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Radiologists Miss the Gorilla on the Screen

Radiologists Miss the Gorilla on the Screen

david packard sheth had david packard
dot com had never heard of the invisible guerrilla studied this is where uh…
subjects are suppose showed a video of two teams of kids once he wears white
the other team wears black they’re passing to basketball’s back and
forth between players as they dodge and weave around each other before it starts
viewers are told you have to do one thing here count how
many times the players wearing white pass the ball to each other this isn’t really that easy because
people are moving all around you really need to focus to do and about thirty
seconds into the video a man wearing a gorilla suit walks onto
the screen right in the middle of the circle of kids stops in the middle look
straight ahead beats his chest and then casually strolls off the screen when people afterwards or asked did you
see the guerilla fifty percent of people never noticed that a guy in a guerilla
sue walked out beat is just cuz they were too busy
concentrating on what they stock really was the point of the study well i for her to fascinating piece on
npr which talked about traffic andrews inattention researcher at harvard
medical school visiting these kind of cave lake there
called the reading rooms a radiologist do their work m_r_i_s cat-scans x_-rays and they’re
they’re looking for a very specific things illnesses uh… bridges writing up reports based
on different studies that are done and drew wanted to understand more about
how do radiologist sometimes fail to see important things and he decided to show about the date but the way you put
this together with the with the best way to explain it he said i want you to look on this image
which i’m about to put up for you for cancer you’re looking for cancer in
the ones you looking for cancer is not jewels in the lungs let’s put up the
picture that was used in this study now as you can see here at quick glance
you might say oh that’s interesting it’s lines what you may notice upon further
inspection is that on the right side aunt out saying this for people who are
watching there is a van energy of a guerilla superimposed onto this now it
is dark and it is over the darker part of the uh… of of the image but but but significant number eighty
three percent of radiologist did not notice that the gorilla this really is a study about what we’re
focused on right and what one radiologist said is listen the gorilla in this image is black and as a radiologist black things in
line is usually have no significance cancer is white pneumonia is white acute disease everything but collapsed
lungs it’s white so a collapsed lung is in this location
and it’s not like so really it was missed it but at the same time it’s not the type of thing that has any
clinical significance what do you think of that explanation
what do you think of the study i think uh… i mean i here considering what people do focus on the
back think it is a reasonable explanation for rite aid
myths that or why more than eight out of ten did not see that there was a
guerilla in this thing but at the same time i mean shouldn’t you be scouring every pixel
this image uh… i mean by i don’t like the sound of that i
would much rather go to the today uh… two guys who who side i think
that’s on an interesting way the two out of ten separate an interesting
additional way that this could have been tested is to actually shows some people
images that they had to show images that do you
have some cancers na jules and see if there’s a correlation between the
radiologist who miss the guerilla and those who missed the cancer’s not jewels i mean i think it’s a pretty normal
thing it’s being confirmed in a lot of studies that people’s attention was
focused on one thing when they’re given instructions they
tender just ignore everything else there is a study done where people were in a
driving simulator and they were told uh… pay very close attention to the
other cars on the simulated road and uh… not run them over and not
touch them at all at the end of the death of people if they saw anything
strange and then they iran it back and they saw that they have run over a bunch
of motorcycle right because they were told that motorcycles were something
they were source to focus on right so this really brings up another issue
which is when we when we do most of these tests
in most cases the radiologist already knows what diagnosis is looking to be
confirmed or or ruled out and i wonder weather on the long-term
it’s more beneficial overall for the health of the patients to have a
radiologist going with a completely open mind and just analyze what they see
without any prejudice about specifically what condition is being looked for or
not and uh… dot i would be interested in seeing some studies on that too that’s very hard to train your brain to
do that but i’ve basically when it comes to anything right by me no matter what you’re
looking at there’s usually usually some form of prejudice all this gets us back
to the checklist manifesto i forget than the day many uh… author who wrote the
check was manifest of the same doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it if you have a checklist is to say when
we are looking at once this is the order and this is the
process of what we go through that it’s useful even for the most experienced
radiologist i would be a son something a look at all so indeed

34 comments on “Radiologists Miss the Gorilla on the Screen

  1. before you interpret too much, watch this: watch?v=v3iPrBrGSJM , the video is called "Colour Changing Card Trick" , uploaded by quirkology.

    just watch it, and tell me your result. dont spoil it, just tell me if you were fooled or not or partially fooled. This will be fun ^^

  2. Evolution is a lie, straight from the pit of hell.

    Folks, the NWO is planning a Christian genocide. Jesus stay with us in these difficult times.

  3. sooooo many tricks are being done based on it.

    for example: a guy asks you on the street how to get from here to there and gives you a map. Two rude guys carrying a big door or a big framed painting pass between you and the guy that gave you the map. conversation continues, you give back the map and your instructions on where to go. People fail to notice when the person got switched as the line of sight was broken, even if its a skin color change or 30 year age change or a gender change.

  4. Why are you quoting irrelevant bible passages? If people want to be preached to they'll take a time machine back to 1820 when people were still too uneducated to know better.

  5. People don't see things that are there.
    People remember things that never happened. (q.v.)

    No wonder the world is so f'd up.

  6. It wasn't a matter of reporting or not reporting it. They were asked if they noticed it at all, and 83% of radiologists hadn't even noticed it at all.

  7. Vision, attention, and visual memory do not operate like a video camera, which seems to be the way many try to conceptualize it.

    Your brain focuses on what the individual considers to be the most important aspects, and what you perceive and what is remembered varies depending on attention and emotional state.

    A video camera just records what it is in front of the lens, including all the irrelevant stuff like the color of the buttons on David's shirt.

  8. I dont think the study was about a one picture. I think it was a whole CT scan of the chest with close to a 100 pictures that had the gorilla appearing in 5 of them. To any radiologist that one picture would be easy to spot it, but as you scroll through the imaging, its much harder if the gorilla just pops up in one spot.

  9. You know this how? Lawful obligation? In all states? Board certified or including 3rd yr residents? Is failure to act a crime?

  10. There is brain functioning at a subconscious level that guides you to perform what is important before you even have time to think about it. Radiologist repetitively do what they do to such an extent that much of the decision making process occurs on a subconscious level. All the minutia of every image may not be consciously recognized or recalled because the subconscious has already processed most of the information as clinically irrelevant.

  11. Swinganamiss. My criticism is that you not only assert that radiologists have a duty to report "all finding, including anomalies" but your leap that failure to do so is a crime. I just want to know how you know this. (Hint: it's a fallacy; a hasty generalization) On a practical level, in the overwhelming number of cases, the doc's looking for a tumor / cancer. They're not requested or paid to go out of the scope of the assignment / referral. Plus, they're not acting as a licencee in the "test.".

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