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Presentadora de television secuestraba a sus novios | Noticias al Momento

Presentadora de television secuestraba a sus novios | Noticias al Momento

abducted television hostess
men whom I first fell in love with was lovely there are many could not avoid
the paulina karina díaz presenter of Cali television was part of a
band of kidnappers the police Colombian captured it this Tuesday together
with a subject that had the alias of the witch the two were involved in the
kidnapping of two men in 2011 that still the group remains missing
anti-kidnapping of the police gaula in Cali informed that both are accused
of the alleged crime of kidnapping aggravated extortion in homogeneous competition
Diaz and the witch would have had participation in the kidnapping of
merchant hugo lopez moncayo and del lawyer milton caron villamil happened
on December 30, 2011 when it they found in a disco of cali the
captors asked the relatives of the kidnappers one million dollars for
release them apparently the captured taking advantage of their
physical attributes had been in charge of the follow-up activities and
distraction of the victims inside of the establishment and the subsequent
accompanying them to captivity sites on the other hand the
witch would act as custodian of the merchant and his friend pointed the police
Paulina Díaz is a presenter of the yamaga sports section without a
channel 2 program of cali the chain local according to the newspaper the Colombian
said in a statement that on Monday in the afternoon the police captured
day just as he left the canal facilities
Mrs. Pauline Díaz participated occasionally from the previous year in
the sports section of our I woke up
a magazine that is broadcast daily from 3 at 4 in the afternoon
highlighting sports news in informative capsules of no more than 3
minutes of duration and without any type of economic compensation reported the
channel 2 according to the chain at interest of days to appear in the
program was the exhibition and the recognition in the television medium in
our website and in our social networks channel 2 lamented the
Miss’s personal situation paulina karina díaz we hope you can
clarify to the judicial authorities his situation and responsibility in the
facts of which he is accused added the television network of the Cauca Valley
with information from peru21 for news at the moment

15 comments on “Presentadora de television secuestraba a sus novios | Noticias al Momento

  1. Participar en un secuestro es lo peor por más necesitado que uno esté de dinero, no se puede ni se debe hacer daño a otras personas, malditos secuestradores..

  2. Luego dicen que nomas los hombres somos ogts ….está re buena la culera como no van a caer …..hasta yo …..

  3. Que mujer tan tonta… Tan bonita y con un trabajo bien… Se fue al camino malo… Muy bonita para que se pase más de una década en la prision

  4. Muchas gracias por dejarme tu comentario aquí 👇 te invito a suscribirte aqui 👉

  5. Pufff una vieja asi se puede levantar a quien quiera y cualquier man la lleva re bien yo digo que la mujer es inocente.

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