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Retevis RT24 PMR Radio Review & Range Test

Today guys for you I have the unboxing
and review of the Retevis RT24 Plus so why don’t I just take this out of the
box real quick and then I’m gonna show you some close-up shots because on my
channel I already reviewed like a previous version of this Retevis radio
that was kind of like similar to the Baofeng BF-888 I believe and since at least in
Europe the Retevis RT24 seems to be the how do you say that the model that
replaces the older version I want to see what exactly has changed so let me just
quickly take this out of the box all those out of this packaging and then I’m
gonna be right back and I’m gonna give you some close-up shots and I’m also
going to compare it against the predecessor the Retevis H777 and so guys
maybe you can see this here it comes in and very plain but still
somewhat stylish packaging and for all of you who don’t know I believe that
Retevis is like a trading company based out of Hong Kong if I’m
not mistaken and at least in Europe and in my case in Germany these seem to be
really popular because they have like a little bit better support apparently
then the Baofeng company so let’s have a look inside and I’m really curious to
see if there is any difference because one of the major things that we had I
believe in Europe was that predecessor the Retevis H777 I believe was at
least in the case of Germany not compliant with the local laws and
regulations and I’ve seen cases where people when they bought the predecessor
the predecessor was marketed on Amazon as a walkie talkie and people thought oh
my god it’s a walkie talkie I can just buy it and use it but when they actually
were using it it was programmed on some odd frequency that wouldn’t adhere to
the frequency plan and basically you would transmit illegally on some weird
frequency we’re not where you’re not supposed to
transmit and potentially risk fines and yeah from all I can see a online I think
the Retevis has figured this out eventually and now made these new radios
compliant so they should really be on the PMR frequencies and one thing at
least in case of the law in Germany is that the antenna has to be fixed so as
you can see here the previous model the antenna was removable with this model
it’s not removable so what I did for you guys I just quickly grabbed the
predecessor this was the predecessor where you can also find a review on my
channel and obviously the predecessor you can easily remove the antenna for
example take the stock antenna and replace it against like a slightly
larger one but in that case at least in the case of Germany that is legally not
allowed if you’re using PMR frequencies so they must have really attached this
here permanently with some kind of pin and secondly maybe you can see here it
seems to they also have reduced the output power to be compliant with the
local laws so what you maybe want to do if you’re located in the US or elsewhere
maybe check with your country specifically specific regulation of
using these radios always be sure not to buy radios and transmit on frequencies
you’re not allowed to transmit because you potentially could risk fines having
said that it appears that the new radio was like a little bit bigger I like to
design and it’s a little bit flatter and the front we’re here the old one had
like a little bit of a bulge going on but I’m sure you have seen these these
previous models somewhere so let’s check check the battery and it appears the new
model here has like a little bit of a reduced battery size while the old one
had a little bit larger battery size of 1500 milliamp hours versus 1100 milliamp hours
but I think it makes sense because if they have a reduced transmit
transmission power of 0.5 then maybe they they should use less energy
wow that was really loud insanely loud so yeah I’m pretty pretty curious to see
how these perform and another difference is that RT24 has a USB
charger as opposed to the Retevis H777 where the charger came with the power
plug with the wall plug for your specific country and one criticism that
I heared about the the previous model was that obviously this plugs into the wall
and there is like a in case of Germany 220
excuse me 240 volts and as you can see the wire is pretty thin so there was
like a criticism oh my god what happens if this wire gets squeezed or breaks then
you are exposed to the to the electricity more easily and I believe
these wires they have certain standards and legally and for safety reasons maybe
they should have used a little bit thicker wire to have a more protection
going on and obviously the art the Retevis RT24 won’t suffer from that
because guys it is just a USB cord so no harm done so I think that saved them some
cost and also made it safer to use for the average user and I think ham radio
operators honestly I don’t think there are that many if I listen to the local
repeater they’re not that many young people who use ham radio anymore because
everybody runs around with a cellphone but like a simple walkie talkie or PMR
radio that’s probably easier to sell to the masses than having something that
it’s a very very specific where you have to take an exam to be able to legally
transmit on the amateur radio band frequencies and yeah this is the new
headset I think the headset looks way more
massive and improved as opposed to the old version that’s the headset that came
of the old version it looks so not as solid and quality so I think while they
maybe cut some cost at the battery made the battery smaller they
gave you a little bit back with I mean like this I think it has a nicer feel
than the predecessor in the hand and if you think about it for a lot of people they
maybe just to want to use this in and around the house so the lower
transmission power it’s probably not going to do much harm and even if you
use the predecessor with a bigger antenna which you are not supposed to do
I’m not exactly sure what the transmission power was on those I’m
guessing twice as much or maybe three times as much but still your range is
still somewhat limited so in any case these radios are if you’re looking for
something that has a huge range like what you can get kilometer after
kilometer after kilometer you probably should really look at getting the
amateur radio license and get a professional radio maybe like the Wouxun
on or something like this that that way you can get further and also you can use
the repeater and like I said in the beginning the troubling thing was that
people bought the the predecessor version predecessor version on Amazon and then
