade and her sister right Ryan do you
know who Jade’s sister is and both of those bitches are hot I’m looking for
the formation no no I forget what her name is I can look that up but um my
name is hot bitch both like bottle girl her name is hot bitch so anyway um my
question is do you think that Jade has the fire pussy if you ask me and unless
I’m gonna be silly tonight there’s a reason why cardi B is in such denial
about this there’s a reason why she’s making videos of her assistant whoever
that is showing that the Instagram page was allegedly hacked the Twitter page
was hot yes I mean yeah she’s doing all this extra shit knob said she’s standing
edges come on yo you know he’s doing it to save face she has to save face she
wants to sell listen she was saying if you listen in the video you know she’s
rambling she’s like we’ve been doing good we had a good weekend he wouldn’t
play herself like that you know she is trying to sell this idea that
everything is okay he would never message her because we’re fine we’re
good we’re happy she said you know we’re living a good life right now
so it seems like she’s doing damage control because the girl referenced the
case that they have that’s still open right now yeah yeah offset sipping lean
or whatever the fuck are you young people drink today I just shot our DM
and said miss you FR means for real mo any thoughts any comments real yet to
speed on this I’m not up to speed on this particular iteration of the car to
be and I’ll set situation but I just say tell you from a real man standpoint if
you double back it got to be some good good yeah maybe I’ll be doubling back he
got to be something he missed so I’ll just say that much hey listen
guys I hit a button here fucking around Jesus Christ let’s go to area code 626
good evening 626 are you there hello six to six yeah yesterday evening guarding I
guess your main pop is compelling Harris play okay yeah please yeah yeah yeah
first of all you know Cannella it’s hard to trust a lifetime prosecutor
she has a lot of bones and closets and that’s half-breed prosecutor let’s go
there half-breed prosecutor right right so and she didn’t cheat oh you know she
did a lot of disservice to her area incarcerated us you know harsh harsh
measures you know regarding her activities so it is only obvious now as
far as the movie I just want to make a quick comment on that movie come on
these to me they’re classified as urban macabre movies where there’s traumatic
injury or death and we seem reoccurring in all of
our movies more than dead presidents you know the list goes on and on and it is
somewhat of a program because we see it on TV as far as the news industry if
you’re unfortunate enough to live in the projects you see every day on the street
so it’s just it does someone that we disservice I mean even though it it has
some highlights and some awareness but as you get older you just start to see
you know the mechanisms of that affecting it you know just trying to
turns me off I mean I just heard about the comments it radical abuse and it’s
just the same old thing yet all just it’s kind of really sad to be honest
with you girl any time any yeah any time you see you know these these type of
love films it’s just for me at my age is just kind of a turn-off clutching though
the end result is gonna be a traumatic death that’s why I classify them as
urban macabre II well I don’t know how old you say you are sir but I’m 55 I
enjoyed the movie alright it’s a film but I respect your opinion and thank you
for your Kashyap have a good evening Thank You Sokka yeah folks in case you
did not catch the show we did on Friday I enjoyed Queen and slim you know I went
to the movie theater early 12:30 a.m. p.m. for me to watch this
I enjoyed it I enjoyed it Thomas on the check-in via Kashyap he
says mo would gain 50 thousand subs overnight if he cost these hoes out second we have a gorge on the check-in
hey man thank you for your cash yep G mellow six eight six nine G mellow thank
you sir you are appreciated okay all right so let’s go I’m gonna let you and
Ronnie finish up on queenís limit there I want to get back to the bullshit cardi
B and um come on no sir I just got one question come on why is it that our
acquaintance Lee while in America we’re not comfortable
enough for Queen and slim to turn into Mickey and Mallory and say we got one
body on our hands let’s kill everybody we come in contact
with until we go out in a blaze of glory why can’t that movie be made you see
what saying because they know Hollywood film was shut them down so they had to
put this trauma-based mind control to say oh you can be just dangerous enough
but you got to be just safe enough so it’s okay for middle America
you see ones that they they walk this fine line that’s why I said this is BS
if you’re gonna make the movie make the movie and make it like Natural Born
Killers where they did go out in a blaze of glory for real for real just like uh
just like um Natural Born Killers and the other movie that was styled after
Bonnie and Clyde’s then it give one body I know that would know that would be
empowering and see how do we won’t let that happen you see what I’m saying they
said no you just gotta be safe nothing you’re gonna get killed at the end yeah
this one killing was a mistake with everything else after that you’re going
down and you’re gonna you’re saying you’re gonna walk you don’t want to
follow if you want to see a fairytale ending you need to turn to Disney Plus
that’s why the hospitals for saying your mind is already controlled to say that’s
a fairy tale ending where Mickey and Mallory and Bonnie and unicorn parts and
glitter I know you’re feeling right into the MA control I’m talking about yeah I
had to walk a fine line they can’t be a radical film and that’s why I say it’s
propaganda because they want to own it hey mo can I jump in for a second before
you go have in and I’m just curious two totally different films have you ever
seen the classic film black girl with Brock Peters and I forget the female the
lead did you ever see that film black girl I think was like 71 or 72 no I’ve
seen that okay if you get time I’ll send you the link I know it’s online
somewhere I just I would want your your opinion I respect your opinion even
though I don’t agree if you with regards to the film Queen
and slum but I would want your opinion on that that classic all right it’s
called black girl okay yeah yeah Ronnie anything else from or do we let him go well like moco I’ll speak to him you
know behind the scenes one other grape I had with him but if you have another
grape now’s the time is it about the film well you know what it’s the
presentation of I have to tell you that you know as a listener it was very
off-putting to hear the way that you carried on without any level of
objectivity you know five minutes into your show you play the trailer for the
