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Radio Kappa Ep. 11 | KappaClaus is Coming to Town

Reynad: What happened to Radio Kappa BTW? Is it done? One time a year there is a marvelous night When enchantment and wonder, spark and take flight! Forsen: God this guys is SO FUCKING LUCKY Each home fills with joy on this grand holiday Ek0p: (burp) OOOOHHH With hearts growing warm in a magical way Reckful: Is anyone here horny? The rooms are all covered with garlands and wreaths The mantle is ready, with stockings beneath Sodapoppin: Im a sex offender, let’s fucking go Lights twinkle and glow, and bells brightly chime The moment’s arrived! It’s here! Christmas time! Valeera: Happy feast of Winterveil Forsen: Smoke weed everyday, smoke everydaaaay Smoke weed everyday, smoke weed everyday Rexxar: HAPPY FEAST OF WINTERVEIL! Forsen: Smoke weed everyday, smoke weed everydaaay ARE YOU CRAZY? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Nymn HS proudly presents Hello I’m Bob Ross And I’d like to welcome you to the eleventh Radio Kappa! LEEEROOOOOY Kripp: Welcome to cancer J-J-JENKIIINS REALLY? REALLY? Reckful: OH MY GOD Kripp: Ohh… Noo… NotLikeThis Forsen: Is this the Casting Couch Mira: Uhhh Ahh Kreygasm Forsen: I just wanna do some fucking drugs Trainwreckz: If is wasn’t streaming I would have joined them bouncing on the bed Forsen: Okay buddy, okay buddy You do that Donkey Kong FUCK YEAH Mitch Jones: This is aids Eloise: Gentlemen, prepare your gachiGASM Van Darkholme: Deep Dark Fantasies Trump: Together you form Together you form A mighty faggot, mighty faggot mighty, mighty, mighty faggot Sodapoppin: OH MY GOD x5 Ek0p: Smack that ass Trump: Dungeon master Reynad: I might go gay Summit1g: I just wanna suck his Swedish meatballs Forsen: Actually I’m a girl Mitch Jones: I like chicks with dicks Nice mhh Reckful: I’ve got a boner (boner, boner, boner…) Sodapoppin: I feel like this is just something i could like masturbate to That was intense Twitch chat, please ask your streamer to stand up Reynad: What a time to be alive man Hundreds of millions of years of evolution Have gotten us to a point where as a sentient species We have harnessed the power of lightning Developed photoshop All so that someone can give me macaroni hair on the fucking internet Jesus Christ man Radio Kappa Reckful: Massan’s firing shots? How can he fire shots at me? I wonder what he says when he fires shots What does he have to talk shit about? What is he gonna fire shots about? Massan says he has more subs than me? Well you know what Massan doesn’t have more than me? Uhhh… Real humans in his chat EleGiggle OOOOOOOOOOHHH Born too late to explore the earth Born too soon to explore the galaxy Born just in time to spam Ming Lee! haha hahahaha Reynad: There’s never anything positive about Reynad in these Radio Kappa songs I DON’T GIVE A MOTHER FUCK Celeste: Your dick is bigger than Forsens Forsen: I am fucking triggered Soadpoppin: White power haHAA Mitch Jones: You’re a cumdumpster Celeste Eloise: What’s wrong with this world? NMP: If you could have sex with Forsen Would you do it? Massan: Thank you I’ll be a slut Sjow: We’ve got another retard on the loose Sodapoppin: Take it bitch, take take it bitch Eloise: YES! Right on my face (Kreygasm) Alisha: SUCK MY ASS Reckful: I wish i actually liked dicks *weeee* Talbadar: So yea that’s my roommate Uhhm we’re not gay Uhhm He’s a streamer too but Reckful: Allahu Akbar Let me just visit Chaturbate real quick Y-Y-YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME Mitch Jones: I fucked Swifty And his dick felt good when he was bladestorming in me Forsen: Thanks for the donation ResidentSleeper Thanks for subbing ResidentSleeper Thanks for buying a shirt ResidentSleeper Top kek, ayy lmao I’m gonna go make some food Reckful: Have a nice day 🙂 Sodapoppin: FUCK YOU!

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