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Paris Agreement’s Article 6 is a “get-out-of-jail card” to rich countries for carbon emissions

Paris Agreement’s Article 6 is a “get-out-of-jail card” to rich countries for carbon emissions

What’s happening here now is rich developed
countries, not just the United States, but Australia, Canada, backed by the European
Union, not only don’t want to cut their own emissions, not only don’t want to provide
finance that they promised, not only don’t want to help the most impacted people, but
now want a get-out-of-jail card. And this is what Article 6, the carbon markets
are, because what it basically says is, “I won’t have to cut my emissions, but I can
pay somebody else, and you cut your emissions, and I will count it as if I cut my emissions,”
as if there is a never-ending magic box of carbon pollution that we’re allowed to do. It is not possible. If a country like, for example, the United
Kingdom or the United States, their fair share of effort would be at something like minus-200
by 2030, there is simply no carbon that you can use for an offset. And that’s taking away the issue around
the environmental integrity, because 10 years ago we had an argument, in these very negotiations,
about carbon markets, and developing countries and civil society absolutely rejected them. They said they do not deliver emissions reductions. They’ll lead to huge human rights violations. They allow profit for private companies and
nothing to ordinary people. But what’s most pernicious here is that
as the United States and other developed countries block any progress on the finance conversation,
on the help on loss and damage, what they’re saying to developing countries is, “If you
agree to the carbon markets, maybe in there we will give you some share of the profit.” And so, what developing countries are left
with is that is the only thing that’s left on the table. They know it won’t deliver emissions reductions. They know it will be devastating the planet. But for much-needed finance, that’s the
carrot that’s being dangled. It is an absolutely outrageous decision. And ministers, as they are meeting here, will
hold developing countries to — hostage, because they will say, “We will only allow
conversations about much-needed loss and damage if you allow us to have the carbon markets
decision go through.”

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  1. Tank you very much democracy now, bravo to the wello vest to protest for the climat en many damage, société, économique en environment ! Tank you Amy Godman en all the staff merci beaucoup

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