film and your co-host who happens to be a white man says oh
brother another one of those so I’m wondering what does that mean what does
another one of those mean to someone who has only heard the trailer it’s quite
clear that there’s a trend here just like the last caller called in they said
they have a whole they’ve created a whole genre oh it was decades ago talk
about recent hate you give the way they see us this movie I mean I can go down
the list of all the same films that is cancer ends up with a black man being
shot and then sunk and and it’s the weird thing there’s the weird flex so
how’s the coming-of-age story for black women when a black man gay black man
getting shot wasn’t in that trailer though that’s the premise that’s the
premise that he the movie is set on a black man being killed by police come on
Ronnie don’t be here don’t be disingenuous now don’t be dissing change
I’m not being disingenuous that’s what this whole black man being killed by the
police wasn’t in that trailer that was a total of women trailer off the premise
of Fernando Castillo offer on sterling hostage song Smith all these different
people that this is how this genre which was created Trayvon Martin you know this
this is how this John Rose created and they bill offer that now they had to do
switch up and have the female get shot but then you got this black man so let’s
really talk about it it’s a black man threw his life away for ingrate I mean
it is you know I mean go I mean go next subject on my movie that’s I’m sure what
I said mo on Friday doing my review even though I enjoyed the film I said early
he threw his life away and he hadn t been sampled I you should let her bleed
outside a role while Emily came you know I’m not throwing my life away for
somebody being that there’s disrespectful to me no you come because
you bored okay you born now when it hot let your ass it’s amazing how now you
when the hot leg hit your ass now you got some respect for the black man Co
saying I mean we couldn’t call all different levels oh now you want you’re
saying you feel like you know he was gonna respect your authority because
you’re a lawyer and he’s gonna respect your authority you pulling your phone
out but no we all feel that hot land now y’all want to come running back to the
black man to protect you we can go there too
that’s what I’m saying is that what it takes is that what it takes for y’all to
fall in line again orders for hot lead I mean let me let’s be honest here if
they’re there okay I think we’re done it sounds like your question is rhetorical
because I don’t know who you’re talking to
when you say getting back in line so it sounded like a rhetorical question
I can’t bunch of black women running around now saying I could finally fall
in love with black men just hop that man you stand up for his queen I mean I
think that was Dana who said that mode Dana actually said that no I’m not even
on speaker cuz she’s not lying I’ll speak o people now I’m gone off social
media poll in July then well what I’m saying to you is I’m not going off of
one person statement I want off the sentiment when I when I make a show and
when I like to comment on a topic I do my homework I go and see everything but
look at the primary source I know why do that when I know what is made to do like
I said what if I know poor is gonna clog my arteries I’ll go read the medical
reports I ain’t got to go get a big ass porkchop
come on now no you’re comparing apples to oranges okay I’m not mo I thank you
man and and the film was 1972 I just googled it
directed by Oscar check it out directed by Ossie Davis I
saw that in the theaters man in Plainfield New Jersey and uh I would
want your opinion that’s all but thank you mo for your time have a great
evening I have a good okay hang on Ronnie I’ll be right back
all right mo facts on the check-in pardon me guys if we went left but you
know I wanted them to talk about the the film Queen and slim and it’s uh it’s
still a hot hot discussion right now Brazilian American soldier on the
check-in via super jet he says what’s crackin story I remember a car T very
well from my days hanging out ensues in Mount Vernon mmm I knew she was uh okay
talking reckless but damn she dumb as fuck car DS dick-notized I have to put
some respect on offset got her doing all the talking he’s going the baby patting
the baby and Carly’s the one come on so she doing all the talking does Jade have
the fire pussy fire pussy will make a nigga and I give a fuck one o’clock in
the morning that’s like miss you for real
okay both snigger Charlie only checking he says hundred-acre got dumpster juice
boom bat beats Wow either you’re showing your true old age you your true age old
head or the nigga that ran through your mama Wow
why are you going at the mez momma’s come on slow down slow down okay these
guys are going back and forth thank you for your donation ball snicker Charlie
honey acre woods man he spent scrolling here he’s not in the line and 100 Acre
Woods if you’re out there shoot me a link so that I can put the link to your
beats and I’ll pin it to the top of my YouTube we broadcast hate is enough on
the check India’s super jet he says nice to see that mo is still breathing I was
starting to wonder if he attended Kanye’s Sunday opera and was the first
to drink the antifreeze okay Bush kid on the check and via super chat he said
Stormo is on point blacks keep finding something to lift them up the movie was
another mind trap for weak black people hashtag get a life okay and hey Ruth I
got your cash yep thank you darling Ruth says support hope you are still working
on your diet yes darling I was in the I didn’t go to the gym this morning but
I’m back on the sussed 300 and I was in the gym yesterday and I will be back
tomorrow thank you so much hey Ronnie um can we promote the YouTube
the content creator that you you referenced she’s in the live chat
sometimes I’m gonna pull her page up as well it’s for the love of juice and it’s
the number for the love of juice and juice is spelled je oose okay so for the
love of truth anybody else in that I don’t have my context anybody else that
we need to acknowledge that you know does a tea and gossip type of videos
because this topic this is bigger than the goddamn impe impeachment of
discussions it’s bigger than Kamala Harris yeah and
like that caller like that caller said like people are getting the receipts so
you got the calculators out there during the time and you know subtracting and
because literally cardi started posting her videos within an hour of the girl
Jade posting her video so it’s like she went into damage control early and if I
didn’t see it that way because I didn’t see the videos I just saw that whatever
he text the girl and his account got hacked and you know the headline yeah
yeah when I you know it wasn’t until I saw the videos I’m like oh wow this is
better do you have um Jade’s response to offset can you find that and read that
