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Piano LIVE with Angels – July 6 2018

Piano LIVE with Angels – July 6 2018

oh hello hello hello YouTube we’re
starting tonight my name is Angels Piano I do covers & originals I do pop I do
rock I pop the rock on I rock the pop that doesn’t mean absolutely anything I
also have piano tutorials in my channel you can check out how I do absolutely
everything this is a costume of tonight hippy shorts and hippie top that sounds
like ZZ Top hippy table ZZ Top I just come from I’m sorry I’m not distracted
I’m actually doing something you’re distracting me can you stop I’m deeply
I’ve been watching so much of JP Sears JP Sears you know what I’ve been doing
every time I’m doing a stream I’m telling people I’m offended by that I
think so funny because people just don’t know how to react to that and I crack up
so that’s how I say a troll walks into my stream and they go like angels why didn’t you play my song and I say I’m offended by that and I’m
offended that you’re offended that I’m offended that I didn’t play your song I
know and I know it doesn’t make any sense but I’m absolutely channeling your
energy on your vibes and JP I also studied neuro linguistic programming so
to me it’s absolutely fantastic yeah you’re gonna see where I’m going now you
know I think you’re super smart because you think like me yeah I pretty much
said everything right didn’t I hello anonymous how are you doing so that’s
gonna be my clip – JP serious JP serious I Love You Man oh my god just sir oh my god out live sorry I’m
chatting with my best friend let’s say you know so we’re gonna be
doing some rock covers some discover some that cover some discovers okay let’s
open up periscope now and let’s launch this beast the best oh I’m gonna lose
another broadcast every time I do a broadcast I lose every new broadcast is
a lost so long peri history talk music you raised beginnings ah it’s a really sad face love
your wifey why not love your wifey she’ll be happy I’ll be happy sounds
like a really sad title but I’m not sad people are gonna notice I’m not sad okay
so let’s go with that hopefully I’m feeling fantastic how are you feeling
I’m gonna miss hello everybody and welcome to this broadcast guys I’m not
sad but you know what I was just I was thinking it’s you know I just can’t sit
around like I will think Ashman cashman media how are you doing so you know I’m
grabbing periscope I’m writing down the title realizing that and hello replay
viewers how are you doing again you can catch my replay the experimentation face
is done so I’m writing down the title thinking every new broadcast I make on
periscope is erasing an old broadcast broadcast because there’s a cap on the
amount of broadcasts we can save on the platform unfortunately and to be honest
I would give priority to VIPs and anybody that’s not a VIP I’m sorry you
can say same broadcast stops like I don’t know peak peak peak anomaly you
know if you’re not doing this for or say you want to be gone and become a VIP you
know say them a hundred broadcast if they ought to save them don’t default to
saving them I don’t know well as a VIP I would like to like I
know it doesn’t mean anything to be VIP but it would be awesome if the platform
wasn’t erasing on my all broadcast and and I know that there are priorities and
everything but it still is sad you know because I have old broadcasts from two
years ago that I can still watch on my app and now every time I do a new
broadcast on periscope they get deleted every new one and you want a lost I know
one I lost every noon so now I need to be really careful when I click go live
and like if if you guys send super cards I can’t
with them well of course I can delete the ones where I’ve already been paid
but it’s still you know I don’t want to delete anything
I know animals it’s like it’s just that and I understand that there are
priorities in front of OOP check the tag of my periscope you’re gonna like it but
you know it’s still sad it’s sad cuz I don’t I don’t know what I’m gonna do
maybe I’m gonna just record them screen capture them explore them to youtube
unlisted I don’t know no no no no they this is something that came up last year
but by the time I only had 200 broadcasts I did request hey come on can
you increase out or something but you know at the time it just didn’t affect
me and now I have like it had 500 and something broadcasts the app only shows
a cap of 500 and when I when I log in and I scroll through all 500 broadcasts
you know I reached to the very end the other day I was still able to see my
number one broadcast now I can’t see it anymore but those were unwatchable
either way cuz they still were not kept in the app when I started broadcasting
like three weeks later the app started keeping the broadcasts forever and
there’s the einer it’s the IRA i nuri I’m okay I’m okay I don’t need to eat
because I opened up one day saying broadcasts are forever and ever and ever
and it’s gonna be deleted in a couple of days so I need to find something it’s I
know it’s a lot of work to record them have you signed up for a drop they say
them all I don’t think the app drop guy likes me like to be honest we met at the
table in California and I was like hi he didn’t even tell me he was egg drop on
like so I think it’s a personal thing or not gonna do business with him because
he doesn’t give a fuck about me haha just out there if he did give a
fuck he would have contacted me contacted me like he did so many others
to promote egg drop can you please play so far away oh how are you doing I still
don’t know that song I haven’t checked it out cloud baby and eliminate do you
just learn this cloud and so you’re saying I should save them to YouTube
that’s a lot of work did I forget to say hi and tell you that you’re well thank
you so much how are you doing no no no let’s look he has an amazing he has a
really cool service I tried to use it and I couldn’t there be like here’s my
discount code and just promoting it I’m pushing it and the more you push
something like that like periscope is just doing nothing that is drop is doing
like they’re not pushing the moderation yet and stuff but look it’s his tail and
I’m happy that he has a business so good for him as I’m saying he never reach out
to me and I did try to use it and I couldn’t get around it so egg drop if
you like me shoot me a message show me how to use it and I start using it but
unfortunately two weeks ago when we met you were not impressed at all you didn’t
even like go like oh hey angels I’ve seen you before so I don’t know that
kind of gives me the impression that you really don’t like me so I’m going weird
to say that probably I drop I am very offended at your behavior I’ve been
using a phrase all day I love it I love it very offended Mandy is he even you discount code to
promote egg drop Andy is a drop really necessary well if you want to if it’s
true that it saves them all I don’t know yeah it could be good mister plan how
are you doing what am I watching angels piano angels what’s up Rico how
are you doing I I don’t have a anyone who wants to
check out egg-drop absolutely check it out i check it the
website actually offered a lot of cool things I don’t remember if I had issues
with the payment method or I just couldn’t get it to lunch but I did want
to use it because it’s something that there is coke should be offering us and
we’re not getting it and they drop acid so like there’s an opportunity go ahead
and use it I have no issues with that no one’s on service a Hawaii so there you
go now he’s got the organic support that’s good for you Mandy well no it’s
