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20 comments on “Radio Station WPLJ Signs Off The Air For Good

  1. Ain't this a Bitch… 1st these Bastard Owners Sold Off KLOS 95.5 here in L.A. WPLJ's L.A. Sister Station, In March, Cause these Idiot Owners Cumulus Got into Debt, After they Bought KLOS & WPLJ, as Well as it's Sister Stations… KABC 790, KGO 810, WLS 890, "WABC 770 they Bought From ABC/Disney, it's Whole Radio Division Around 15 Years Ago, & Cumulus FUCKED UP BAD!!!"

  2. Next Stayed tuned this summer of 2019 for K-Love the Christian Automated Music Money making Monster. It is very un god like to put the employees and their families of the radio stations they purchase out on the street. EMF Foundation the K-Love parent Company is a not for profit organization allegedly spreading of word of God. All that money stays in the trustees pockets and like I said they buy the radio stations and fire everyone. I thought that Jesus was supposed to save and keep people and families together. Apparently these Christians do not believe so. God punishes those who go against his will.

  3. Really upset about this. They played good music in that station. Adult Contemporary and Pop Hits to be exact. So this news is a tough pill to swallow 😕.

  4. this is very sad, I hope Todd & Jayde will end up on another station. Not to mention the talent that has come out of that station, I just cant believe this

  5. This could have been done way better. If the owners of WPLJ had returned the station back to its rock radio roots. since there is only one other rock radio station in New York and four Hot AC stations that are playing exactly the same music. it’s a no brainer. It’s never to late. I hope… 🙁

  6. this feels like saying goodbye to a best friend or that family member you just can't let go of. Sob – this is a sad day to NYC. My thing is this – what happens if this new Christian station doesn't make it – what happens then? Do they bring back the station or do they switch over to another musical format. Cause if you are a NY'er then you probably remember when a conglomerate took over WCBS FM 101.1. They turned it into a sort of jazz station – that lasted for about a year maybe then it died. Then they switched it to a sort of grudge rock metal type format that too died as well. Then some one got their commonsense back and turned it back to its original format.

  7. I did listen to 95.5 WPLJ from 5 years old in 1985 to 15 years old in 1995. That's 10 years, which a decade. In fact, WPLJ was the only radio station, at one point, that aired American Top 40 hosted by Casey Kasem (before Shadoe Stevens took over in 1988) until 1989 when Casey's American Top 40 moved to Z100. My favorite era is the WPLJ Power 95 era. I remember some of the radio DJ's from the Power 95 era such as Bobby Valentine (whose real name is Ray Rossi by the way when he confessed everything on WPLJ Reunion Day on Thu May 30 2019), Cleo Rowe, Willie B. Goode (his real name is Al Irwin), Hollywood Henderson, Jim Kerr, A.J. Hammer, Fast Jimmy Roberts, Greg Thunder, etc. Honestly, i wish i had a Power 95 long t-shirt that i can wear every night when i go to sleep. When i first heard that WPLJ would go off the air permanently, i thought to myself, "Nah y'all are lyin'. Stop playin'." I didn't believe it until i listened to their announcement video on their Twitter account. Based on what Channel 2 news reporter Vanessa Murdock said, WPLJ kept losing money from 2010 to 2017. That's 7 years in a row. They lost 60% of its revenue, which is a lot. On Mon May 13 2019, i emailed WPLJ when i shared my WPLJ memories with them followed by saying, "I know that what i'm about to say won't change the situation you're facing, but please know that i'm sorry and i feel bad that everyone at WPLJ will lose their jobs. But i pray to God with all my might that everyone at WPLJ will be employed somewhere else sooner than later". That same day, WPLJ responded to my email saying, "Thank you so much for your kind words. It's listeners like you who kept us on the air for as long as we have. Have a great day. Take care". I still have their email to this day. In fact, it's saved in a special folder o i created appropriately called 95.5 WPLJ. The email i received from WPLJ is another memory i'll add to my WPLJ memory collection. 🙂 To 95.5. WPLJ, i say, thanks for the memories. 🙂 #Farewell

  8. It's just like when WPAZ Radio (1370 AM), Pottstown, Penna. went dark 1st time in December, 2009. I remember well listening to that sta. when on cold/windy December morning in 2009 it went dark 1st time

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