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Radiology – Wilmington NC – Wilmington Health – Radiology and Imagery

Radiology – Wilmington NC – Wilmington Health – Radiology and Imagery

I’m a radiologist I’m helping build a radiology
practice, Wilmington Health has already provided the equipment and all are state-of-the-art
and I must say they have kept up with that technology throughout the years so I was pleasantly
happy to see the kind of equipment they have. We do all the diagnostic radiology procedures
that could be done elsewhere and that includes screening such as for mammography screening,
screening coronary artery and lung cancer. We also intend to provide an additional radiologic
guided treatment. They’re really most common thing that we deal
with on a daily basis is screening mammography we look at the exam and if we find any questionable
area in the breast we informed the position of our finding the referring physician. We do additional diagnostic images to examine
that area of interest in particular and if we have any suspicion, we proceed to perform
a procedure of biopsy and during all time we keeping in communication with definition
and then if the exam is past for malignancy we refer the patient to one of our breast
surgeons and during the entire time the patient receiving treatment we will all work together
as a team. Our goal is in the radiology department like
the rest of the connect to keep up with the latest technology so we are certain that we
can offer our patients the highest quality of care
The fact is a rather a small group of physicians we all know each other on a personal level
and we are continuously about all of the patients. My role is to help them provide or diagnose
the disease that the patients suffer from and helping this way to provide the appropriate
treatment and hopefully cure The clinic has a robust state-of-the-art system
in terms of reporting findings all our radiology reports the minute I finish providing the
reports it will be available instantaneously to any clinicians inside organization and
outside to view the report and in addition a copy of the report will go to the file of
the ordering physician, this way they will have access to the diagnostic reports very
quickly. Wilmington Health kept up with the technology
related to radiology very well we are in the process of what we’re not stopping here but
we’re moving forward and we’re acquiring the latest technology and breast health which
is a 3d mammography called Tomosynthesis this will enable us to detect more cancer and also
less recalls meaning less diagnostic workup for their patient which is save the money
and also more importantly less anxiety.

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