not you should go and claim your discount code do you have it on
frontwards or backwards what the puzzle is that puzzle gamer they do have these
count codes wait all right you are part of slag go to social every now and then
you see someone saying like do you wanna you say drop you have my 10% discount
code which I didn’t even claim because I was in need of that moderation and drop
I didn’t get it I didn’t get it business is business we don’t mix personal with
with business you should know this so even if I say I’m deeply offended it
shouldn’t affect our relationship don’t take anything I’m saying seriously I’m
really cracking up but the periscope thing is actually
really sad hey I still can’t log into my phone what the hell now remind me later
I don’t want to download anything I just want to look into my account what’s
wrong with that so I don’t know I guess I’m gonna scan through the broadcasts
the really useless ones I don’t know you decide which ones are they none of my
broadcasts are useless even the flood ones are like even if failure wasn’t a
failure it was just an experiment I don’t know there were interactions I
don’t want to delete them I don’t want to lose them I have so many stories in
them I don’t know I guess I’ll start
downloading them it’s gonna be a lot of work now wait Tom how are you doing
Tintin so many people have requested this song Havana (camila cabello) I had no clue with the
song Havana was about until I saw like a viral video going around with the
chicken where where where where where where way away away away away away away
away away and I like the song so hard to delete any of I know it’s so hard it’s so hard Mandy what you do it’s the first time I see you that’s why I’m
asking you well okay finally thank you for the super hearts Greg mr. plan lots
of stories please well Google has free storage I’m using a lot of Google look I
would pay to store that that’s a minute sorry that periscope good offer for a
fee to store everything like I would pay to store my broadcasts because they are
part of my history the I’m a nurse oh that’s cool did you ever save a life I
know I said as a nurse maybe you say no I didn’t wasn’t given the chance but
maybe you CPR at someone I don’t know you were by the pool and you saw my try
Despacito Fonzi I’ve done Despacito I even did it today I was playing
today on Twitch for 3 hours I had an amazing broadcast notes of followers new
people hosting me many people watching me so guys when this girl explodes on
Twitch and I happy oh oh and someone someone on twitch like a partner like
you know he’s big into it guys hello and hello mandatory chubby how are you doing
anonymous I thought yeah because you asked want to be on
camera and we can no I didn’t when did I tell him I didn’t talk to him children
hello favorite you – hello – is it your first day here chiller NICU I said oh
you saved babies you’re my hero wait do you hear about that woman in England what
the hell do you know the songs celebrate by Kenny Loggins I don’t think so I’m
sure Helena knows it is your history becoming history I think my story is
becoming history my story or my history is becoming history it is with that only
naughty bits exposed it’s not that bad I still can’t forgive the people I met
with on July 4th and if you’re watching guys you know what I’m gonna say I’m
deeply offended for calling what I do kinky it’s not kinky it’s connecting
with people and I love doing this I love it
I have a passion for it ok let’s go with the round of hello so everyone till our
amazing what did English woman do who’s the English woman oh no no no I’m not
gonna bring up like bad news here chiller if there was I can tell you on
this court it was yesterday in the news no no I’m not a person to ruin
everyone’s mood I’m not a party pooper okay hello mr. plow hello Larry
hello wine some plant on that picture is confusing please listen to Van Morrison
into the mystic and maybe you would want to play it okay I needed to remind me
two more times and the third time you will send a link and then I remember JP
how are you doing JB puzzle Elena my boo playbook Bobby sick a new
kind of is that a tiger now I’ll be sick hey learn how are you the killer did you
after your profile picture are you showing me some gun action in your
picture are you flirting with me sounds like
you’re flirting with me well I’m flattered you’re flirting and flattered
your flab I’m five no you’re five I’m fucking we fly off
love is a bad word now I thought it was like good connotation now we’re both fab
good we’re good wearing good terms Norsemen hello milk nose monsier nose
man hello ray how are you did you come back
from North Carolina how’s your mom what’s the assessment how is she doing
did she watch me what did she say be honest hello awesome amazing the most
magical a mystical creature of all my periscope viewers hello awesome nice Tim
okay nice that was a nice one sympathy I remember everything now Wow hey I’m
having angel withdrawal haven’t seen you in over a week
I know because I was had in the replays I was testing something and I confirmed
exactly what I thought so I’m gonna leave the replays running guys sorry we
go so you know what free go so I’m gonna show your clip now um at least so that
people can hear you’re talking so that they can hear you
and I’m gonna play the audio I’m gonna play the video okay I’m gonna play the
audio and I’m gonna are you saying who’s who’s saying what it’s gonna be really
cute taking requests always denying them many times piano not see that was my own
navel to the antics venomous is your fingers play play play me a song to
sleep that’s all I’m doing stuff to imagine this is a radio show and you’re
telling the broadcaster shut up and play the music dude I’m the owner of the show
you don’t like it watch your replay and come back later
so Reyes about your mum main thing sanic um no no about the weather Brazil I’m
sorry I really wanted Brazil to win the World Cup I don’t a labyrinth who’s
Santa from Safari life Kruger National Park South oh you watch that fiery life
aren’t you really live don’t you feel like they’re not like because of the
definition of the camera and stuff no no problem I’m just telling you from my end
how it feels I’m very offended ah no son for you next exactly that’s
the way we go now sound for you next you know it takes some really big balls to
request a song here I have to fast play these guys I’m gonna go to mixer in a
second sorry so hello anonymous and hello Wade sorry
please forgive me angel okay you’re forgiven you’re forgiven
I enjoy conference I love conversation time but David sighs do I have she owns
this game I do please play Volga Volga sounds like Volga isn’t that a river in
Russia Andreea Volga Volga Volga is like Olga
with a V she’s doing great thanks for asking any time time after time do you
know if I could who who who sinks it now hey I’m
starting to blush with your comments now between the Prophet picture the light
Tim thank you for the super hearts okay we’re gonna be using this one to go to
mixer one one more minute until your happy birth to learn happier 12:00 sharp I was singing you happy
birthday it’s not such a bad beginning let me tell you
wait did your wife let you watch me instead of giving your keys bring her
over here bring your cute wife over here we gotta
talk hello guys know you were here yes you do
know that song of course you know okay now I see a wifey no I see you no no I
see you happy birthday Taylor everybody’s wishing you happy birthday
here we’re on periscope something little upper but a pepper River over there
Ryoga how can I remember the name of a river that I started when I was in high
