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Radiologic Technology

Radiologic Technology

[ Music ] My name is Long Tran. I’m in the radiology technology program. It really started clicking that, you know what? I could see myself doing this for a while
when I started doing my clinical hours. Just bringing a smile to a person’s face. When you see that they’ve been down, and
they’ve been going through it, it’s like, okay, that was pretty cool, and
that’s when it clicked for me. It was like okay I could see
myself being a technologist. They require you to do a minimum of so many
hours of observation before applying just so that you know what you’re
getting yourself into. When we graduate, we’re just doing straight
diagnostic, but there’s also advanced modalities that you can get into like CT, MRI, where you
have to go back to school and do some classes, but this program kind of sets you up for that. And during your clinical rotations,
you’ll get to see those things and find out what else you can be interested in. When you go out to your clinicals,
it’s kind of like a two-year interview. People get to see how you work and you see
how you fit in with different technologists. So with all of that, you get a broad view of
what you can expect in the workforce and then after that, after school, you can
just apply and see where you go. You have to be very organized in this program
which is something I’ve learned the hard way because you have to retain everything. It’s not like other classes where you
can take the class and then maybe use it down the line or maybe you won’t. In this program, you use everything so the
more organized you are, the better off you are, and the better prepared you are
at the end for your national exam. I want to go to the community
college now because in the hospital, there’s people that went to private schools,
and I feel like I got just as much education as they did except for I don’t have big loans to
pay back now, and I feel like I’m just as good and just as ready for the workforce as they are. [ Music ]

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