well sure she responded did she respond directly to offset via DM oh did she
send that to the shade room forget start chatty patty tonight she
posted it on her page and she she added cardi B mmm
talk to your nigga please did nigga ate these groceries and he won’t stop okay I
have it come on please she said your wife and she adds cardi B
has an open criminal case and she is open criminal case in all caps why are
you writing me you don’t respect her and then a million question marks and then
there’s a lot of Shi T I haven’t exposed yet but there’s a time for that and she
she puts the crying emoji she’s got the rainbow emoji I don’t know what that
means oh no how’s he doing and she says I’m
the queen of talking Shi T now I’m backing it up she’s got a musical note
laughing emoji and a clown emoji so I wonder if we’re getting a check hang on
a second go back you said one of those emojis was what dildo a music note no no a music note a laughing emoji a clown
face oh the rainbow oh yes that was earlier on okay do you think that she
pegged offset let’s go there I think you pegged him whoo we know what the rainbow
is for so what does she gotta tell us I mean are we gonna get the T on a diss
track is it is she gonna be going at cardi n offset in the same track is it
gonna be just as you know folks if offset was getting a peg Tasha K will
have the receipts can you throw the wine glasses up no no no I might have control
you know what I think that’s a PlayOn cardi cardi song with that guy partisan
Fontaine where she says I’m the queen of whatever and backing it up so this girl
based basic we flipped cardies line because she says
I’m the queen of talking Shi T and now I’m backing it up got you alright hold
on a second area code seven five seven good evening offset got cardio go again
yes sir how are you what’s going on man okay yes what’s up Ronnie hey yeah I
want it yeah I want to talk about all set man that’s some high-end pimping
right there man let’s go yeah yeah man because you know that rainbow he I gave
that rainbow stance that stance was 69 69 is the rainbow but okay that’s some
southern pimping man a lot of people understand what’s going on to control
somebody’s mind like cardi B and they had her back you up like that that is
some high-end pimping man higher command want people to understand that oh yeah I
want to talk about the queen is slim – on some temp stuff come on
you know uh bouquet work behind character you had a tranny on the man
see that ain’t a good look if you tell a no woman gonna chew you ain’t no other
you know other women you can’t be toes with a tranny on your lap I won’t there
all the pips out there to know that you know sir I have to disagree I’ve seen
some some stomp down bonafide pimps pimping trannies to help if anything I’m
talking about oh you know you kept Emma chatty but she’ll meet your bottom line
she was this was like his bottom she was all hanging on them you know girls see
that they’ll be like oh no no I wanna be with you you got that look at nothing on
there right here I seen pimps fighting with trainees on the track back in 83
fighting with them I like how you represent black you’re a movie man shell
4602 classic that was that was a classic
that’s a classic yeah Brock Peters yeah that’s a class they got all all black
people from the need at least it at one time yeah great film one time yeah ah
all right man I just wanted to allah – may I keep up the good work bro Thank
You Man salute okay yeah folks apparent pimple pimple anything let’s not play
that game you know these niggas ain’t not hit pimp
in these trannies area code three one seven good evening
are you there three one seven hey hey lady how are you can you come closer to
the phone I want you to promote your page and I want to hear everything you
got to say it’s like you got a headset on or something speakerphone there you
go okay so you have a YouTube channel was that you who we referenced earlier
no I do not have a YouTube channel I don’t really do YouTube I do have a
YouTube but I don’t do content I have I G page and that will be miss Chris
three-one-seven okay nice nice so what do you guys think what do you want to
jump in I want to talk about this cardi B offset this Jerry Springer drama that
being played out right before our eyes like cardi B loves drama and this is a
way for her to promote her new album I really do believe that I know some
people think is a conspiracy theory but I believe this is how cardi B lives he
lives for drama and she can play like she doesn’t have anything to do with it
but when she dropped her album in a box ma it’s gonna be about offset and his
cheatin and she’s gonna get all this recognition for her leaving offset but
she’s really not gonna leave oh you think this is all a PR stunt and Jayde
is in on this where we going what we going on well no I think she prolly beat
it off that probably did send that tweet but I don’t think J had anything to do
with it I think they are using Jayde to be a
part of their drama okay and yes I was but I respect what you’re saying I’m not
saying you’re wrong but you know we’ve got that this has been posted on Jay
IG page no yeah what I’m saying is cardi being all set
they actually sent that to Jay okay and they’re doing all drum up cardi be album
because if you notice cardi B unless she has some drama in her life she’s not
popping nobody looking for so Jade’s gonna drop all the charges because the
case is still pending no no she’s not gonna drop it nope
no I think they’re trying to bait her and they’re baiting her in to do
something to do something or to say something so they can say I’ll see look
at Jay she’s really not that innocent like I’m a little confused Ronnie can
you jump in here this this sounds like a real deep dive into this this girly girl
stuff Ronnie where are you I mean I hear what you’re saying I think I don’t think
that cardi was in cahoots with a plan to send Jayde a message I think that if you
know offsets in that message he sent that message because he was obviously
trying to get at her and what we’re seeing right now is just spin it spin by
cardi now do I think that she would use a situation a situation where they’re
having problems in their relationship to her benefit to help you know like build
up momentum for an album sure I wouldn’t put that pastor but I don’t think that
they together plan to send that message not the way her hair looked in those
videos she put up on her Instagram oh that’s what she wants you guys to
believe I mean she just likes it well then I’m sold
I wanna hang on a second gone before I let you go since you want to do a deep
dive here um do you think that rhenium Remy Ma paid off Britney because the
charge all the charges were dropped on Remy mine you got Britney up on the gram
talked him out you’re welcome if she didn’t pay directly Britney off directly