just gave it to their kid and they would transmit on some weird frequencies now
that this is solved I’m pretty convinced the Retevis sales at least in Germany are
going are going to go through the roof and I’m really curious to see how these
radios perform so guys what I’m just gonna do before I keep on talking
talking talking I’m just plugging this into the USB charger charge them up and
see whether they programmed on the right frequencies and what kind of range I’m
about getting out of those so let’s do this right now so guys we’re jumping now
to part two in this product review and it’s testing the range and performance
of these Retevis radios and as you can see here I placed the two radios here
and I pulled out of my pull out two of these USB chargers and I’m just gonna
put them in here that’s like the only downside through this change to these
USB chargers you need these USB power supplies otherwise you
can cannot charge them so let’s quickly plug this in and I’m gonna flip on the
power and then put these two into the charging dock that should take a moment
to charge and then once it’s charged up I’m just going to go outside and do a
little bit of a range test okay this one was not properly seated and I hope you
can see this here there are some kind of guide rails or something where where you
have to slide it in so that it’s properly seated and then once it’s
charged the LED will turn from red to green guys so far I really like the
build quality of this Retevis RT24 a little bit better than the predecessor
the Retevis H777 because I feel they’re like a little bit bigger and
have a little bit nicer build quality so the real downside of those will
probably will be in comparison to range so guys basically what I’m gonna do is
I’m just gonna grab coffee or tea or something let them charge up and then
I’m gonna head outside and my thinking is I’m going to have like some distance
points where I’m just gonna go to some set distances and measure the
performance and then I’m just putting the camera on one of these radios and with
the other radio I’m gonna go out and then you can see how the reception is
while I’m going further and further away so that’s just gonna take a while to
charge and I’m gonna be back in a second with the distance test test number one
about 420 feet should work without any problems distance test number two about
790 feet should work flawlessly test point three about 1250 feet test point three
about 1250 feet test point number four about 1540 feet test point number four about 1540
feet so guys this should be test point number five about 2000 feet in
distance test point number five about 2000 feet in distance test point number
six about 2300 feet test point number six about 2300 feet and I’m gonna stop it
here I think that should be fine if you still hear anything so guys this concludes
the review of the Retevis RT24 two way radios and as you have seen the
performance is not that bad I mean considering the price point those very
affordable radios and basically all the way true until the last point the
measuring point number six where I was about 2300 feet away the
performance was pretty good granted at the last point it deteriorates somewhat
but that was probably partially due to the fact that the signal had to cut
through quite a bit bit of trees and vegetation and at the last measuring
point I was also very close to a power line and some cell phone towers so that
might have interfere a little bit with the signal quality personally I think if
you’re somewhere in the countryside with some open pasture or something you can
get a probably significantly more distance on the flip side of that if
you’re somewhere in the city center where there’s like a lot of concrete
buildings that might even deteriorate negatively affect your your signal
distance so with that my conclusion is that for in and around the house those
are really really nicely nice radios you can give those to your family or kids or
something to play with or use them yourself
it’s a really nice thing to have around I’m enjoying them very much especially
because of the build quality I don’t mind that they don’t have that
tremendous distance if you consider they’re not really designed and I think
they’re not meant to have the big distance because I think they’re like
eight channels or eight frequencies or something that are for this
PMR frequencies so if everybody would have like this huge range and you’re
somewhere in the city then you would hear the guy from the other part of town
constantly and the channels would clog up well fairly quickly as opposed to if
you have only a small range a lot of people can use the same frequencies
without interfering with each other because the range is just not that big
so if you on the other hand want something that has really this huge
range maybe you should consider stepping it up a bit and maybe get like Baofeng
GT3 only thing to consider is because this essentially has maybe I can zoom in
for a little bit here it has like five watts of power so that’s ten times the
power of one of these small radios I think they just have half a watt but
hey guys it’s like I showed you for most people that’s totally sufficient people
don’t necessarily always have like these huge distance if you if you go hiking
and you’re close together that that’ll still work and the main benefit
obviously obviously is you don’t need a license for these smaller ones for the
bigger ones that have the high output power and operate in different frequency
bands it’s a different story because with that added power and that added
frequency range comes the responsibility of having to take the ham radio test
the exam to get a license and your callsign but hey guys I digress so I
showed you everything that’s to know about these radios I see you in the next video
and maybe also check out the video about my Baofeng GT3 that was one of my
earlier videos maybe this video is better than the one of the GT3 but in
any case I see you as a subscriber on my channel all the best to you take care!
And yeah guys like I said there are a lot more useful videos
on my channel for example how to buy a used Mac Pro on eBay and upgrade them to
be a really super fast machine for 2018 and for this you can find a six-part
tutorial series on my channel and yeah guys surprisingly more my people have
already subscribed to my youtube channel because of the useful content that I
provide and you can subscribe now as well and I see you in the next video
take care

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