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President Moon appears on local radio station as daily traffic reporter

President Moon appears on local radio station as daily traffic reporter

Today is the day President Moon Jae-in and
his Cabinet designated as an “alternative holiday” to link the weekend and the Chuseok
holiday,… which starts tomorrow, making for up to 10 days off in a row for millions
of Koreans. President Moon took the time to reach out
to people traveling to see family… and those whose public duties prevent them from taking
time off. Our Blue House correspondent, Hwang Hojun,
reports. With the mass Chuseok exodus from Seoul to
areas around the country, President Moon Jae-in took to the radio airwaves on Monday morning,…
not as the nation’s commander-in-chief,… but as a traffic reporter for the day. (KOREAN-RADIO)
“Hello, this is Moon Jae-in…. And here’s the latest traffic update for your
trip home.” ( …. , .) While giving the listeners the latest traffic
condition, President Moon encouraged safe driving, asking drivers to take rest stops
on their long drives and to make sure to fasten their seat belts at all times. President Moon also said he hopes people will
be able to get plenty of rest and spend time with their families during the holiday, which
is 10 days long this year thanks to Monday having been designated a temporary holiday. Moon also thanked public transportation workers,
including bus, taxi and train drivers, as well as maritime workers, for being on duty
and sacrificing time with their families so the rest of the country can have some time
off. On that note, President Moon also made phone
calls to 11 citizens in the afternoon who are also not able to spend time with their
families. Those include a researcher stationed in Antarctica,
a former victim of the Japanese military’s sexual enslavement during World War II, the
father of an Army recruit, a police officer, and the chief security guard of the Dokdo
Islets. (STAND UP)
According to the Blue House, President Moon’s radio appearance and multiple phone calls
were opportunities to send his Chuseok greetings to the Korean people and also to show his
effort for better communication. Hwang Hojun Arirang News.

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