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Radio Kappa Ep. 5 | Clown Fiesta

Radio Kappa Ep. 5 | Clown Fiesta

Nymn_hs proudly presents Radio Kappa Welcome to the clown fiesta Say hello to the clowns heyguyshowsitgoing Kripparian here My name is Andrey but a lot of you know me as Reynoodle Hey guys I’m Amaz Hello I’m TrumpWfor the watch And now say hello to the biggest clown of them all I’m Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors Put your hands together and type Kappa shift 77 in chat as our clowns begin their performance That’s a card! oh! that’s a card! oh! uh! uh! that’s a card Reynad: Double fucking innervate? Are you serously about to kill my guy? Fuck you I didn’t even have a 2 drop Get rekt Kripparian: How is that possible? Like every time, how does he do that? Topkek this topkek that Forsen: Oh my god, look at this guys curve He mulliganed three cards He doesn’t even have a coin And he still gets this opener Reynad: Every time you’ve ever played hearthstone remember those couple of times that you got really lucky off that topdeck? Somewhere across the world at the same point in time There’s reynad getting shit on by some card with the word ‘random’ on it Chat spam E Sports Aha! What what what Sorry for what What It gets bigger when I pull pull pull on it Fuck you! Radio Kappa Don’t let your dream be dreams Yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it! Make your dreams come true! Just do it! No, what are you waiting for? do it! Just do it! Yes you can! It’s hammertime! OYSTERS, CLAMS, OYSTERS, CLAMS, OYSTERS CLAMS AND COCKLES! Tuck frump Boy next door. Boy next door. Boy next door. Boy boy next door. Oh my god! Why am I never lucky Why am I never lucky? Shame! Well met! Shame! Well met! Shame! Well met! Fucking thing sucks! Shame!ShameShameSpinning up! Wee wee wee wee wee Aha! Everyone! Tuck frump Everyone To battle Everyone Tuck frump Aha! Get in here! Radio Kappa [in case you forgot] Forsenbois To releave some stress, why not use code forsen for 30% off any videogame at and while waiting for the game to download use the code ‘forsen’ to gamble your live away on Chat spam: selloutsen money money money must be funny in the rich man’s world money money money I’ve got the best deals anywhere always sunny in the rich man’s world Time to pay! All the things I could do If I had a little money… #radiokapitalism in the rich man’s world…

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  2. Just going back through these vids and honestly feel like I've gone through a time capsule. Love this work Nymn it was a great time that you made better!

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