her label paid Britney oh okay somebody paid something when you say
Brittany pop pop on love and hip hop and she got almost a new outfit you got some
new wig and makeup team you want to know somebody to pay her off okay thank you
darling your phone’s going in and up but thank you so much I appreciate you thank
you okay that phone sounds crazy Ronnie hold on a second I gotta get to some of
these super chats and cache apps mad mad shit around the check-in I’m talking
future kamala first guess who’s next you mean in terms of dropping out I hope
Joe Biden goes down in flames that’s just one I’m you know looking
forward to seeing out of there out of the race but thank you for your donation
mad mad shitter Rick Hayes 99 I think I read your email didn’t I Rick I think I
got to you man if I didn’t please um send it again but Rick Hayes sent in a
another cash app he says check email I don’t say anything Rick I think I think
I read it already pardon me hey Shelby aka Italy Shelby says it’s his mom on
the computer she had the password she woke Cory up after she wrote those
tweets herself to cover for offset to pretend they got hacked his mom wrote
the tweets because he did write those DMS to Jade what do you think about that
Ronnie that’s from Italy aka I’m sorry formerly known as Shelby now that I
could get behind as far as like the I’m gay and all of those messages that were
tweeted out that could have been done you know to sell the story that oh his
phone was hacked but what I’m saying what I was saying to the caller was that
I don’t think that card he was in on sending a message to Jade I think the
message to Jade was real but it’s but the the tweets later that was fake to
sell the story that he’s been hacked why do you think cardi B sent some girls
allegedly to to to stop Jade’s ears together at the club what do you think I
I think that’s what a lot of women foolishly do when their man is
unfaithful to them they go at the girl instead of settling up with the man and
so you know if the girl is a barred bottle girl whatever her and her sister
are there or whatever you call them hostess bottle girl I’m not sure which
is politically correct now but you know and they and they work there and he
comes there and he’s hooking up with them you can’t be mad at them you have
to be mad at your man I hear you but but to spend money allegedly to send people
down there do you think that do you think that offset confessed that the
cootchie was fire do you think he said yeah I had a good time and yet she you
know I fell asleep and she was sitting on my face I mean something but
something cut her deep and she said all fuck no I can’t live with that I think
it’s possible that she knows that that cardi knows that that girl’s is whatever
and she’s like oh no I gotta shut this down because they’ve been going back and
forth him and this girl for a while before she got with before she actually
ended up with Takashi okay okay hang on a second one okay like Ronnie hold on
one second I gotta get to him super Chet and okay uh Rick I got your email he
says cardi B aka I’m sorry alleged queen of horse needs not to hate the player
but rather hate the game she has made her bed offset will sing
his pop me sling okay this is me no canceling his toll at will as he should
hash tag Chuck okay thank you thank you and ladies let me just say this before I
go to super Chad’s if if you’re a man let’s a woman or if your man falls
asleep with a woman sitting on his face Gucci’s fire disciple of doom
good evening sir sends in a super chat did it boss hogg your book objective
hate and iron rands virtue of selfishness helped me get out of some
really shitty patterns thank you sir thank you thank you for your donation
mad shitter says star still question mark you better pay attention to who’s
running for Congress question mark okay gift ok Trump a run
for his own money Google village it Thank You Man thank
you can you send me a link I know what you’re talking about man but we’re for
we’re focused on cardi B tonight I appreciate you send me a link man the
hater one nine six for alright appreciate the donation Ozzy
Osmond decease is yo star I try but I can’t keep listening to someone keep
saying you know what I’m saying hashtag mute mo okay okay sugar G says
Moffat’s gotta stop arguing with women be like offset and say come on y’all 4:03 on the check and shout out to to my
fire cootchie star i need you healthy so when i have kids they can meet you
their grandfather tell Ronnie stop talking over niggaz okay I don’t think
Ronnie’s talking OPP but we’re having a discussion lived it sends in a super
chat Kamala stays in this in the Senate she’s been called out for toeing the
line as a DA she has to bring her in her Della Reese too racist hashtag treasonous Republicans okay let me open
this this window up some hold on a second running and guys I’m coming back
to the phone lines just give me a second here who read miss who I miss okay I’m doing too much a microphone
Michigan Bush kid Brazilian manner as the our sugar G lived it uh Dana with
the data is this really Dana the fact mo did not check that white man for making
a bigoted comment his his new name is Toby okay that is Dana because she sent
me that that text okay so Dana clapping at mo calling him
Toby from the movie okay because he check his white co-hosts Thank You Dana
HB to in on the check and he said star ask Ronnie what about blackmail sent
being to a black woman and throwing his life away for her is that a positive
message for the black community question mark that’s what you running from HB to
M I don’t think that was the point I don’t think that was a message I don’t
think it was prompting people to go out and risk your life and make silly
decisions I think the movie if he saw the movie he would see that these were
two people who you know through a chance encounter ended up on the run they did
things like that they had never done before they went horseback riding it was
to like a juke joint they went dancing they smoke weed for the first time they
drank for the first time this wasn’t a movie about you know shooting up the
place robbing banks and you know so ok ok and the last super check before we go
back to the phone lines Bubba Kwan good evening sir he says like I stated
earlier this year that nigga offset is gonna put another seed in that broad
respectfully hashtag southern pimp hashtag cash cow hashtag skrt skrt I
hope he gives cardi B two more babies you know yeah hold that and get back to
work bitch area code 202 1/5 hello to15 you’re on the line
yes no maybe ok they hung up score the area code four one three
good evening four one three are you there salute hey what’s up hey
highwaymen I’m good man it’s paying at a can of man smoking that cush all day
okay thing with you arrive good good we’re talking about offset putting cardi
B through it look man that’s tight let’s tie both topics in the movie Queen and
