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Radioddity Baofeng UV-5RX3 Tri-band Handheld – Ham Radio Q&A

Radioddity Baofeng UV-5RX3 Tri-band Handheld – Ham Radio Q&A

today we’re gonna take a look at the
Baofeng UV-5Rx3 Triband handheld radio. Stay tuned for more. hi I’m MichaelKB9VBR your hosts for ham-radio Q&A I’m on a mission to inspire and educate
the image radio community so if this is your first time here please hit that
subscribe button today we’re at the Edgar gas and steam
engine show in central Wisconsin and when I’m at large events like this it’s
always good to have some radio communications with your party so that
you can split up or if you get separated you can get reconnected
but at large events sometimes can be hard to find a clear frequency so you
might want to consider using something such as the baofeng uv5 rx-3 this is a
tri-band HT it has two meters the 220 band and also seventy centimeters all in
one radio and what’s great about 220 is that not a whole lot of activity on it
so you’re almost guaranteed to have your own personal private frequency so let’s
take a little bit deeper look at the Baofeng UV-5rx3 tri-band d HT I’m a
bit of a 220 aficionado but decent 220 equipment can be hard to come by the one
point two five meter band has some unique properties blending the
propagation advantages of the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands so 220 radios
and repeater systems tend to have better range in coverage than similar VHF and
uhf systems with that said I was excited when radiodiity approached me to take
a look at their new handheld the baofeng UV-5RX3 the UV-5RX3 is a tri-band
radio with coverage on a 2 meter 70 centimeter and one point two five meter
or two twenty two megahertz band by all respects theUV-5RX3 is like any other
Baofeng UV-5R series radio it has a familiar case design although the radio
oddity version adds some snazzy trim but it has the standard list of features
in 128 channels dual watch function FM
broadcast radio reception CT CSS dcs tone burst and DTMF calling frequency
and channel scan 5 and 1 watts of transmit power box and of course a
tricolor display new to this radio is the tri-band function which includes
operation on the two amateur 2 meter 70 centimeter and one point two five meter
bands that’s great news for 220 lovers like myself but there is a bit of caveat
while the radio works on all three bands the stock antenna will not so ready
oddity includes a separate 220 antenna in the box and you’ll have to switch out
the dual band antenna for the 220 antenna if you want to work on that band
both of the antennas look quite similar so you need to look at the bottom to see
which band each antenna is for this is kind of goofy so I picked up the nagoya
NA-320A tri band antenna the nagoya is a great aftermarket antenna but at 17
and a half inches long it’s kind of unwieldly for this diminutive radio
what’s nice about radio out of these baofeng UV-5RX3 radio is that since it
has the same form factor and case as other Baofeng radios it’s compatible
with all the accessories such as the programming cable speaker mics earpieces
and high-capacity batteries that’s kind of nice because if you have multiple
Baofeng radios you can use the same charger saving space on the shelf
programming a radio is pretty easy you can download the UV-5RX3 programming
application from the radio oddity site or better yet use chirp to program the
radio I went the chirp route plugging in the radio reading the program file from
the radio and then cutting and pasting the frequency list from one of my other
radios into the UV-5RX3 with a couple of quick edits for the 220 band I was on
the air in no time and on the air controls are the same as
other buffing radios the buttons are in the same location an operation is
similar to every other model that’s good news if you’re used to a bough thing
this radio will feel comfortable in the hand so let’s get down to the good and the
bad the good is inclusion of the 1.25 222 megahertz band the 220 band needs
more operators on it and this radio makes getting on this band accessible
and affordable also good is compatibility with most other Baofeng
accessories batteries and chargers finally it’s great that the radio can be
programmed with chirp getting you on the air faster now for the bad. the radio
only has 128 channels this may not matter for most people but you can sure
fill up those channels fast if you live or travel in an urban area
and speaking of urban areas the radio is more susceptible to interference as it
uses direct RF sampling receive which lacks the filtering you’ll find in a
more conventional superheterodyne receiver but that’s a shortcoming with
all of these Chinese radios also you’re gonna need to swap antennas for the 220
band so final word on radio oddities Baofeng UV-5RX3 s that this is an
affordable radio and I’d recommend picking one up just so you can get on
the 220 band especially if you have a 220 repeater in your neighborhood as for
myself I’m gonna add this to my camping kit so I have a second radio when I
travel and with that having 220 is gonna be a bonus for me for more articles and
information be sure to check out my blog at if you enjoyed this video
give me a big thumbs up I really appreciate that and also don’t forget to
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notified on when you videos thanks for watching that Michael KB9VBR
have a great day and 73

40 comments on “Radioddity Baofeng UV-5RX3 Tri-band Handheld – Ham Radio Q&A

  1. Hey I got the RT3s I have not been able to run the programming software. it has locked up my PC 3x. I've tried different Sites to download the software from including Retevis site. the last time it locked up it took me 5+hours to get my system working. and I had backups of my system. I never had the problem with my Baofeng radios UV-5R I have 5 of them the newest is the UV-5Rv2+. I am tring to get it sent back but I am having a problem with Retevis support.

