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Radiology Cafe mock anatomy exam tutorial

Radiology Cafe mock anatomy exam tutorial

Free mock anatomy exams by Radiology Cafe here’s how to access them click on the ‘SpR trainees’ menu and then click ‘mock anatomy exams’ This will take you to the mock anatomy exam page where if you’re a member you can just log in but if not, simply create a new Radiology Cafe account it’s free! Fill in the form and click register Now as I already have an account i’m gonna go back to the previous page and use my details to login Once you’ve logged in, scroll down to see the list of mock exams they’re colour coded to help you remember which ones you’ve done and we’re going to look at mock exam 1 The question booklet for the mock exam can be downloaded by clicking the link just above the image Click on the left and right arrows to go through the images, and if you want to make it full screen (which i think is the best way to view them) click the full screen button in the top right corner This makes the images much clearer To exit full screen mode click the top right button again to return to where you were before The answers are found below the images click on the drop-down they’re all listed there That ends our quick overview of using the mock anatomy exams at Radiology Cafe!

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