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Radio over IP (RoIP) and connecting push to talk radios to SIP

Radio over IP (RoIP) and connecting push to talk radios to SIP

As a fast responder, you’ve probably got enough problems to deal with without connectivity being one of them connectivity can be a big problem, whether it’s down to geographical
obstructions or different radio platforms an operation can grind to a halt if people aren’t able to talk … until now that it’s BASICS Radio Relay, from Vocality extends to reach of push-to-talk radio networks you can cross connect completely
different platforms and allow legacy networks to join the modern IP
infrastructure A unit placed between a field radio and an IP link, such as a BGAN terminal is a simple way of making sure different teams can keep in touch okay so now your teams are talking everyone’s in the loop and that excellent! but what else? what if your teams need to
talk back to the rest of the world With BASICS Radio Relay, the user in the field can connect to a media server to cross connect to VoIP phones land lines, even smartphones It also allows enterprise
management working with conferencing systems designed to control larger scale
radio-nets from a command center because BASICS Radio Relay is from Vocality, the user comes first. Bandwidth usage is low, and no complex training is needed. It could even be supplied as part of
integrated on the move kit from most leading systems integrators. Now there’s absolutely NO reason why the
man in the field can’t make that all-important call to whoever that maybe Ask your Vocality Solutions Partner
about BASICS Radio Relay. Vocality – Efficient Networks

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