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Radiologic Science Technology at COTC

Radiologic Science Technology at COTC

I’m Rachel and this is my COTC I work at Berger health system in
Circleville Ohio in the main hospital I’m the radiographer there I get to do CT flouro surgery and x-ray The rad tech program at COTC set me up to be A great professional at the hospital that I
work in I feel like all the challenges That come my way I’m prepared to meet those and tackle those Best aspect of the rad tech program at COTC
has to be the professors that they have They’re very interested in their students
They’re advocates for the field And that’s very important They’re great role models and they’re people that I aspire to be The program at COTC gave me the
opportunity to Think outside the box and apply the
things that I learn in school To different situations

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  1. That's me laying on the table and then standing with the hat on. I love this program and my classmates. Can't wait to graduate and start my career!

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