  2. It's time you did a video about APRS. I have a video how to do it on the cheap with a baofenf and a prepaid Walmart phone that's not hooked up for $10. Bucks. But my videos are very low quality and I think your viewers would really enjoy it with the time you take and put into your videos. 73

  3. Good to know, I've been looking at that radio. 220 is pretty active here in Arizona so I want to get on that Band.  73 Corey de N7STO

  4. I have one of these for review and mine does not have the etched ETEKCITY on the speaker cover, has that been customised by yourself or was that a third party provider putting their mark on the radio? As there is no 1.25m band in Australia I can't test the performance of that band without upsetting DTV broadcast! So obviously we won't be doing that! This is my first Baofeng radio and so far the testing I've done has been positive so I can't fault the radio from that standpoint. I also got the GA-5S for review and I have yet to put that through local testing…

  5. Hi Mike. Nice video. New to ham radio. Are there any mobile or base radios new or old which operate on 220 in ssb and fm repeater modes?

  6. I got three uv-5r.. Applied for ham license… Love it…. How can i use this for testing without licence for short time..

  7. Hi there its raymond yes it seems a nice radio l use a quansheng radio and it is a multi band radio and it works very well but there not as good as a lcom or motorola or a kenwood

  8. Nice review . You mention propagation advantages on the 222mhz band that I'm not familiar with. Could you give a quick example of distance (to a repeater) that you could hit with watts and compare that with a 2 meter repeater in your area? Or some other method of direct comparison. Thanks!

  9. Amazon has this for $49 with Prime. However R&L Electronics has it for $39.95 with free shipping in the U.S.

  10. If you want more analog noise and ker-chunks, get an AM CB radio. Or get some thing digital, that fights static ands noise, like the retevis RT-40 for example.

  11. I have a few 220 Mhz repeaters in my area and they are a linked system. so around hear dual VHF UHF way to go. I have 2 6 meter repeaters around hear linked also. same for the 900 mhz. from alinco DJ X11 . I find no one on 1296Mhz. closest repeater too far. I got the long antenna on my GT3-TP. great video . from the NYS fair the bands busy.

  12. YOU MIGHT ALSO CONSIDER GETTING A HAM LICENSE FIRST! Why do people think these radios are open to the general public?

  13. 4:35 That radio is scanning much faster than any of my Baofengs. Is that the actual scan speed or is this video altered? I love my many Baofeng/Anytone radios but they have all had two faults so far: Poor receive compared to Japanese radios and slooooow scan speed. The receiver is great for the money but faster scan would be fantastic.

  14. Would’ve preferred them to have made this radio in the 82 form factor. I have quite a bit of 220 equipment: Kenwood TH-D74A, Alinco DR-235, Bridgecom BCH-220, Two BTech UV-5X3’s, BTech 220 amp, and, of course, your fantastic 220 J-Pole that I purchased from you off eBay about a year ago. I also, obviously, really enjoy 1.25m. I run my AllStar node on 220. We have several 220 repeaters here, one interconnected with both a 2m and 70cm repeater. During nets, I always come in on the 1.25m side. It’s also very spectacular when you make a simplex contact on 223.500 (1.25m’s NCF). This radio has slightly intrigued me for several reasons:

    – I don’t want to always carry my (expensive!) Kenwood TH-D74A around. Especially when out boating. I’d rather have a cheap Baofeng go over accidentally then the Kenwood.

    – The BTech UV-5X3, while having more and exclusive features with its BTech branded firmware, as you know, is a little weak as far as power goes on 1.25m. Even with a decent 220 whip, sometimes when really out there it lacks some of the umpf to get into a repeater.

    – The Bridgecom BCH-220 does have more power, but I had audio issues with its built in mic. Audio reports were stating that my audio was on the low side, even after tweaking them with its CPS. However, I do get good audio reports when using my Otto V2-10030-S S/M, but who wants to always carry around a S/M? They are neat and fun at first, but become a nuisance after a while. Plus, the Otto would be $80 lost if it went over. (Excellent S/M, BTW.) Perhaps it’s just my particular BCH-220. I’ll take a closer look at it’s internal mic and see if there is any issue.

    So, enter this UV-5XR3. At just $40, seems like a good solution. It’s cheap enough that it’s no big loss if something were to happen. It has the power output on 1.25m, apparently 5W or slightly better even. Guess I’ll pick one up.

    It’s nice to see 220 picking up some steam. Great band. “Use it or lose it”. Would hate to see more of it sliced off as was done for UPS. With more users coming in, I wonder how many 220 repeaters that currently don’t even bother using a PL will start needing to use one.

    Thanks for the video and, again, thanks for the j-pole.

  15. Hello, nice review, the only thing I cant undersTand if it is DUAL band (full duplex rx simultaneous) or DUO band like my old (2014) UV5R . cheers IZ3QVB

  16. I waited awhile. I just got one which included a discount on the radio and included (3) accesories for FREE: A spare FTDI Programming Cable, A short tri-band antenna (2m-220-440) & a spare case specific for the uv-5rx3. The radio was going for $49.99. When the accesories & radio were included before the discount: $86.xx. After the discounts, FREE stuff & FREE shipping: $56.xx total. That Amazon offer is only valid til: 3/31/2019. I already have a BTECH UV-5×3 from a few years ago. So, likely similar experience with this newer one.

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