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[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – Han Hyun-min, I do not speak English, so I cut it in CF ?!20171227

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – Han Hyun-min, I do not speak English, so I cut it in CF ?!20171227

But my mom got tired of trying and stopped Have you have hurtful things said to you because of your appearance? When I was young, it happened a lot Of course before kindergarten I was fine and dandy receiving my parents’ love But once I entered kindergarten “I was the only different one” Yeah, everyone is different from me “oh, It’s a black kid” and stuff like that But it’s apparent even to me that I’m the only black one And I wondered “Why am I different?” and thoughts like that But because I looked separate, I’ve experienced teasing or harassment For instance, when I got friendlier to a kid, the mom would come and say “don’t play with him” Or, I’d be eating jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and some kid would go “oh, a black kid is eating jjajangmyeon” SukChul: Why didn’t you eat jjampong (a spicy red noodle) I liked jjangmyeon…. Suk Chul just said it that because he feels for you He says he likes jjajangmyeon [I like jjampong] I watched this video on Facebook of these three people speaking Korean so perfectly and what made me burst out laughing was they were all talking about painful moments so happily “Is your hair natural?” “It’s a sponge” “Oh yeah, yeah” “It’s like an African toothbrush” Hyun Min is so bright and positive, even now instead of being sad and down Ah, this is because when things like this are said really serious the entire mood is really down but instead I want things to be bright and “we’re like this” “yeah, we can talk about things like this brightly” in order to make it correct it Do you know where Nigeria’s capital is? Ofcourse I know, Abuja Abuja… abuja Even my abeuji (dad) knows You got cut from a cf because of your English? Ah.. so this.. this hurts me You’ve had so many experiences in high school Well since he’s a high schooler of course he’d have a lot of high school experiences Well.. up until now, he’s been through a lot So I got the main part for a car cf And I was like “yes, I’m finally doing a cf too now” and I went but they wanted me to be kinda like cool and make these poses and I was doing them but I’m born and raised in Korea all of my 17 years and my English pronunciation isn’t good so I was like “” – Like a Korean would And they were like “what’s wrong with pronunciation of “swag”” And I practiced it for two hours And when the time came the staff were like “okay, good luck and try your best” sw. eg. and then I got fired immediately Hyun Bin, why don’t you try it Korean rappers like Zico seem to do it best Zico does it the best. Koreans like that constantly repeat “you know”… But haven’t you considered studying English Naturally, I have and so with the mindset of “I’m going to study English now” and I went but when I arrived I wanted to go to the PC bang (gaming place) He’s just a normal student Just a normal Korean student [PC bang

100 comments on “[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – Han Hyun-min, I do not speak English, so I cut it in CF ?!20171227

  1. He is the same age with NCT chenle 😆 but he was so mature and funny while baby chenle looks like 5yo kids who know nothing about slime and sceaming like dolphing for 24/7 😂

  2. he met jaemin already and they were very cute and friendly together. it seems like lucas would make friends w hyunmin easily

  3. He reminds me of Lucas from nct they speak in such a similar way and I kind of see a resemblance in facial features?? Maybe it’s just me lol

  4. um im not sure why but he kind of looks like lucas from nct, just with a darker skin tone and poofier hair, aish idk why im thinking this –

  5. It's so sad to hear that a mother in his school told her child not to go play with him… I mean, a parent, a fully adult! It's true that children learn discrimination from the adult, not that they naturally do it.

  6. I first watch him on Knowing Bros, I was amazed that he's sooo handsome. But I was amazed more when I know he's still a student TT still sooo young

  7. He sorta reminds me of Lucas from NCT, the open features and expressions and even his voice.
    He’s very cute and funny and it’s good to see ( me being African American) some diversity even tho I know he is Korean 😂

  8. I am trying countries and their capital these days.. Thanks to him, never gonna forget Abuja (Abuji), capital of Nigeria. 😅

  9. So does that mean his a pure american but born in korea named in korea learned korean language entirely and dosen't know how to speak english just a bit?

  10. I don’t know what it is, but seeing Korean’s like him make my heart warm, he doesn’t look Korean, but he was born and raised there. And I love that

  11. 1:22 okay it might just be me, but I can see so much Lucas in him hfeihfrewui ever since I saw him with Jaemin in MEP I can tell why Jaemin would be whipped for him too TT

  12. When he speaks it feels like Lucas(nct) is the one who's talking 😂i think Hyun min's tone is similar to Lucas. idk of it's just me

  13. Wow he’s only a few months younger than me, but so polite and mature. Me over here, I’m just a childish college student studying my biochemistry like a kid xD

  14. terrible how half white kids would have all the friends and be so popular, but half black kids would be shunned. glad i'm not korean.

  15. I relate to him. I went to South Korea twice with my family in the past, people would often stare, even when we passed they would turn their heads. Security followed us pretty much everywhere, asking for passport/identification etc every couple minutes or so. Still a lovely country with lovely ambience, but I’m glad the stay was short.

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