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referendum // poem1

referendum // poem1

how bout referENDus? a nation so divided, so short-sighted, so
one sided the leave campaign was guided
by misconstrued facts seemingly recited over and over and over again by men who initially
seemed pretty excited to watch the world burn provided
that they hadn’t been the ones who relighted the simmering pot of hatred that we had sighted
boiling on further shores disunited by that dude with orange skin and orange hair, invited
by the poor punishing polices of previous governments now delighted
that their austerity was so far-sighted, and that the poor and people of colour would
now be tightened by the fear and slurs of hatred that had ripened
like an overweight avocado oozing uninvited parasites triumphant on their legitimatised
defiance against the “economic migrants” totally unbiased and
democratically licensed, in an arena where the truth would be silenced, 
summarised as project fear, designed to minimise GREAT BRITAIN
and all that it symbolised because one of the strongest global economies
would not circumcised and the woes of a recession were highly dramatised
and the people of britain had too long been agonised
by the hordes of people who had come to colonise this little island, by taking jobs and GP
appointments leaving them paralysed, and unsympathised
by a tory government obsessed with mechanised spending cuts for the poor and tax cuts for
the rich, a government for the urbanised
and clearly not for the country-side, so it was time to take back control and make
things equalised and who better to lead the war than conservatives
who had so far comfortably capitalised from the austerity placed on a public too
weary to realise that the £350million was a nice
big number that could be romanticised as the saviour of the NHS 
and side note, that immigrants could now be commercialised as thieving scum to further terrorise
the Brexiters that a vote for remain would only jeopardise
the future of our country so lets make britain great again,
we might have to make britain hate again, probably also lets not try to tolerate again
nor should we hesitate to join or stop those who participate
in the slurs and chants designed to humiliate, no lets not emancipate ourselves from the
business of racism, lets not profit from a media that manipulates
our closet fears and lets not demonstrate that we know better than to discriminate 
between you and I and him and her, no lets not communicate with reason,
nor accommodate cohesion because right now hatred can’t be beaten,
and nationalism only deepens, and our faith in humanity further weakens.

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  1. Wow you're so talented. My dog died recently and I was finding it really hard to cope but listening to your heartfelt words about the brexit referendum gave me the strength to put on a brave face and come out into the world again. Thank you for making this video and I really hope you'll make some more soon

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