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Palm Oil Free Islands – Indigenous Communities Fight Off Conflict Palm Oil – Indonesia

Palm Oil Free Islands – Indigenous Communities Fight Off Conflict Palm Oil – Indonesia

Oil Palm Free Islands The Indonesian island of Sumatra is covered
in palm oil plantations and investors are looking to expand. Their attention is turning to the
unique islands of Mentawai The island’s indigenous peoples
are alert to this threat “Puailiggoubat” is very important here in the community so we
have information and know what is going around Mentawai. It is really important, especially concerning illegal
logging and the companies that enter here. It’s important for the public to read to determine the rights and
obligations of the community. If a new company arrives it is
covered in “Puailiggoubat” We did an investigation and it turns out there are interests
who want to exploit Mentawai’s natural resources. We decided that we need our own media,
one with an independent voice, the Mentawai people’s voice. There are several issues that we are going to raise,
the main issue is still related to palm oil. When “Puailiggoubat” mentions the oil palm permits
are granted and the land will be directly owned by the state, then the community will know that they will lose their land forever and this was the most disturbing fact for them
with the entry of palm oil. This was the main trigger for the struggle The spirit to resist and to refuse this then arises. Hello, how are you? – Fine, all good What is the situation in the village? If the palm oil entered we would be dead, because
our livelihoods still come from the forest. The community needs 100% of the forest. For years we have been refusing palm oil,
there have been outbursts and we worry. The importance of preserving the forest, is it
understood by some or all of the community? I think all the people, not just one person, because the
needs of the Shaman are the same everywhere. In Matotonan, in Ugai, the Shaman have banned it. If the Parliament allowed the entry of
the palm oil, we will be really angry. Simuinek plant for chronic disease that causes death. For illnesses where the body has a high-temperature,
the stomach and chest, the name of the plant is Tetri, Takkoii plant for itch disease. Stomach medicine, plant name Bailatti. If forests are destroyed and cleared away, it means that there
will be no source of medicine, there will be no more life. All of these crops and plants are here, that’s why we do not
agree to any palm oil plantations in our area. When we talk about cases where
the palm oil companies and plantations enter, society will always be on the side that never benefits and ironically it is the people that become criminalized. For example we are arrested and jailed as if we are a people
who do not have a right to our territory. Some of the most extreme action was
carried out here in this community. We took action to protect our forest and burned the base camp
of a timber company that was operating here. We record the voices of the community and
broadcast it on the radio. So if they are refusing the palm oil we record their concern
for the environment, raising their profile, so there is equity with others. Because there is no electricity and so forth it makes radio a medium that is very cheap
and very well liked by the community. So it can be said that Mr. Korta was a well-known
NGO activist in the Mentawai who has now entered the world of politics to do something
bigger, to change the policy, right? You cannot expect too much in the world of politics
if society itself remains quiet because in politics we are representing the community, as the
representative we have to strongly encourage the community and we are already there, we are there to welcome. Well now there is a government and
we have become a district, there must be a political consciousness to the
struggle in order to defend and advance Mentawai people. Through our experience, we see everywhere that no
one can live comfortably in the palm oil plantation. Instead they become marginalized, it is better if the
community does something itself using its own ability. We will continue to reject the forms of
forest management that are not wise. We also hope that in the future the government
takes on the same responsibilities. Then the government will be wise in viewing
forests not only as a commodity, but rather to see forests like the Mentawai communities,
as an intrinsic part of their lives. Mentawai has been declared
palm oil free since May 2014

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