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“Radio Active” Cyrano de Internet (Part 3)

“Radio Active” Cyrano de Internet (Part 3)

can chew it out suffering from a cold alpine cough relief gum and now back to the wonderful world of internet dating and Tricia and I love all movies except martial arts flims no whoa still except martial arts phones I guess I can live with that and I just like to say Cory that you seem very interesting and I bet you’re pretty cute too and yes I am very cute are dying hey Raj move it I need the computer again oh ok just finishing up here good blah hello Trisha I missed you so much feels like forever since we last chatted ah resin gear so good miss me since we last chatted you seem very sensitive what does sensitive me whoa hey I’m hi sis I was just finishing up my homework okay computers all yours by thank you hello Trisha I said that but I thought you said you had blue eyes I like the way you’re smart but you pretend to be really dumb sometime I already told you my favorite ice cream is crushed Mario’s don’t you tell me that crushed some Oreos sometimes you have the quiet sophistication of a mature woman yep and other times you have the naive a new students the child I have the one of a what and a woman whose chick seems so mysterious I gotta meet her let’s meet at the lockers during free period this afternoon okay hey Blair how’s it going good great so um Blair what you doing this just hanging hanging in there I often come down to lockers and just hang out you know it’s fun dad yeah they also bring ice cream we don’t have that much time you know it’s okay I think I almost got it now just to remove these two DVDs got our stuck here and replace it with the educational one that should do it everything that’s bad no I thought it sounded kind of odd don’t worry about it look all that to do is to fix the chip that controls the language tracks this should do it yeah you’re right should use the drill and you’re never gonna have time to fix this thing we still have to read the whole project hey maybe we could pick up enough Spanish to mark hey might have books are gonna help us out you know we’d never be in this mess of one for yourself martial arts movies what tell you who my father knows hey Spanish isn’t so hard to understand but Morgan by any chance you’re not meeting someone here are you yeah kinda but um no one you know what oh and hey tenure Roger I had no time to talk Oh kidding with hummus kind of ways that I’m dance my locker hey hate martial art movie oh my gosh Roger what the height you doing here um Kenya I didn’t realize you were uh yeah what you know Trisha Trisha your Trisha I know where I’m Kenya drinking it laughs what are you Tricia no tenia I never realized how mysterious you could be what mysterious mean to you I think you know what’s gotten into me I never realized how how I felt about you before whoa hold on a second there Blair what I met her first I think all right yes please stop fighting over me where what flavor ice cream calm is that what is crushed Mario’s all right chlorine what the Blair you’re trying to tell me that that was you well maybe yeah that depends no no no no no way why not because you’re way too much of an insensitive creep to ever be Cory okay are you trying to pretend like you’re Tricia pretend IM Tricia no you’re not nice try but Trish had mysterious and playful like Daniel okay whatever you’re not Cory yes I am Cory know a second I’m course no I’m course no you’re not your quarry yeah no he’s not fine corn okay Justin hi for a second I’m Tricia

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