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PARIS – Rapha Race Radio Episode 11

PARIS – Rapha Race Radio Episode 11

You don’t try to paddle out where it’s breaking,
you always try to find the channel It’s the morning of the final time trial,
the day that the Tour de France is going to be decided Nothing is really going to happen until the afternoon
so we’ve gotten up really early and come to the beach Harry, Stu,
let’s test it out Let’s do it We are in Espelette,
a town famous for this time trial Despite being in the middle of nowhere, dozens,
literally dozens of Welsh fans have made it here to cheer on Geraint.
Shall we go and meet some of them? I don’t think that’s how you say it? Who? Geraint Thomas? [laughs] Spotted a mile off on the hill,
the most Welsh ensemble I’ve ever seen We’ve got Swansea City flags,
we’ve got Welsh flags We’ve got Swansea City kits He’s about to start I think
so hopefully he’ll be able to hold out For a Welsh guy to possibly win this,
It’s pretty special so we had to come There’s a rich vein of Welsh cycling going back through
Nicole Cooke, obviously Geraint, Dani King, Matt Rowe, Luke Rowe, Owain Doull, it’s just amazing It’ll be fantastic. I mean he’s a Cardiff boy he comes from a generation of super sportsmen like Aaron Ramsey, Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton And there’s a wonderful spirit of bonhomie in Wales for him at the moment and long may it continue G Thomas has just gone through the second intermediate checkpoint ahead of Dumoulin Looks like he’s going to make it I’m just stunned, absolutely stunned. I was watching it last week and thought
‘if he’s still in contention next week we’re off.’ So we just flew down. It’s just that manic atmosphere and
everyone was within arm’s length of the riders. Absolutely amazing Amazing. We planned this early in the year and
we were looking forward to a Tour de France trip We’ve been before, we know they’re great
but to have a Welshman from the city we live in win it It’s amazing. Utterly brilliant Do you think you’ll come again? Oh yeah we’ll come again
but I’m not sure it’s going to be this good again This year he’s shown me you can do anything,
and the Welsh people should be extremely proud and believe in themselves I’ll have to go to Paris now, arn’t I? It was really exciting. We were looking forward
to seeing all the Sky riders coming past Absolutely delighted. It was absolutely fantastic. Heart in the mouth when he had that
little wobble round the corner but just so, so pleased to see it all done now Geraint Thomas the first Welsh man
to win the Tour de France Beautiful. To Paris! And we’re here! After two weeks on the road, my clothes are ready to disintegrate into dust, like my dreams of ever doing a wheelie Today is a day of celebration and inspired by the likes of
Jacques Anquetil we’re going to try and find some clothes with a little bit of Gallic flair – let’s do it So we’ve made it to the Place de la Concorde…
‘Wolfpack’ inspired outfits After spending two weeks camping and
scrabbling around on the mountainsides with the fans we’ve got VIP passes that we’ve got from
a special contact, thanks *REDACTED* let’s see what we can see Behind me the Place de la Concorde,
in front of me the Arc du Triomphe, we’re on the Champs-Elysees
the most iconic finish in cycling and here they come GO ON PETER! What’s it also got?
It’s got a wolf on the front baby And a wolf on the back Exciting..! Demare, Demare!..
Looks like Kristoff… Oh… Kristoff got it We have had an incredible two weeks and now by sheer
chance we’ve ended up on this spot next to the barriers ****!
Valverde’s coming through! Here comes Sylvain Chavanel,
just about to finish his last Tour de France, 18 of them! That’s more than a whole year’s worth of stages.
He’s an absolute legend So the race is over, Le Tour est fini.
More than 2,000 kilometres for three weeks Can you imagine what that feels like
if you’re one of the riders? And they’re being reunited with all their loved ones
and it’s a really beautiful thing to see It’s a special moment. We’ve got some Welsh fans
behind us just now, full of voice and singing waiting for Geraint to come back to the bus.
I can’t wait to see it, what an incredible moment After three weeks of riding their bicycles,
sportsmen unwind in all kinds of ways By night, some don regular vetements and dance all of the remaining energy out of their powerful legs By day, others find quieter ways
to rejuvenate the body and the mind Welcome to the second edition of the
Rapha Race Radio Grand Tour Awards We have amassed a table of bizarre treats and
we’re going to award them now to our favourite riders First up, this sparkling glass here
which we dedicate to Julian Alaphillippe who popped the cork in the first week
and the bubbles didn’t stop ’til Paris. Cheers – a French classic This is Ricard, a French anis Our anis of the Tour is Gianni Moscon
a punchy rider in both senses of the word. Gianni, you’re a naughty boy,
this one’s for you This tarte tatin is dedicated to our tart of the tour,
Andre Greipel who got a bit of a hump at Arnaud Demare
for supposedly hanging onto a car and lost his rag on social media I mean, he has apologised now so,
you know, water under the bridge Demare gave a nice tart response
by winning the next stage What’s next Harry? Let’s go ‘escargot’. This snail is for the lanterne rouge,
the slowest man in the race Lawson Craddock After breaking his shoulder,
he raised $200,000 for charity, which is incredible – what a hero Lawson Craddock had a broken shoulder
and you can’t even get a snail out a f**king shell This typical French pudding is dedicated
to our favourite Flandrien,Yves Lampaert The Belgian was on the podium at the
Paris-Roubaix stage of this year’s Tour and then he was the first man
under the ‘Flan’ Rouge on the Paris stage, nothing of the flaneur about him
he’s very much a Flandrien, doing the Belgian national colours proud, congratulations Yves A Nutella crepe for Dan Martin, a French favourite. The Irishman won the hearts of the French nation with his nutty attacks and smooth finish
up the Mur de Bretagne Felicitations, Dan This Coupe Parisienne is dedicated to
Alexander Kristoff, whose coup de gras finally come
on the Champs-Elysees, when he was victorious. Chapeau! A bottle of Vittel for Marcel,
Monsieur Kittel didn’t have the minerals this year For the green jersey, Get 27. This delicious digestif is a treat for the senses
just like the man himself Peter Sagan And finally, finalmente, a yellow teardrop
for the winner of the Tour de France blubbing Welshman
Geraint Thomas. Congratulations G And so that’s it from us in Paris.
We’ve had an incredible Tour If you’d like to watch more from Rapha Films
you can subscribe here And if you want to watch more
Rapha Race Radio you can click here And we’ll see you at the Vuelta. Until next time, friends

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  1. More conversations with Juan, please, and fewer with children. As in zero. Bravo, Rapha, this was a fun Tour to spend with you all.

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