slim and the whole ordeal going on with offsetting cardi B no I’m kind of our
winded man I just smoked a fat blood and aren’t you the guy who always calls him
breathing heavy and last time you said you were vacuuming is that you the
median in both of these situations is fire coochie-coochie come on fire couch
II got slim kill and fire cootchie is going to put our fire cootchie is
winning in 2019 and it’s gonna continue to win in 2020 it’s the year of fire
cootchie okay you know I think what my coochie is never gonna die man it’s
continue to get brothers in trouble you just gotta have willpower okay I got
willpower can I ask what you’re smoking exactly you smoking cush Sour Diesel or
what are you smoking I smoked that cush man okay that oh gee KB OG Kush breath
why what about you brother I mean I take that back you know I’m not smoking
anything tonight but when I do it’s it’s a I go for the Skywalker og but I heard
Lil Wayne’s got a newest ran out yes you have to speed low touchy I mess with
that I mess with that garbage man that’s all for a publicity year I’m saying
that’s all for the for the tourists at the dispensary no I’m not doing all that
matte black market all day okay well hang on a second once
I have you in the line before that you go I don’t know where my notes are there
are some reparations Ryan do you have those notes you know they’re going to
take marijuana sales I forget what what county or state and they’re going to put
that towards a reparations fund for african-americans you have to speed on
that it’s called the more it so I don’t know what the acronym exactly stands for
but they’re they’re going to Ronnie can you find that story please
I think it’s go ahead no can you tell us what it is hang on Oklahoma’s stadia
what is it for money and right here so the program is expected to generate
between five hundred thousand and seven hundred and fifty thousand annually for
the reparations fun it’s going to be taken from the sale of recreational
marijuana can you give us the state I forgot where that is what state is that
that that’s gonna be Illinois Illinois Illinois okay okay
all right so listen call I thank you for the call man but you’re saying fire
coochie that’s uh that’s what it’s all about yeah offset in trouble but respect
to that last caller offset as a southern pimp he better put two more buns in her
in her belly or one more at least and lock himself down and you know if she
decides to leave them take her for house there you go thank you Miss Luke thank
you the coal yeah yeah um you sent me that so you said that earlier come on
why are you saying as of January if recreational use will be legal and so
they’re looking for people to use the funds to go towards things like skills
training and also financial assistance for down payments on homes in the area
I’m looking for that door so it looks like it’s not going to be like a it’s
not gonna be like a check it’s gonna be like more like grants and and programs
and you know home buying options okay so the source I’m looking
telegraph co uk i say again telegraph co uk us city to pay
reparations to african-american community with tax on marijuana sales
for those who didn’t maybe i should print yeah
print this and we’ll put the link maybe at the top of the mmm-hmm
top the rebroadcast are you saying you say something yes so they expect to
collect between 500 and 750 thousand annually from this program and it’s
obviously it’s going to be a pilot so you know we don’t really have anything
to base the figures off of it’s just pretty much estimates and projector ease
but you know this would be a first of its kind i don’t really agree with the
idea of using funds from listen how many people have been thrown into jail and so
now the government government realizes it can make money off of it and so i
want to use money you know funds that they make off of it to go towards
reparations i just don’t think that’s the right
that’s the right source for reparations for funding reparations and i mean if
you think about it with the taxes that they’re going to put on it it makes it
almost not worth it like the caller just said he’s going to buy from the black
market he’s not going to go to the store where they have the same product marked
up because they need to cover rent and overhead in expenses and payroll and tax
and this and that so you don’t think this is a good start I think it’s good
start in that state I don’t think that that’s the right source to fund
reparation okay from the sale of marijuana no no no wait you’re on the
line you have to turn that down in the background can you take the headset off
I’ll hold take the headset up please I’m in the car speak a little better go ahead
yes sir yeah just for the topic of Kamala Harris we kind of knew it’s kind
of crazy how she kind of fell in the polls in general she initially was was
liked but she was exposed over time and it was good to see her go I think the
Democrats really don’t have that much of a chance with Joe Biden he just he just
doesn’t have the same glow as Obama and I think that that’s uh that’s his
biggest issue also for he’s also a creep sir he’s creepy he’s got issues yeah
yeah I’m gonna crack smoking Sun a lot issues yes because we pick what you come
up humble in the bag right now he’s creating a lot of controversy I don’t
know if this is purposely but you know I think he’s fumbling the bag a little bit
okay you need to clean it up I think you know this chick she has a vendetta with
with what cardi I mean to the point where they she look Rd literally went to
court over this broad yeah and this is a broad that you choose the text at all
all broad just like this abroad so I just think in that regard you stumble in
a little bit also with terms hang on a second Sarah
are you from the south we from we found well if I can just say this now you know
back in the days when I was on 11th Avenue in 38th Street you know pimping
and I had a couple of girls down there by the Greyhound bus stop I learned from
learn from the country pimps whenever hoes get to fight and step back and let
the Hollies do what they do don’t be trying to break shit up let the hose
work it out right you know right right yeah yeah I just think that uh you know
I just think that in this lean how she’s getting a bad you don’t want her
I mean she’s on tour right now she’s got she can’t you know Jen I’m like this
happen but you devastated and they might not get to the bag as they – she might
not get to the bag as the way she used to you know so I don’t know that’s what
he’s speaking on it come on what but but I wanted to get to between the swim oh
man I love how a Colorado chapter screwed mo up cuz she was right you
cannot talk about something and without using using original source material in
which it into no no about something without having any kind of your own
subjective viewpoint of other people’s viewpoints and try to construct an
