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[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – What is TAEMIN’s whole story about Key’s rampage?20180530

The monster Taemin, said this during the interview. When the writer asked in the end if he wanted to say anything, – This is what he said.
– I’m curious. ” I think Key…” ” gets urges to steal.” – He learned that from you.
– You. – He learned it from you.
– How can you say that on TV ? – You can’t say that on TV.
– He learned it from you. You taught him that. – Seriously. My gosh.
– Hey. – Anything to add before we finish ?
– Keep your belongings close to you. – You’d better be careful.
– My gosh. – We often visit Japan.
– Okay. I bought some wine for my parents from Japan. I was going to take it with me when I was return to Korea. I happily started to pack and looked for the wine. I tend to lose things a lot and can’t keep my things safe… compared to other members. When I told them that the wine disappeared, they tough I lost it at somewhere. They looked for the wine with me. When we couldn’t find the wine, in the end, I gave up even though I wondered where it had gone. At the airport security, the wine was found in Key’s luggage. No, you can’t tell the story like that. – He learned that from you.
– You’re a complete thief. – Let me finish.
– That’s not the way to tell the story. I can see myself in him. ” No, that’s not right. You can’t say that. Listen to me.” – We’ll listen to your story.
– Why was it in you bag ? We were in the car. I didn’t hear that Taemin was looking for his wine. He said in the car, ” What a shame that I lost my wine. ” I asked if the one was his.This how it happened. That’s why I returned it to him when we were in the car. But it was impossible for him to not have heard Taemin. (Another witness has shown up.) We searched the whole house. He left it at the door because he was going to take it with him. That’s why he left it there. I haven’t seen that gesture for a while. That’s what I used to do. – We…
– I believe you. He bought it with good intentions. We had to find it for him. I asked, ” where did you lose it ? ” What happened was… You actually left it at the corner of the room. You wrapped it nicely and… – It was even wrapped ?
– I… – That’s…
– I have something to say. The wrapper looked like this. It was a square. Wrapped like it was just bought from he duty free shop. I saw what was inside and it was alcohol. – I thought it was from a fan.
– That’s why. – That happens.
– So I thought, ” This is awesome ! ” and put it in my luggage. It makes sense. And I heard he was talking about the wine. – You gave it back to him ?
– Yes, I did. However, other members thought it was really funny. They said I might be a kleptomaniac. And I thought about it. I realised I am maybe a bit. I’m glad it didn’t get worse. If it was Taehyun or me, we would have opened it and drunk it right away. – We would have just drunk it. – That’s actually true.
– I was going to be nice today. Do you want me to be the most searched topic again ? ” Key is a kleptomaniac ”

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