school maybe because my geography teacher was like freaking crazy the ice
is melting before I pour my fractionate happy birthday chiller Sparkle Sun shock
ASMR summer is more drink Thank You periscope it’s chiller is
thanking everyone over and periscope for the salutations guys if you haven’t
followed me on YouTube please do so okay now the last thing I’m gonna do is play
you the clip infamous clip i’ll Fragoso going crazy about me hold on I need to
mute all the naughty ones I always have these jokes sound a bit weird I think
the real oh my god that clip from Utah what’s so funny
oh my god pictures after this hour oh my god well I’m like it should be like
commentary on my own pictures oh my god is that me oh my is that oh my god is
that me with Pablo is that me with Kieran is at me with TMI oh my mm-hmm
mmm is that me with Jamie nap oh my god oh my god I’m falling for it
actually I’m telling the truth okay let’s see if I find this video come on
yeah where is it I’m looking at photos I’m
looking at videos it’s really good hold on guys
be patient be patient please okay here it is volume whereas money damage oh he
was something I would like getting boat of some shape to make me so I keep it in
front of me okay just got himself if were ever wish you were here every time
I said oh my god oh my god
hey what’s that I might oh my god he made me crack up so I feels like oh lord
have mercy I saw that leg like the leg wouldn’t stop coming out of the tags and
I’m like oh right forgo so so it was I’m having revivals you can see I’m having
revival Stefan how are you doing two months was that nice
oh that was my own broadcast do you mine happy to see you again
happy to see you again yeah you did a drink I see Cheers it’s straps
lemon I wanna I want to lose the one inch guys I know you all want to earn
one inch I wanna lose it um having flashbacks I’m – learn learn have mercy
he was so funny he was so so funny he was awesome
very charming boys these guys are you know that the one I still had to meet is
Norseman mm-hmm these we have to hear come on come on
okay so what’s this song I was learning today we can do it like this okay there hello my Martin congratulations Farkle sunshine sparkle
sunshine is getting married guys congratulation is it a sex song and then I pick up on those why pokemons hustle just when I started playing you
Joaquin and when I stopped and I stopped playing just because I saw you working
it now I’m kidding now people are gonna think I’m really
weird I miss my piano angels can’t you take do you want me to mail you a MIDI
keyword that I have I’m serious if you want me to mail you a MIDI keyboard I
have I can do it it’s like really tiny but if you’re you know wherever you are
with your laptop I don’t know if you have one I mean yeah it’s gonna be
faster for you to just order one on Amazon but it would be a feel-good
feel-good gift but to hear you do this with harpist and keep Bella is that the
harpies that was playing with oh my god this t-shirt is so big that I can
scratch everything and you don’t see it you don’t see what I’m touching that’s
good well I’m just scratching here because I’m wearing this thingy that has
all these like elastic and it’s getting itchy that’s a cupcakes how are you doing you
stopped because I came back sorry viewers okay look I can play while we
talk I got a Spotify playlist of all mine on
my partner’s favorite songs to play at the wedding reception but the length is
over a day long that’s a little bit of an issue do you want me to you know go
through the list you see you said a good word to say skim through the list and
just shout out all the bad ones and people usually to now when I play them I
can tell you like this is a downer this is a downer this is a downer
feeling Browns you’re weird precious just loved weird villain Brad I
very bit thank you scratched it what against thank you for the supercontinent
hey you send me super hearts yesterday also Luca how are you doing you’re
perfect now there’s something wrong with twitch what is wrong with twitch I
didn’t find anything wrong with twitch first thing are you swaying twitch is
relay oh look look at you you’re lucky it’s just started just take out all my
partners don’t tell me she likes country or he’ll
never use it foreigner so maybe feeling brats will you take me dancing we eat Oh apparently hey Lina how theorem is it thingy with
rush absolutely and lushing got billing he’s happy he’s already like Jacob hello welcome back Jacob I see
your name and I remember the character from the wolf character so feeds can you
play spirit of the radio oh that’s an amazing request I’m still thinking of limelight um okay
okay good so it’s a serious offering that’s that’s step one serious offering
I I can offer you another rush that I haven’t done in ages but still we’re big
lovers of this to age but I’m sorry I can’t
and I never did spirit of the radio but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it many times
okay that’s a little rush what meat is it by native control or nectar and
saving it for both I know Massey has a little bit of each one
Thank You Hillier for the super hearts I did have the iRig iRig MIDI controller
it’s it’s a super tiny keyboard but it’s good for recording new phrases and you
can upload them so these
give it up for us kind of threading the air really like a
cool effect where I gravel the massive sound like Voldemort and then I more
like Yoda right because of all the Marty’s with the wand just spray it in
the air my favorite Rush songs feel good tune
it’s an amazing see there you go now puzzle we’re tied we’re good I feel like
that’s all I can do with this patch I have to go for now
feel better TMI check out the iRig little keywords they’re super portable
they can fit in like a little bag Dylan Brax welcome to periscope conductor
angels and aspects so today even during the the stream on it was like a really
good stream on Twitch and there’s a talent show they have their own like a
GT on Twitch but there’s 6,000 people watching at the same time okay so just
so you know it’s like the big show right it’s like a very big Channel and
and they do competitions like talent competitions and they want me to be
contestant one day unfortunately they absolutely shame you so they’re gonna
shame me note he’s gonna shame me I know he’s gonna shame me but they were okay
with that he can’t shame me he can’t shame me Dylan Bratz thank you
for the super hearts thank you so much guys last month I didn’t I’m gonna do
like my cry baby cry I didn’t reach the super cards go
for the bonus but okay I went to VidCon what a manipulator yeah it’s really fun
well it’s so much fun to see unless I win
in which case guess who’s gonna shame who and I’m just gonna finish my
performance saying I am very offended that you invited me and the children of
the corn now I mean we will see if I participate or not apparently there’s
some stuff I need to go through but it would be interesting and now that you’re
so connected with your viewer I can tell you really enjoy sharing your talents
thank you awesome losing you 5% know what oh you only have
5% better it was all your I know it’s all my fault I shouldn’t have gone to
become no no I’m not sure cancel everything was the way it had to be but
I’m really reconsidering twitchcon I’m not sure if I should go to twitch fun
like should I go I don’t know this one you used to start the shows with that
one we can do it again Taylor why didn’t you tell me what you want to hear next
can you help me out with the list tonight please play thunderstruck doesn’t it start something like that play something romantic we can do that I
mean everybody’s gonna fall in love with me I don’t have issues with that just