argument in that’s fine but don’t have the the name more with the fact that’s
not that’s more with the subjective opinions those about that
okay listen I appreciate mo calling in and I want him to to speak his piece but
now truthfully you know Farrakhan and and Malcolm X all them was eaten pork
back in the days the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say it saved him then niggas
was eaten pork sniffing blow smashing bitches maricon was a Calypso singer
with fucked up teeth you know this is love and pork and white women back the
days good thank you for the call yeah thank you mister he’s got no love but
thank you sir yeah only checking did you know did you know
Farrakhan was a Calypso singer irani back in the days he’s the words like
those funny-looking suits right I played the violin and yeah his teeth look like
a picket fence shit was all fucked up messenger saved him nigga star Walker
hold on a second 4:03 on the check-in sends in a super
chat he says I’m rapid-fire with the donations tonight as I have never
donated before I have been mo
off of y’all niggas keep the machine going hashtag sucka sucka shit
thank you ma’am 403 on the check-in yeah ma’am
put some respect on that man’s name what was a vehicle 403 Ronnie do you know let
me google that real fast this man just sent in some scroll oh do you know no
I’m checking now 403 oh he’s up in Canada Thank You Man
you are appreciated 403 on the check-in okay have you ever seen that movie
Ronnie it’s very old the one I was asking Moe about early it’s called black
girl with Brock Peters no but it is available on live chat I’m sorry on
YouTube I saw a couple people said that’s available so maybe I’ll check
that out hang on a second I like to give props where props you do there’s a
YouTube channel it might be called real black hole insane guys they’ll come back
to the phone lines in a second yet real black that that’s the name of
the YouTube channel uh folks in case you actually want to check out uh some
really really classic not just films but commercials they had am a documentary
oh man years ago something about the Negro was 1954 Johnson & Johnson piece
took Queen Shahar Asad Ali her and I spoke months ago yeah I started calling
her Queen Shahar Asad Ali she’s always gone by sister Scheherazade Ali and for
those of you those of you who remember she used to come on the star in buckwild
sure all we had some great conversations taste of that Queen huh okay I’ll come
back to this later be any anyway the YouTube channel is real black TV if
anybody who wants to see that classic film called black girl with brock peters
1972 okay I see it yeah let me go to area code six two six
good evening are you there six two six hello good evening a one two a one two
no moving kind of slow let me try area code where was three five two
good evening area code three five two yet how you doing star how are you so we
talking about offset putting cardi B through it chatty patty um maybe a meter
go ahead get rid of sit on quite a because he trashed me black women look
bad come on she tried all because you got money down mean man I’m listening to
you more 36 37 year old black black man and I got a beautiful black woman and
she don’t nearly act like that she probably had a lot running okay I’m
listening and that’s kind of stuff like it with it just you got all that money
so you can stand yourself there your arm friends down there to put yourself in
trouble cuz you know one over on tell right one more number get in trouble
these hoes all that time and Luke and lose all your career and
everything just for poor man no black woman should put their self at jeopardy
just like a black man put their self in jeopardy behind that kind of foolishness
okay can I ask what state you’re calling from sir what’s that you’re calling from
open Florida okay now you say you’re married he just got a girl Florida you
married yeah okay I’m not he’s my girlfriend well sir you know first you
first you say yeah now you’re saying she discover which one is it serve
especially because honestly at first you started to say that you were a black
woman then you corrected yourself oh my talk no no no my bad oh I was just
waiting for your car so I’m just so anxious come on come on okay
what part of Florida you calling from what part fuller
I’m calling for Lando Florida okay okay yeah home a DJ Magic Mike you know that
name right Magic Mike Matt no I never heard his name
no then the the Queen’s there are Queen and slim thing I think I think that’s
gonna be a big a big thing for black people to the make maker everybody open
their minds and get together and all that kind of stuff cause all that
negativity putting black things down there just like there’s just too much
man okay all right you were jumping this calling your name where’s Ronnie I’m
here come on are you ready yeah I agree with them I don’t see you know what
people get out of trashing a movie that you know going out of their way to trash
a movie that they haven’t seen you know if you don’t want to go see you then
don’t go see it but you know to trash it and pick it apart when you haven’t seen
it just doesn’t it’s not very logical because you don’t actually know what
you’re talking about for a fact you’re relying on you know a trailer or what
somebody else thinks of it you know so yeah cuz
because one things about it my other side of my family which is my mom okay
she came from Mississippi and she picked cock crying for living okay she’s like
Stephanie 3 you get one saying and by we putting on touch each other down I know
we learn our black girls and young black man down we just think we post an act
like that and when we don’t post that like that I know that for sure okay you
get listen sir I appreciate your calling but now how old you hold you oh okay I
can’t let you get off the line without saying
DJ Magic Mike weren’t one of the one of the pioneers of being independent
Orlando Florida you have to know who that man is were you born and raised in
Orlando no I was born in Gainesville Florida
okay okay well you do know that the city they always be on The Breakfast Club for
the dumb shit okay okay but now you’ve heard of Miami
Bass music yes yeah yeah yeah DJ magic might do a little research and put some
respect on his name hell of a man you did he used to hang with Luke Skywalker
listen he put Orlando in the man you talk about Miami you talk about Luke in
the two laps who I’m talking about Orlando Magic Mike all right is that the
God they be with Jim Pony sir members sir just just do a little research again
DJ Magic Mike all right yeah yes sir salute okay thank you all right I met
that man I must’ve been like 89 I used to travel for those of you who don’t
know I was in the I worked in record companies for a decade before I ever
started doing radio and I traveled all throughout the south to Midwest
and so a lot of your earlier hip-hop pioneers I did meet them you know for
