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Practicode and CodingCertification.Org Partnership Announcement

Practicode and CodingCertification.Org Partnership Announcement

Laureen: This is our special announcement,
so exciting! And I don’t know if you can see Boyd, if Bob is on, or if he’s still on the
train, not sure. If not, Lori Woods was going to help me share this good news. If you could
in the chat just put a #2 if you have heard of Practicode. And
what Bob told me today is that they are huge
contract coding company. When they see coders that are going to PractiCode and their proficiency
is coming up and they have a certain score, they will look favorably upon them or hiring
them themselves through Aviacode. So, this is a great opportunity for those that are
struggling with getting that first job come in here. It will also keep your skills sharp. This is the website; I’m just going to go
to the features here. It says, “Get coding for real.” I love that. It is all Cloud-based,
so as you’re doing your work, you can jump from one computer to the next, or I’m not
even sure, it might even work on tablet. These are real cases that they’ve got, and as a
company doing contract coding with all the information redacted, of course. They are
going to grow into many different specialties and they are going to be getting more and
more documentation for all those specialties. They also have ICD-10, they’re already preparing
for that. Very, very user friendly. These are the modules that they have: Family
Practice, they’re doing General Surgery, Inpatient, Professional Fee, and Radiology. And these
are ones that are coming soon: Primary Care, ED, General Surgery, and they’re going to
keep adding more. And they’ve got this point system for when you’re ready to purchase the
plan that you want to do. So, if your goal is to be a radiology coder, you will just
focus on purchasing the radiology practicum, and so they’re worth 2 and 3 points=5 points;
so you would purchase either the Bronze, Silver or Gold package. These prices are going to
be greatly reduced for you being a CCO member, and if you’re a student, they’re going to
be reduced even further. So, if you’re looking for some news on that, if you want to poke
around and see what’s it about, just go to and be looking for our email
in the next couple of days. So, very exciting. Lori, are you there? Lori: Yes, I’m here. Laureen: Did you have anything you wanted
to share with the group about Practicode and why you think it’s a good idea? Lori: Yeah, I was talking to Bob on chat earlier
and he just wanted me to let everybody know that there are thousands of medical charts
that you can code and you also receive the answers and the rationale too, though. Laureen: Right. Lori: They have like ten coding managers that
all agreed that these were the right answers, and so, they have it split up by specialty
like you said. You can do any number of specialties and they have ICD-10 modules, ICD-9 inpatient,
outpatient — all kinds of good stuff. Laureen: Right. Very good. You’ve done a couple
of them, right? A couple of charts? Lori: I’ve done a couple of them and they’re
difficult for a beginner, but I think they will really be useful. Great learning tool.
And for somebody who really wants to get in the field that doesn’t have that experience,
if you can do this and get your scores up, then you’re good to go. Laureen: Very good. So we’re very excited
about it guys. Look for some more information on that. Thanks, Lori, I appreciate you jumping
in. What’s your Facebook group again? Lori: Create a Coder, come join us. Laureen: Create a Coder, so if you want to
join her little group, I highly recommend it. Lori: Thanks Laureen. Laureen: So, that was the announcement. Moving

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