sending love letters send me anonymous love letters everybody with the
anonymous profile picture that would be interesting interesting is cringe like
everybody everybody’s signing as an animal then I’d be like anonymous are
you can you send me 200 love letters in a week what is wrong with you but they
all have a very different writing style so that’s a written not the first part I
can’t remember how it goes so and you know I’m very restricted if I play a
little bit of the audio then the the video gets blocked
everywhere on YouTube it’s a mess like I had to play stuff that I already know right really
OOP I’m surprised now tell me tell me but um the list of songs am I covered
angels but if I play this it’s over 60 now I have a lot of songs I wrote I have
meatloaf I have Queen I have like all these bits and pieces of all suns it’s
just weird wait a minute I have 19 people watching a mixer and my chat is
and reflecting place for some reason my mixer isn’t working you know what I’m
gonna I’m gonna watch periscope here I’m sure my mixer app is newer on this newer
phone let’s see what’s going on what’s going on mixer watcher done it’s not
like I’m not paying attention to you it just doesn’t seem like there’s much
going on and suddenly boom see there were comments there were comments wind
of change Skaar look at look at this so many people requesting coal songs
something from gentleman isn’t that something from the Beatles or George
Harrison dreaming cancer roses let’s do switch I love mine winds of change I
love it bank account by 21 savage what is that
rap freestyle you don’t want to hear me free
dialing yeah you’ll be like give me back my money
very charming boys boys boys that’s not what I said yes who said that
now they tell the time on some colored certain now I couldn’t I couldn’t I
couldn’t see I mean I had it here but the last comment was can you play for
release that was a less comment sorry mixer mixer rights ok let’s do what you
want you know what we’re gonna start with something cool that’s I’m sorry I’m
taking my time but you know what I will enjoy this I’m gonna favor it it’s like
delicate ice cream ok all right some of them want to abuse you some of
them want to be remember laser roof raise the roof
Pop Idol is his song race sweet dreams are made of
Who am I to disagree I travel the world and the seven seas everybody’s looking
for something some of them want to use you some of them want you why to abuse you some of them want to be her we have to do the drummer let’s see see
and from spinal tap natural combustion he died excellent
hi Sabrina I’m not gonna be doing the Billy song cause it’s a freaking nasty
song what are you requesting guys what is it about hazel lyrics on on the chat
I want to read what it is about but I’m not gonna be singing that everybody’s
right Okemah absolutely really across the
water and never heard of that one place she Bop what is she what it’s like a
she-wolf maid meets Hanson like mmm but but I’m about but she will put great
balls of fire great balls of fire I did it today
already isn’t it crazy I mean I could do it again what’s the alg for and back
your audience in yours checking it hello or engineer okay what are my my
levels Oh again more weird requests does the world
know that I did the the ranch song the other day so now everybody’s coming back
at me like oh my god it’s a girl who said these I played that from you only
cowboy song front to each now people are requesting that no I know 18 Cowboys no
no okay you know what let’s ooze which I love nine guys it’s a freaking awesome
Sun it’s one of my favorite Kira and how are you doing Kiran help Kiran well I
stopped saying that because I knew freaked out or go home okay hold on how are the levels engine here it’ll
have an audio engineer chickening how cool is that fun by Sponge Bob okay what someone’s I got a little can
someone remind me cancel roses there we go wanted dead or alive freaking awesome
song love it don’t know she Bop by Cyndi Lauper sorry don’t know it so many
questions what’s in the drink tonight what’s the officer problem and drinking
Leno swaps there’s no alcohol in my drink there’s no drinking my alcohol
there’s no drink in my alcohol no it’s um it’s like what I paid two dollars for
the bottle of not even spring water it’s just you know whatever faucet water with
some lemon and they they just pray lightly and that’s it and now you’re
paying two bucks for it what the hell an engineer to done some
big names there playback systems I’ll play that system frauds new drink that
makes you say no it it’s a mean Angels its the offended Angels you guys are
hilarious but what are the only assert can’t can you tell me that Haley now
know what now I’m like wondering but guys thank you cuz you’re just just by
watching me a mixer you’re helping me get there you know so thank you okay I’m
gonna go ahead I’m pleased to tell of mine building brakes if you have
requests let me know Norsemen same thing if you have requests
let me know hey lard Bobby sick guys if you have something in mind that you want
me to play that you think I know requested same thing for nice as on team
here on you you you stiffened and thing he said angels is so
good that half of the stuff you guys play you guys requests she’s not playing
cuz it’s freakin boring no no no no no I don’t play based on boring or not I play
based on the mood I’m trying to build Yanina you cracked me up with their use
of that emoji they’re building thank you so much for the super cards thank you so
much engineer awesome nice team Hillard and
Kieran thank you so much guys yeah ok did you guys send your request
it’s amazing how bored she gets it I don’t get bored at all why why would you
say that what if like what if one day I just
collapse and then fall asleep No Angels isn’t a sufficiently started
this is a moment where old couple of fingers remember oh I didn’t change the affair Chloe kisses yan’er gonna play the Bob sorry I wanted to get here
I’m not gonna go through it for the song I just wanted to lilies that’s what I wanted to go I wanted to
remember the first one this is the first solo or maybe it’s the second one I
don’t know I feel just like playing that ok um so we lost all the trolls on mixer
that good news we’re down to 11 viewers we had a bunch of trolls I’m excited
that was kind of fun you prefer it stranged
let’s see see look people are requesting my kind of stuff try to remember the lead guitar solo
from strange Maurice hello billion how come ASMR gets
you sleep okay now I’m never again gonna do it at night can bring it up I can’t remember it okay you know what
we’re gonna do we’re gonna sing creep cuz I sang it today and I think it came
out pretty good Danny happy hello so let’s do let’s do
creep creep let’s do creep by Radiohead I’m gonna be
singing it I need to do this let’s gather my courage and I’m gonna
wake up the family but I think it’s pretty much I can see it all now me Oh what you rather makes you aha wanna burn what a perfect special so I’ll be singing that one from now on
hmm but I sang that twice okay so now I speak like a double collar hope you guys
like that you’re so there are you insulting me or is that in a good way
tiller at one of your best vocals in my opinion that’s what he said thank you so
much core vein hello welcome welcome hello
guys thank you for a little love I love this song I sing it all the time good
job thank you so much good choice it works here Thank You chef chef and turn
them on hello bill impacts on you too lieutenant Annan man and manner
krikey was beautiful thank you bad by little Leroy thank you thank you so much engineer for