those who care did you did be handy the bail bondsman on the check and he says
put me on main so I can go in on kamala okay what what number you’re calling in
from I see you I got your cash Shep sir DJ handied the bail bondsman
what number you calling in from sir and Manny’s on the check and he says
documentary is called the secret of selling the Negro yes sir
thank you that’s it the secret of selling the Negro I think
that was 1954 if I’m not mistaken I’ll do the research right now but yeah
that’s it and I’ve spoken about that before on this show here for some of you
who do know but that’s a great YouTube channel again if you’re not the speed
you could 1954 oh okay how about that area code eight seven zero good evening
eight seven zero just touch on the look yeah okay you just sent the cash yep
that’s you you just sent the cash yep that’s you yes sir okay let’s talk again
my own cage look at before we go in on come on Kamala yeah uh Kamala we got to
talk about you know it’s just a moment with all set you know he got him a
little bitch now we say he got him a little mix check from up north you know
niggas down south love cheese erotic you know he gallon from New York and he just
putting that pimping on there and just you know he just making to do is you do
what she do he gonna cheat all day but she don’t stay with him yeah you know
and he got he got the clown so she gonna stay with him because she like that so
that you know there’s something flagging that’s how we move though she’s gonna
stay with me gonna keep doing this he ain’t gonna stop wait he’s gonna keep
getting caught and he’s gonna keep giving the baby how’d you know gonna
keep giving the babies yeah yeah because he get too much attention he got these
other holes on them so she gonna be jealous all the time so she gonna keep
competing trying to keep on good long to get that bag she gonna stay around
yeah you know yeah is she getting Pepsi money for those around a bottle of Pepsi
money yeah yeah but I want to go in on Kamala cuz my thang is politics uh but
Kamala you know she been there you know she
ain’t she was huge black she was Indian about two years ago they’re all sin she
turned black you know I do like what the Atos crowd
exposed her but what y’all not keeping out all this is a set up for Hillary to
run home do people don’t know she is what I don’t please yes she is running
yes hehe all of her bill on the Democratic Party they bankroll the
majority of she the one they get Bernie Sanders knocked off last year because
Bernie was posed in that last row but in 16 she stole you know we heard Debbie
wasserman-schultz and Donna Brazile and they stole the
nomination from Barton the protesters yeah yeah but this year I she gonna
cheat cheated me and trust me when I say I’m a callback in she is running because
they go knock Joe by now he’s next Barack Obama already said if Bernie just
to ha apologies don’t make sure he’s not the DNC nominee cuz he’s saying he can’t
be elected is pretty much he’s a socialist and they have nobody else and
Hillary Hillary is waiting in the wing that’s why the the whole impeachment
thing is going on they trying to knock Trump down as much as possible you know
ain’t gonna work for Hillary to row and she’s been what she a proper done asking
about about a month she only talking about I’m running I’m with her and all
this bullshit okay now what do you thought so Michael Bloomberg do you
think that the his history of you know pushing stopping frisk for three terms
you don’t think that’s gonna stop him in his tracks at some point oh he already
through he just came in to buy all the smaller carry this out you see what
happened you pretty much bought out come on he’s gonna call clean up the rest on
we’re all putting out his money and knock all them out and then Hillary’s
from the come in because Bloomberg ain’t got no traction yeah here Claire here
another democratic oh here democratic or racist you know with the stop-and-frisk
we already directed that was directed towards black man you know what I’m
saying and that’s the blacks and Hispanics I’m not with the blacks and
Hispanics yeah with the second amendment hey when these die we need Negroes
aren’t about second amendments I’m out taking guns and shit guess where they
gonna come just say if they do better do a case 47 ban or assault weapon ban
nigga had another video but they gonna come to the hood and take down from
nigga but we hate to watch shooting we are we use thank good dangle take now
I’ll say walking up on the white boat what’s gonna happen is they gonna need
to get their stats up in the recipe but they’re gonna come to the hood and take
all right yeah and then 20 years from now we’re gonna be talking about how
this is a bad deal and useless and you know they doing this because they the
weed laws are going away yeah now hang on a second you really think Hillary’s
gonna run you think she’s gonna pop up and say hey guy is he is already been
solved even solve doing it with attacking sausage yeah Burt you see how
she attacked her a couple weeks ago and she being keeping her name in the news
you know and she did a big dinner about a week ago yes even now she’s going in
she’s got she’s gonna be TFE nominee ain’t no they know about it see if she
is the nominee okay my word one of you say soprano right I do think he is corrected at the
very last minute she is you know gonna throw her name in the ring and she has
been hinting at it she’s been you know releasing carefully worded statements
and she’s been saying oh people are suggesting that I run so I think that’s
just like you know soft testing the waters to see what the reaction is but
my question to you is do you think that we’re going to see a return of jay-z and
Beyonce to the stage to endorse her are they going to tell us again that Trump
cannot be our president Oh jay-z Beyonce J Cole they all be
fucked a sinful jangling all night long to Hillary Clinton you know that kinda
weighted LeBron James to know you had the bado head on all all the DNC puppets
are gonna be out full of big money no real okay you know they’re gonna be a
full effect they’re gonna be working hard and overtime what’s it sir make
sure I have your phone number or email addresses something if she does pop up
I’m gonna get you back on the line okay most dimly see where I be yeah we’ll be
talking again Thank You mr. Liu thank you okay all
right Wow I hope she doesn’t that would be crazy
if she pops up hold on a second according yeah yeah did you and I
discuss Christie Lampkin on one of those talk shows no talking about her and Jim
Jones her returning to love about hip-hop do you give a shit after seven
years and and she’s not married you know she says it’s not a priority anymore do
you give a shit I mean I mean to tell you the truth she’s coming back to Love
& Hip Hop I would rather see a return of like consequence and his girlfriend Jen
