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Program Your Garage Door Opener Codes for Marantec & Precision

Program Your Garage Door Opener Codes for Marantec & Precision

[Musical Jingle] – “Precision Door. A name you can trust”. Hi, I’m Derek with Precision Door. Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your door opener remote
or just looking to change the keypad code? This quick video will provide you with step by step instructions for programming your garage
door remote control and keypad for a Marantec opener. Let’s take a walk. All Marantec models have 3 buttons you use to go through the menus. Older Marantec models had 5 menus with the Program Remote option last in
Newer Marantec models let you program the remote on the third menu. The “P” button is your Program Button. The “+” Button sets your limits UP.
The “-” Button sets your limits DOWN. In order to program the remote, you have to get to
the menu that allows you to access that function. To get into Program Mode – push and hold the “P” button. This automatically takes you into the the first menu to program the UP limits. Press and release it a second time, and it takes you
into the second menu to set the DOWN limits. Press and release for a third time and you’re
in the menu to program your remote. Once you are in Program Mode, press and hold
the remote until the light starts to flash. Press “P” one more time and it takes you out of the programming
menu and back into operational mode that is ready to work. If you want to add more remotes, you’ll have to jump start them from
the first programmed remote.
How do you do that, you ask? It’s all done with a tiny gadget that was included when you first bought your
remote…and I bet some of you can’t remember what it is…Let me show you. [Old kung-fu music plays] Some of you may have seen this tiny thing
and not known what to do with it. Maybe you used it to clean your finger nails? Maybe
you used it to clean your teeth? If you used it for both..? Yeah, that’s nasty! This is your jumper. Slide “The Jumper” into the side of the remote. Connect them together. Press the remote that works.
Then press and hold the
new remote until the light stops flashing. The other thing you will have to program other than the remote control is
the wireless keypad.
And yes, you’ll need your trusty “jumper” device for that too. The keypad also has a port for the “Jumper”. Connect the programmed remote to the keypad. Press ENTER on the keypad.
Enter your chosen 4 digits. Then press ENTER again. It’s a simple as that!
Just remember the wisdom of the talking fortune cookie… [Kung Fu Voice ] – “The key is to get ONE remote to work
with the motor and THEN you can jump that to anything else! Hmmmmmmm…. If this video hasn’t solved your problem and you’re still having trouble, we suggest you call
us at 877-301-7474 and we’ll have one of our certified technicians come out to help you. We’re Precision Door… a name you can trust. Hmmmmm…I should play these numbers.

41 comments on “Program Your Garage Door Opener Codes for Marantec & Precision

  1. Also what if you have the old Midi one button opener that is broken? You showed the easy reprogram now shouw all of us the trick to reprograming an old system with a new remote. That is what I need to know.

  2. I went "PercisionGarageDoor" web site and they provided information on new systems, most garage door opener systems are 10-15 years old, we need info on old systems, new systems don't break, old systems do and often.

  3. AFAIK every single replacement remote control from marantec is packed with the jumper. So no problem. I lost all remotes so I am going to program the main control unit again. Nice video here shows how to do it in a few secs. Good work!

  4. cool vid informative with some humor… more towards the end…? can i use a universal remote i bought at hm depot with my mline? also could i use 3 paper clips as a jumper?

  5. I stumbled upon this video after realizing I'd lost my jumper. The answer to this question is yes. Marantec's website has a jumper listed for $1. YouTube won't allow me to post web addresses, but it's part #69625 at store.marantecamerica. com

  6. does the Chamberlain Universal Clicker remote works with this? if so can someone tell me how to program it thanks, it doesn't say anything about Marantec Garage door openers in the manual

    BTW i like this video, even though it's about garage door it's funny

  7. Thanks Derek!!  My Genie remote stopped working.  Bought the big wide Genie remote.  Watched the video and programmed it.   Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  8. Thank you for saving my life. Great video, I was able to program my Marantec 4900e quickly after watching the video. A+

  9. Great information – doing research for a customer that is unable to program his garage door with the Homelink in his truck.  This will be helpful.  Thank you again!

  10. SO   what do one do if they just bought the home with the opener and don't have this little jumper? Or if one doesn't have a "Marentec" key pad?  Is it possible to programotehr makes of transponders to work with this opener?

  11. Hi, i got a small problem but when i press and hold the P button the second time, it doesn't allow me to program the close door position. I thank you in advance for your reply

  12. my remote was stolen from my truck. How do I change the frequency of main unit and start the programming over again?

  13. I can't seem to set the End Stop positions – either for OPEN or CLOSE.

    We had a series of power cuts/surges last week which appear to have reset the end stop settings on my Marantec Comfort 250 box. The door closes but then re-opens a little, just as if it hitting an obstacle; the fully open position also rides to the end of the rails. It seems that it no longer knows how long the rails are and is unable to stop at the correct positions. When I tried to set the positions by pressing the 'P' button, Error 7 immediately appeared on the panel.
    I've tried re-setting the power and also doing a factory reset, but I still can't programme the settings.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  14. It works. I am so happy rite now. It took me literally thirty seconds rite after I watched half video.

  15. How do I reprogram to a different code? I want to make sure my ex doesn't have access to my garage from her car. She says she deleted it from her car but I don't trust her. Bitch cheated on me.

  16. My remote is same like yours on this video. And only one button is working. I use it for opening and closing garage door. Is it possible to use one button for opening and another for closing door? Or,what is the other ,smaller button for?

  17. I need to reprogram the small button. And leave the big button alone. Each time I go through the steps and press the small button the light on the remote doesn't flash only the #3 light on the main unit does. Code stays the same for the small button. I tested it with other remotes and they should not be programed any longer but they are. Any suggestions?

  18. Thank you!! I spent hours trying to program my keypad and transmitters (and cars) today…it was maddening following the Marantec instructions. Your video SAVED me!

  19. Just replaced my dead Marantec M3-2312 remote (RiP) w/your Precision Digital Transmitter 382 to remotely connect with my everlasting 29 yr. old Martin 3700 DC Garage Opener wired to a radio receiver via impulse output (RCP02-3101M).
    iT W0rkS!! 😃

  20. Marantec doors suck so bad. Most complicated and non-user friendly opener ever made. I HATE that my house has two of these pieces of garbage.

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