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Restoring Vintage Radios and Music Equipment : Examples of Vintage Transistor Radios

Restoring Vintage Radios and Music Equipment : Examples of Vintage Transistor Radios

Hi I’m Larin Parker for Expert Village and
here I have a couple of examples of vintage electronics. Starting over here we have a
somewhat classic Magnavox transistor radio that I’ve picked up. This is special because
it’s a shortwave receiver as well as a broadcast band receiver. Shortwave receivers before
there was the Internet this was a way of hearing broadcasts from around the world. Sometimes
when I turn this radio on I can hear things from China, I’ve gotten transmissions from
New Zealand, all the way from those faraway places here to Los Angeles in the United States.
It’s really quite neat but often you’ll find them in Antique stores, you’ll find them in
thrift stores and their not quite going to be in the best of shape and they need a little
bit of work to come to life. This one I’ve fixed up just a little bit. Here we probably
have a Spanish language station coming in on. This is the seventeen meter band. Perhaps
from Mexico I don’t know, I’d have to wait and see. Also I have this, I’m very proud
of this, this is probably going back to the fifties or sixties, this is a Chinese Red
Army telegraph machine, a field telegraph. It has that classic tone it also can kind
of adjust its frequencies a little bit. For telegraph operators that was important because
sometimes they need to adjust the tone a bit if there were multiple transmissions going
on, on the same line. This one I had to fix up because originally it was powered by military
batteries. It had one forty five volt battery and one, one point five volt battery. The
one point five volt battery would be D cell, but the forty five volt batteries we don’t
even find anymore. When you can find them they are about ninety dollars. The solution
for this problem of getting this guy started was to create a power supply for it that could
provide forty five volts, and one point five volts in the right way. This is actually a
kit from antique electronics supply. I’ll show you how to get some of these things going
and how to take care of the stuff that you already have with some of the tips coming
up in this segment. Thank you

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  1. 45 volts can also be pulled off by putting 5 9-volt batteries in a series.

    I have developed a method of calculating voltage. I have also realized that many commonly used voltages are in multiples of 1.5 or 2, with the common exception of 5 volts which is used for USB and other computer-related equipment.

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