the pen okay that was like the last time I watched tonight I guess that was like
like seven eight nine ten years ago but I’m like all like Jim and Chrissy doubt
because we had them on Love & Hip Hop we had them on Chrissy and mr. Jones
then it was Jim and Chrissy Bauer never died then it was the marriage boot camp
now they’re coming back to Love & Hip Hop again so I mean unless Chrissy is
gonna be fighting which I think she is you know it’s probably gonna be a snooze
fest as far as their storyline but she kind of hinted in her appearance at the
real that there is gonna be some drama okay now just one last question to you
so she said that’s no longer a priority for her and Jim to get married I don’t
like that because we have gay people getting gay reparations
we have transgenders getting their rights and you know just different laws
and and bills are being passed do you think that that’s kind of um for them
dropping the ball not wanting to get married everybody else is pushing to get
rights and the legalization of same-sex marriages well it’s one thing if you’ve
always had that option and you just choose not to exercise it and that’s a
little bit different from not having the option legally and and fighting to get
the option so but I mean she said that she originally thought that it was the
natural Russian but it’s just not for everybody
so I don’t know if that means that she made a conscious decision to just say
he’s not gonna do it whatever you know I’m not sure but I mean she’s 48 he’s 45
what does it matter at this point right I mean I guess it’s just not gonna
happen oh hang on a sec mad mad shit her on the
check-in via cash yet he says last caller was drinking from Arkansas’s
River hashtag peep area code nine to nine good
evening nine to nine offset caught got caught he be going through what are your
thoughts nine to nine hello are you there testing testing one two Greg Greg how are you man good boy
happy holiday season’s greetings Greg I’m good did you see DJ Elias lately he
was a home backup in Mount Vernon did you guys connect okay for the holidays
man I was hanging out with my family on Thanksgiving and I’m gonna be here in
Atlanta for Christmas I think and I enjoy the holidays man how about
yourself good good good
any thoughts on cardi being offset do you give a shit not really Greg he’s consistent you’ll fuck about
this shit okay fuck there you smoking really good
weed lately Craig I I’m smoking uh Scott Walker Oh Gina what are you smoking
these days you ain’t both you you stop smoking how long how long four months
okay you’ll be back in a month or two he’s giving you lungs a break well Craig
good to talk to you man salute happy holidays and we’ll talk again alright thank you for checking in thank you miss
Lou okay Craig on the chicken day one day one going back to a live and direct Star Chamber good man good man hell of a
man Ronnie I think we’re done here tonight with regards to this topic
anything else you want to finish up on whether it be a offset and cardi B or a
queen and slim you but you really like to film did you did I give you a chance
to really lay out some of the things that you appreciate oh we put them to be
hash that out yeah no I just I I thought it was a great film you know it was it
was really good very well done the cinematography the writing there’s
really good did you mention the incident with ti and black 100 no please I got
time for the bullshit come on yeah so TMZ pulled up on wack 100 and they asked
him about um Nipsey Hussle and whether or not he was a legend or no he’s not a
legend and so then TI put up he screenshot the
definite of legend and basically was you know
defending Nipsey Hussle and so whack 100 put up TI’s old Crimestoppers
advertisement where he’s like encouraging people to call in and you
know basically called a snitch network see something say something yeah you said the TI was like a
legendary snitch and he was like you know you should still be in jail for all
those killings I I think he said 5,000 pills and was
like 20 choppers or something I forget what his PO said some people send me a
link yeah and he called them he compared him to Takashi right right okay hang on
a second Bush kid says I missed two of his super
chance so you know what Ronnie I’m gonna sign up with you and then I’m gonna find
these super chats all right thank you so much for your time and let’s talk
tomorrow okay okay thank you very much boss your quani holding me down Bush kid
my apologies I got you right here he says be a super chap so black men are
only valuable to black women if they die for them hashtag run from women like
Dana okay polo 1200 says since we are fuck shit did you see okay did you see
whack 100 : Clifford Harris aka TI hey snitch on instagram I did do they know
each other what imagine they would have had to have bumped into each other at
some point Bush kid also says MBA TV ratings
collapse after King James bowing to China MBA down 43% already this season
hashtag James is as smart STI really 43% do you think that that I don’t know do
you think that has something to do with the
the internet being more of the the go-to source for most of the most things I
mean who’s got time now to really sit and relax and watch a basketball game just asking okay I think that was the
two that I missed from Bush kid oh can I get full three on the check-in hang on
four three in the red that one just something about buck wild nigga you
better be getting these I’ll be pissed if a nigga just pulled a buck wild with
my hard-earned funds hashtag salute star thank you man 4:03 on the check-in yep I
spoke to buck wild again this morning oh he’s he’s like clockwork with the calls
now he’s got time you know he’s back home
he’s calling like a regular he’s his voice sounds much stronger and that’s it
okay guys I’m gonna shut this down let me see if I missed any super chests cash
abs full of hate thank you for checking in he says I stopped smoking than I
relapsed hey Terry Terry sends in a cash at I enjoyed the tax tone and star I saw
it today okay the interview with me and tag stone yeah good guy good guy we had
a good conversation and I wish him the best
I know his court case is coming up or maybe it was post back thank you very
much for your donation Terry okay and Bush kid let me just double-check
everything here guys okay we’re good we’re good
all right let me get a couple of banners ready here tonight and folks for those
of you who do want to sponsor the show send me an email to the hater one nine
six for I say again the hater one nine six for and I send
you out a marketing deck that has the analytics and we can talk further and we
can talk about custom Reid’s things of that nature and we’ll make it happen
okay let me get mr. stylist song banner ready here first and I will see
you guys tomorrow at some point take care
could he be safe you

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