all this up now engineer mr. plow oh my god you know for some reason your
picture is not coming up you’re all like green solid I can see your picture but I
know it’s you no no no no no no should we give a go to sound of silence I can
sing it also apparently apparently if you can sing creep you can sing moose
same ranges for most parts well I had to really tune the piano actually sing
unattended yes okay let’s give it a go then he’s cuter than everywhere that’s really high how are you singing
how is he singing there that’s super high okay when I remember that I ended
up singing that in the original one David Gill oh my god there’s a David
Gilmour following me on Twitch if that’s dead David Gilmour I’m gonna die lady
lover oh that’s like a mag lovin say stay weird where though I will lady love
her okay let’s go we sound of silence I need the lyrics Oh liro bad bad Leroy
Brown good night I know pretty much know them
but I’m sorry battery I’m harming you do you also feel guilty when you unplug the
battery the phone and you’re charging me and it’s not nearly charged and you’re
like oh my god I’m ruining the battery okay let’s go with this wish me luck
guys I will need it I need some coffee hello darkness my old I’ve come to talk with you lift it says what I was restless plates on my car never shed again did you take my son I’m with you
but my so it’s like a mixture I get so
embarrassed when I sing it’s like a mixture of the same of the Simon and
Garfunkel it was Simon Eyre I can’t talk I spoke too much today
Simon and Garfunkel and this third version and I know it’s out
I started out really shy I don’t know it’s it’s a second time in my life I
sing this so cut me some slack and just basically Darren’s daring to
screen that one was four billion bucks for a
team we have the usual I still have forgotten all the times you
didn’t come then you thought you were off the hook hello hello team no long time they’ll
see how are you the Dean of vintage the stripper song with David rose
fortunately I don’t demand to listen to I don’t know it I’m so sorry
never heard of that I’m sure there’s someone here who knows it but I don’t
some of silence is one of my favorite songs this third did an amazing cover
and love your piano version thank you so much she doesn’t forget I don’t I made
like kicking the balls oh is that there is that why you’re here
you just you just miss me kickin it are you like that team you like me
mistreated maybe you do you know it’s it’s not healthy
I’m offended by that no no no so I’m clarifying I’m over using the
phrase I’m offended because I saw it in a YouTube video and I just love saying
to people I’m offended because people don’t know how to react to that so I
just stayed very offended here you know hey so shut up
you shouldn’t be on turn turn turn to tenten tenten
okay so what are we gonna do next who’s taking their shirt off not me okay how’s mixer doing cuz I had to
close it out to look at all the lyrics do you know lay stress and dental issues
I do I just try not to play classical music because I don’t want to like
diminish all the other musicians next to me in the platforms you know that’s my
best answer so far and I’m absolutely sticking very like when people request
something I don’t know like we need an 80s song next next Khurrana police I
love it I feel like I missed two chords so I won’t do it today you know what I just don’t want to make
the other musicians feel bad if I don’t write I’ll take my shirt off to reveal
my skull to chisel masculine all the buddy take a picture please and upload
it to Twitter and tag me feel free I’m doing my fan pics – some pics – it’s
like fun – fun pics – like that it’s it’s interesting it’s a stash of okay
come on what do we play Tim do you have any requests cooler team cooler team
they had any requests come on throw them at me musical or no musical I’ll try to
please antenna sweet dreams it’s a good one yes it’s an
amazing song I just did it though so I did it to it today I sang so much I need to fix that I thought I can’t
swallow a liquid see if I’m looking at a camera has destroyed my career already
tiller today’s bring us birth l so can you try get by with a little help from
oh my god that’s such a cute song okay Taylor why don’t you go to your browser
look up the chords paste them here and I’m gonna play cuz I can’t even remember
where it starts there’s a version by Bruce Springsteen
right you yeah rather than something I know okay
came back as music first for my buddy five minutes he invited angels all swing
miss it oh thank you I feel like I’m gonna probably stay here but thank you
let’s go we appear on my shop I’ll shut up and play the music and let’s you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you why am I playing so much I could be
talking the weather it’s prison you know even the doors here just closed out by
themselves and what’s going on is there a ghost in my room hello mouth monitor
Toby thank you for the beautiful comments Ellen and sorry you had to be
defending the walls of mixer like never before
guy stuff you know what I’m missing I’m passion amazing smooth that’s what I
want to play like cobra venom hello thank you thank you for the follow some
of howl oh no it’s now you devil people are getting comfortably now I do
comfortably numb’ a lot a lot okay now sorry you’re amazing some
person Thank You general thank you for the super cards well was it kidding let
me see oh all the beautiful emotes there’s no one better than getting those
great that was unbelievable oh come on you had better before you say that to
every girl you made that’s excellent thank you guys
turn the page I think before I think I can do it Ryan how are you dude but who
was Ryan Adams at the end someone today requested a song by Ryan Adams and I
said Bryan Adams and they’re like no no Ryan Adams and I was like who how can we reach the bottom of teams
heart tracing hallelujah see my son so much today here please never gone again korben
well that was fantastic as always thinking angels through this thank you
so much Corvina thank you for than you following you to
new people quite right who’s that Ryan where they trolling me I
know also relaxing I need to I need to jumping jacks to wake up jumping jacks
jumping just just sounds like also then and relaxed and and that is this the one
for today yes no oh this is the first one I started
drinking so that’s kind of like old this one overcoming my swallow fierce good plea
Careless Whisper oh my god I do an amazing Careless Whisper hold on so
didn’t you have another plane they were gonna give you up careless Jose
California I started quitting everything I played
mixer knows what I play guys play sign of the times by Hari stuff no I don’t do
P crap I mean pop rap I mean I do some good pop not the crappy pop wait is
Harry’s that Harry Styles wasn’t he from like one direction or something like
that oh my god I’m scratching my belly showing my belly my daughter just Davies
6:25 am here morning has broken and angels with it nice I mean with you all
that oh no no fear wait what oh okay hold on are you
talking to a steam play sign of the test no he missed the beam but no he said
riah he said like I’m talking to yes I was talking to a steam otherwise I just
said super awesome Tim I never I never called teen smoke just team your team
you’re like a steam kula team he’s like super awesome nice team you’re just team
aka as team : a meruna Ryan Adams is
actually seeing Ryan Adams this is who wouldn’t like who would become a singer
feel comfortable in Kong imagine I was like Selena Gomez Selena Gomez do you
know catching a bird by yes I also super tramp I also who Elton John Sophie’s I
