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Reproduction Speccy Case – ZX Spectrum 48K

Hello everybody, I’m Adam from the iNimbleSloth Channel [BabySloth] And I’m BabySloth. And today I’ve got this thing that we’re going to open.
[BabySoth] Yes. And it’s to do with a ZX Spectrum. So let’s find the best way or the best place to insert this knife. I’m thinking here…
[BabySloth] Where the tape is . Where the tape is, very clever. And it looks like I did cut it.
[BabySloth] I think you need to do the sides. I do need to do the sides, which side should I do? here down here I think doing down here
as well what’s going to be in healing baby saw you might have an inkling you might have the slightest idea right
and y-yeah there you go and some tape let’s get the knife and again slice okay
oh this feels good box and go to the side oh wow that is
very look so this this is gonna be stuck down over the top of that
thank you your hat you have to put it together here because we’ve got to put
the computer on the inside and then this is the keyboard so in here look it it’s
yeah Wow then we’ve got the membrane there’s the buttons yeah and then inside
here do we have two already it’s already got
two screwing what we could do is we could bear with me one moment covered nests and I don’t have the
correct side to hand but I do have this that will fit in okay yep there will be
ideally okay so this look will pop into the circuit
board to go into the circuit is what I’m going to be making so this is from said
ex Renu you’ll have to watch my video hope we’ve got the feet in the script
together where don’t get the parts from you’ll have to look at the link below in
the description just like the show this is just the show correct so you’ve got
the bottom of the case which they said expect from board we’ll go on into this
will then be plugged into that board and then this will sit on the top okay and
then this will go on top of there look at this orange I’ve never had one of
these orange so we’ll be able to load some games book and play so that’s this
video over it’s just a quick introduction into this Sinclairs that
expect from a replacement case in orange yes there was other colors there was
blue green black white I fancied orange one thing I will say I am going for I
remember the make of that so the name of the big stuff again I can’t remember the
name of the board I’m going for but it does have an extra an extra connection
here so on the original said X spectrum you’ve got video out and your audios for
your tape recorder yeah and you’ve got your power supply this board that I’m
going to be building has also got in here and RGB output so I’m gonna have to
measure up and drill a hole through there yeah so yeah this is pretty much
the end of this video isn’t do come back watch the building of the board and then
watch the plane here the cat meowing she wants to be in the video again meow she
goes thank you very much for watching take
care see you soon bye oh oh oh wow nice look at this oh you use the arrow so
yeah I found this rather challenging when I play any other any keep stop get
ready to go well how do we uh down but no they’re coming they’re always super
faster super

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