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Radiology in the cloud: Mnes has gone Google.

Radiology in the cloud: Mnes has gone Google.

The most advanced medical devices like CT and MRI have already been installed in many hospitals. However, there aren’t so many radiographic interpreters who can make a diagnosis with these instruments. We believe teleradiology through Google Cloud technology would help save more patients. [Naoyuki Kitamura, CEO at MNES]
Now that we can equip a bus with a CT-scanner, we can get around to take care of patients who need our help. We can instantly upload their X-ray images onto our cloud space. Our current system allows radiologists to work from home, so the specialists can start diagnosing the images immediately. Usually, it takes from a few days up to one week for the patients to get their diagnostics results. But this system enables them to get the results within one hour or so. We believe this is very helpful in terms of community health care. If a system like ours is going to be developed further in the future, it would enable us to transfer CT scan data internationally as well as domestically, and to use that data for diagnoses. Google has data centers abroad, and now, we’ve been working with Google to develop our system with Google Cloud Platform. Personally, I believe medical services will change significantly in the future. Technology can help us take the first step toward there. I believe this is meaningful progress. MNES has gone Google.

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  1. Japan faces a critical shortage of radiologists. Together with @Google Cloud Platform, Medical Network System Inc. is helping people get accurate and faster diagnoses. Learn how they’re using the Cloud to bring radiology equipment to patients, rather than waiting for them to go to hospitals.

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