can never know I’m serious I’m not kidding every time like I hate making
noises on camera so and this is my only job I don’t have my
come babe okay just putting that out there since my family accuses me of that
they doesn’t get how how in hell I get donations by playing the piano so every
time I’m drinking water I know you know I make it sound when I swallow
now I say swallowing a weird way cuz I seen all the comments from the neutrons
you know it’s one more speech so every time I have to swallow water I know it’s
a really big so I don’t want people hearing that cuz I feel like I’m
bringing attention so I need to view I can’t swallow is a microphone a song
that’s pretty much it he said getting over the fear so well because for once I
was it was a swallow the camera actually making all kinds of jokes at these voice no wonder my family asked team my family
said I’m kinky they haven’t even watched me but they said whatever you do it
sounds kinky like what is kinky here what is kinky here
you’re funny well thank you I’m trying to me doesn’t like making noises on
camera but Samson cover to me hahaha thank her a chance you’re an ass cooler
than Widodo divergent am i still van now I see you Uncle John
ninja junk so no microphone in the bedroom that’s a
no-no always trying to dig deeper hey they freaked out oh my god what’s
going on microphone can we just all get along
wait this is gonna fall this is are you supposed to be there like that maybe I
need to be here I need someone to help me oh my to go here like that if I do
this with everything fall to the ground sounds like I’m cleaning tired so like
bloop bloop it’s kind of like in the air now is it a picture of the sound of
music no it’s it’s a DVD set because I’m a big fan you made me jump well that
made me jump kinky that’s only time see I’m not kinky what is what is kinky
about me that I’m open to try new things that’s not kinky that’s called being a
millennial open-minded I could be living in San Francisco right with open with
like-minded people that’s what I was trying to say yes 50 shades oh yeah no
you senses have a lot of kinky everybody’s calling me kinky now
Boop I like kinky what no one knows me intimately no one so no one would be no
I’m not yeah but they’re ganging on me now
that’s dumb gang don’t gang up against me guys it’s uh okay here’s what I
should do JP Sears would say I’m offended I wish I
was eclectic I’d rather be cold eclectic and
to think I was going to call this broadcast Chanel number five Tiffany and
lost memories like somewhere in Chanel or premier for this broadcast we might
see phanie necklace and now you’re all accusing me of kinky really for the love
of God I don’t think thank you John John you’re
the best one John are you in the world you deserve to be on the wall even if
you are you deserve to be there again just because of that by the way I’m
offensive no you’re not as Tim his Dylan Bronx you’re never
offensive what do you think I asked you to dance with me I’m happy with that hey
Lena that means we’re both happy oh my god well whatever you know what how do
you spell it how do you spell it now you know what I
was gonna write kinky keep going on you that’s a different kind of thinking I
was gonna write kinky here but you know what tomorrow the whole world is gonna
see it cuz it’s really hard to remove this kinky as heck that should be like
it tapped when I get it tat kinky as heck follow
the map and a bunch of mice pointing yeah something like that
freaky I like freaky why not Uncle John how could I make it to your wall and I’m
like takes a couple of times takes a good couple of times and I hear it me to
the other coast yeah you hear this is a premium spot between Chris and moss
because you’re in the good guys section okay
I’m just telling you you’re in like the really good guys section let me read
well your name Johnse road she roared oh there’s an hey
I hadn’t paid attention to the a before I know my Internet oh my god
everybody’s meeting I was like it’s like the parallel universes colliding I have
boyfriends in every platform I only have one wife see I’m smart I don’t have any
husbands and I’m not planning on having them I proposed to one of you wants to
be my husband and you’re freaked out you know very
well who you are then you were happy to be my husband but you freaked out the
first time remember and after that I’m never again asking
any month with my husband my internet husband I have an Internet daddy also if
you do all your family will sure watch this group oh if if I become –kinky
–kinky on camera yes okay let’s go here this is the moment of
truth it’s tiny but it’s precious okay John do you okay with a nice smiley face
around cuz you’re a nice guy you’re between moss and Chris it wasn’t me
it’s never you doing the bad things are never you you’re only guys if you had to
be jealous of one guy in these broadcasts
that’s billion rocks oh my god I just put in such a bad place actually been in
brats and Norseman yeah Norsemen Northman ISA he wins for being a sir
like it’s the gentleman Northman is I know northbound would open the door for
me he would close the door for me he just would listen and nod he would never
let me see the check he would be waiting for me with flowers who do all of that
he said it to me if you would set up okay but I didn’t do it and I thank you that I think it wasn’t
there to only friend okay printed shirt with crank kinky on it how do you think
it’s gonna go with my family maybe for the next one I should go like I am I am
to rate online and go to have dinner with them and my website I enter wait
online watch me yeah that’s gonna that’s gonna give everybody some really nice
indigestion and I know I’m gonna have a couple and then I should do like a
website with a specific address so I will know which IP addresses have a city
rate just to take a knows if it’s true or not and I’m like you went there to
check I’m offended okay oh never go to my free camps please I do
have a user there I’m kidding I’m receiving I’m receiving a hand with
Kambei that’s a good one now actually once I thought of a t-shirt I was like
I’ll give you a kiss for a drink I can remember I wanted to go to a bar but I
didn’t have money so I wanted free drinks so I was like I should be wearing
a t-shirt that says I’ll give you a kiss for a drink and like well it doesn’t
matter so I guys had the option to give me a
kiss and well I would give them the keys and you know just a kiss just for a
drink I was certain selling me short so I like shirts selling myself now I could
get much more for a kiss I thought you were more I resumed not reading that out
loud huh that’s highly distracting okay so what do you when I hear guys
come we need a couple of requests let’s do something else
streaming for monkey man how are you doing what’s going on what kind of
streaming photo do you want we’re just joking we’re all old people here Thank
You Billy and Brad for a super hearts Thank You Norseman thank you Tim smoke
thank you John Jordan Thank You moss oh I have promised to sing hallelujah now
remember I heard do you want to hear that one let’s see I hope I can sing it
and testing it test test why does it say everywhere it’s a song
by Jeff but wait the lyrics are by can you believe I think I never listen to
the originality on our current song it’s very possible did only have the lyrics
maybe they’ll do not : didn’t have lyrics well that’s a classic you learn I
like where you’re going I don’t have the kind of stuff you like ready I’m gonna
have to prepare something that you’re gonna like like so far I think you would
like somewhere over the rainbow rainbow in the sky which one is that is that
like tea oh I don’t feel like Benny and the Jets takes up a lot of energy and
running oh sorry I feel like calling you and I know like I know but then I know
it’s like a news in Spanish so I can’t change the name if I fell in love with
you who would you promise to be true and help me understand okay hold on let me
try this here I’m gonna mute the microphone for a second and I’m gonna
scratch my foot hold on you know what I’m gonna do tiny
bottle I can absolutely do it hold on let me see which key I did this it’s
gonna take me one second that’s all you need to find the right
key okay that’s it Curtis your fingers I sang more today
than I ever have in my life there was a secret chord that David
played and it pleased the Lord but you don’t
it when your faith was strong but you
needed proof you saw we’re building shit that’s mini hallelujah killing my throat
I sang too much today so that one that one is oh that one is like one of the
highest idol remind me next signed to it first before all the others sounds like
a cat dying maybe probably just because of the ears and thank you guys for the
super hearts thank you so much feeling Brax thank you kula team Thank You
Norseman can you play me Lisa which one is hold on didn’t you request
something else that I was like um I know it I was all thanking him I did it
better the other day the other day it was a little bit better
I can’t hear but it wasn’t bad I wouldn’t say it’s like it felt tight
though I think that everyone here is a millennial and here my 70s and I love
everything you play and say thank you so much
now that’s a beautiful comment thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
I mean not that your comments are nice guys but it means a lot you know what
time in a bottle that’s the song dad oh my god is he gone
it’s get on like you’ll already gone me he’ll be back love it so you’re at it
again huh hmm Oh turn a page okay let’s go with that one okay hold on it’s it’s here for a second
turn the page so that I pick up a key okay you simply landed on the right one
that’s always useful okay let’s go but I can’t find a studio version I only found I only found that knife version it’s
still the same okay let’s go here sorry I’m opening up mixer again you know
forever cut um no I don’t I don’t okay let’s go with turn the page sleep
not I don’t know it’s sorry nothing else matters I usually do it
Thank You monkey you all right we did turn the page
how about we do how to calm now nothing else matters but I’m gonna have a
different version I don’t know I’m gonna do it differently because I am tired of
doing always the same thing I did with that one guys tomorrow I’m gonna be able
to talk with everything I’ve sent I yelled I cried with all the times I said
I’m offended I’m not used to having something so called between my legs
kinky angels oh my god I should start the kinky edition of me can you play
patch well yeah but I do didn’t see and I destroy it and I mix it with the song
that you know from scaring me I mean I can’t do it I’m gonna try to put it
together with nothing else matters we will see what happens touchable matters
patch bill Wow okay let’s go with a Samara here this here this idea so disgusting here something but you
know what I’m curing my fear just wanted you to know you have a Superfund in
Alabama hello what’s your name thank you so much we’re in Alabama C
equals B sharp yes sir yes sir yes yes sir if they don’t dance they don’t kiss I’m
full hello and I’m history Marty never breaking character I love
that and the place thinking come on ray you felt you fell asleep on me
really it’ll be almost a stable it’ll very nice thank you
Thank You keepers Joe for the follow Bravo thank you can you play the Michael
Myers theme son oh my god I always forget what that one is
hold on hold on hold on hold on the the curiosity is killing me because I know
this other kid plays it Beltre Mike Myers theme hold on I need to hear this
for a second yeah we all need to go take your waffles sorry I’m gonna have to interesting hold on hold on hold on I
need to I need to I need to learn this okay and they were gonna do the
Metallica thingy okay it’s a very interesting bassline
you hear that it’s like okay and there was that thing so cool it’s so much tension okay enough
of that let’s go with nothing as matters sweet piano version we’re gonna hook it
somehow to the Canon in D which I do in C and what else guys throw me something
and let’s see if we can kind of hook it up to this you you you you you kind of feeling I need to hide after I
played but I liked it I heard a bunch of noises I mean what’s
going on in the outside world well very good thank you so much they
would ago I saw somebody requested something from Zelda and I couldn’t
remember what that was so I mesh thinking about it like if I see requests
you know I try to put stuff Greg I see you over on YouTube thank you for
following me there I also thank you so much guys thank you no it’s super light
wow thank you for that follow on twitch didn’t parlance
didn’t back Lisa buddy come on brothers it’s at least one now when you sit up +
so you were nice you didn’t call me kinky which is like Wow
class you’re here so cool in Verona I never forget that I don’t forget and
what do you do I play piano this is what I do
what did I just join into I play the piano hello guys
I play piano I play rock I play originals I like a rock chick even
though I’m looking at with hippie-ish I’m in New York I have a weird accent
because I’m from Argentina I don’t mind saying the weirdest things
about myself cuz I just don’t care cuz even my family says I’m kinky so I just
don’t care yeah that’s what you joined I’m sorry I’m already apologizing okay
let’s go weed we will say on a play yeah and I’m have a little bit of a
Misha clearly cuz I always forget what I was gonna play somewhere over the
rainbow that seven years is it a song request I’ve been putting up in over 20
they let clock town I you know what there’s a musician on Twitch who does
all video games Lara six six eighty three you’re gonna
love her but I’m sorry I don’t I didn’t have an S system at home so any yes how
do you say like I just didn’t have it it I didn’t have it you you what a tracking tragic ending I get to
that okay show we do one last song guys it’s it’s late um and getting stupider
by the split second so we should get going
guys I have which version I don’t think I’ve ever done Lena Lena I don’t even
know how to say don’t make me say that it’s all good how about Mozart Sonata
number 13 in b-flat for a sub which one is number 13 in b-flat major minor
okay I’m gonna place another number 13 in before cuz it does sound like you’re
trolling me and you really have no idea what you’re requesting oh sorry I picked up the wrong one look
I always say I don’t play classical music because I don’t want to make the
other musicians in the platform’s bad you know that I’m better because I know
all this classical music repertory so we just don’t play it and I request
everybody new to just turn request classical music because it puts me in
that position you know superiority and then I have to like not doing this is my
best excuse so far I’m gonna I’m gonna stick to it
panic attack Dream Theater no I don’t do Dream Theater hold on I saw a request
for there were so many Auto requests tonight on mixer from Ravana’s and
seldom Motley Crue I always play Motley Crue but today like I always sing it I
can’t sing anymore I can’t thing you think anything about
you should do that one um no I can’t I can do my immortal by Evanescence or
something soft like that I’m all Ichi do you notice I’m like scratching
everywhere no one can say there’s so much really here like with blame this
all day okay when to do one last song what is it what
is that one lesson you know what it should be clear waters I look at the
bubbles and I see Norseman and he loves clear water so let’s give Norseman cuz I
feel like it pretty much played something for everyone here I don’t know
most I still oh you’ve been in a jet story we can open up with that one don’t
ask us one more song you pick a song the piano Nancy will reject your request
every single time sorry yeah I was doing exactly that I’m sorry
guys sorry okay let’s go with their one someone needs some oil okay shut up and play clear waters well
what I just did it didn’t know you’d do it here you think I did you you you you you but I feel like I’m playing like a
concert you know and giving everything such a like finish notice not thank you
for all the super cards I mean of course team thank you daling rex thank you
Norsemen Thank You John’s Europe thank you all so
nice team thank you and mostly thank you everybody on mixer guys thank you for
all those with nice comments thank you for the nice comments hello
we can’t say you’re no more cosigner it up thank you thank you Massey well I
mean what thank you I got you how are you doing Charlie Sanders truck you know
someone requested it today I was playing around with it a little bit but it’s so
because of my jealousy comment we’re gonna take advantage of me nice one you
make it look so easy that was excellent thank you so much almost two thousand
and thank you for the beautiful comment on what were the beautiful comments you
said you’re beautiful something something oh it’s still fine mixer guys
sorry I’m gonna use the comics anymore thank you for the photos I’m gonna be
back tomorrow at 10 p.m. hold on let me open up periscope I’m
gonna be able to see a comment some mixer after and then well guys thank you
for these super hearts thank you thank you
Norsemen thank you is this updated no this is an updated this is updated maybe
it is Thank You Norseman Kieran Hillard are you back Jean Giraud seems not most
so William Bratton teen our gunner or these wrong I don’t know
so no more replays no no yeah memory please replay started I rap again when
the old ones are gone they were bad I mean I didn’t leave the ones from VidCon
because I don’t do blogs I’m sorry mixer my phone died and I have
like 140 people here on periscope I have to look at the comments here I need to
start charging the iPad ever since I came back from California still haven’t
charged it properly um it’s faster thank you for watching
boobs Thank You JP as you see of you mmm Wow JP you didn’t fall asleep I want um
nassim guys thank you so much well we’re gonna get going I’m gonna be back
tomorrow today was pretty cool so that’s there is no I stayed this long like if
it’s really hot I can’t you know I die if it’s too hot today is perfect perfect
perfect so I was for three hours on Twitch now three hours here I don’t know
more or less and I have been pigging out in the meantime
yeah absolutely guys thank you for super hearts thank
you Oh for what you first ain’t grabbing talk-radio right how are you doing Gavin
don’t think she’s watching YouTube yes Carrie I’m watching everything here but
for some reason I don’t reply to you too because I just read all the I read
YouTube all the time but I’m reading it what I’m whine while I’m playing the
piano you’re tired I am tired I haven’t I need to go to sleep guys think again
thank you for the love for all the super hearts for sharing if you haven’t done
so share this retweet it please go to my profile and Twitter retweet it fro there
if you can’t from the so that it looks like my teeth have many
retweets kind of helps that way and if you share the broadcast remember you can
share to all followers even with the broadcast is done so that we kind of
spam periscope yay now it’s a good spam it’s not that’s bad
I mean people if people don’t like me they’re no but I’m follow you they’re
just gonna block me so don’t worry that’s never gonna happen
it does happen good night everyone a night good night
Norseman kieran hey lord I think you were gone but I was playing time in a
bottle but I’m not sure you listen to it Kieran thank you so much John thank you
team smart Massey thank you guys and wine tongue puzzles Baxter
Boop many things on an anonymous good night guys I’m super tired but I’ll be
back tomorrow okay love you love you love you good night mom good night
diversion good night guys good night everybody a mixer actually I can’t go on
mixer right now anyway the comments okay good night Paris go bye okay now I can
actually go to mixer hold on you you nan is a Tran you nan is a trend
nice one you make it look so oh that was the last comment okay all right guys
night have an awesome day tomorrow and see you tomorrow night then and you have
really cool requests I always do a song so tomorrow I’m gonna try to all the
requests though I’m cleaning my hand with my leg which I guess everybody does
see you later morrow and I’m gonna put your request tomorrow so try to either
find a screenshot please oh my god Carrie you’re right I need a thumbnail
for YouTube hold on we need a thumbnail for you too you too that’s so bad cuz like I think it’s
terrible in the moment there’s a bag in the background how bad is that
hello how do I stand inside the bag you see that I’m on the other side of the
back do you see that I wonder I am looking at the comments on YouTube right
now specifically hyper but it’s not a little thank you oh my god inside good
night production-wise in a good way I know right like their
salute of everything everywhere you an ice cream ice cream tapes like this no
not every idea should I draw a mustache no no no no should I put on the Pierce
go cat yeah good night shimmer that night
should I try to look people through duct tape no I’m running out of ideas nice
how about like a nice gift one of these good work okay I found
something to choose the thumbnail from within the video so that’s another
useful nice Jane song yeah but it’s empty now it was full two months ago now
it’s a baby James and it’s empty there’s no life in it it’s so sad what should I
do with the bottle should I should I save a wall of all the alcohol I’ve been
drinking while doing live streams I don’t want to know what it’s gonna look
like 20 years from now oh my god that’s a thought better not think that thought
okay no I actually like today I didn’t drink anything but I actually don’t
wanna drink anything cuz it’s so much excess weight that you get just recycle
them yeah who wants to see them right oh my god those bobby pins who are killing
my hair my hair my head okay guys I’m gonna see to mr. guys the nice ones are
really nice and the requests are really good like I usually do motley crue even
essence Metallica Maiden I added a couple of bands here and there Camelot
Angra nightwish the kind of stuff I get to rock I love rock and then I do a lot
of other stuff like heartfelt and then I do my originals okay so I’m gonna see
you tomorrow YouTube peeps see you tomorrow again and
I love you and let’s hope the weather here stays fresh like today ready Rock
thank you for watching

4 comments on “Piano LIVE with Angels – July 6 2018

  1. I watch the replays on youtube. I am so sorry that i am rarely in a live broadcast anymore. I am dealing with a lot at home. But you know that I think the world of you,and I wish you nothing but the best.
    Only love,

  2. I love that song "Hallelujah" , you did a great job of singing and playing .
    Also like the way, Bon Jovi sings this .

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