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Reva and Mario Discuss Their Relationship | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Reva and Mario Discuss Their Relationship | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Mario and Reva, you– y’all got some explaining to do. So when did this happen? Mario and I wasn’t
talking after the show. We were not talking. Like, I wasn’t
checking for Mario– No communication or nothing? There was no communication. Mario said that he couldn’t
stop thinking about me. He felt like– that his
connection was with me. And he tried, he said. He was like I tried
to work it out. You know, with time it’s just–
there’s just too much there. We still fight. We have arguments over you. If I like your picture,
she got a problem with it. Like, he was like
it’s just too much. And I can’t do this no more. And he called. He told me how he felt one time. And he invited me over, and we
were like inseparable since. When did he invite you over? That, don’t worry about it. Oh, when you were with me? Because we only been broken
up not even two weeks. Mario. How long after you
broke up with Tondy did you reach out to Reva? Maybe a couple of days after? A couple days after, yeah. Because like I
say, she was– she was always embedded in my mind. I mean, when she
left the journey– So you were struggling
from the day she left. Yeah, yeah. My thing is Mario,
you could have been man enough to say that. I’m telling you now. Wow. All right, I’ll
let you have that. Y’all go on your
sloppy second way. [LAUGHTER] We will. Wow. Mario, you and Tondy, y’all
went on the trip together? We went to Puerto Rico. – Have y’all gone on a trip.
– Of course, yeah. Where y’all go? Went to Mexico, Cancun. HOST: Y’all went to Mexico?
– Yeah. Did Mario pay for that. Yes. He ain’t been cheap with me. I don’t know. I don’t see– I don’t
get that, Mario. How was y’alls trip? It was amazing. You think that’s really
hot, what you’re doing? First of all, I’m not trying– You really– I’m
asking you a question. You think that’s hot?
– I don’t think it’s hot. I’m not trying to be hot.
– We just broke up– I’m not trying to be hot. You’re going on
trips with somebody? I’m not trying to be hot. I’m not trying to be hot.
I sit– If your heart was still
there, you should have just went there form the get go. We were going to try our
journey after the ready to love journey. And our journey ended. It didn’t work. I feel like you
wasted my time. If you said your
heart was somewhere, and you already going
on trips with somebody, I mean it’s been
there for a while. You and I was
already broken up, when me and her took a trip. We were just not
even two weeks. It don’t matter if we
broke up five minutes, we weren’t together. [LAUGHTER] We weren’t together. Tondy didn’t deserve that. She don’t deserve that. MARIO: You know– You need to have more
respect for me than that. You need to have more
respect for me then that. Tondy, I know this
got to be tough for you. So here’s what I want. Whatever you want to say, I want
you to say your final piece. I just want to say
that the journey itself has taught me a whole lot. When you’re in a relationship,
and you’re grown people, communication is key. And if you can’t tell me
exactly what’s going on, that mean it’s wrong.
– Mario– REVA: She finally
got what she wanted. She’s always trying
to get what I got. TONDY: No, here’s the thing.
I don’t owe you [BLEEP]. Let’s just be clear. I didn’t say you
did owe me anything. TONDY: I don’t owe you nothing. I came on this
journey for a reason. I didn’t say you
owe me anything. And if you think that’s
winning, that a man doesn’t respect the woman that
he was with to tell him what he’s doing.
TONDY: Hold on. Then you won. You can have that. Because the way you get him
is the way you lose him. Yes. This is a journey
about love, baby. It ain’t no– Shut that journey [BLEEP] up.

100 comments on “Reva and Mario Discuss Their Relationship | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. They been messing around Reva an Mario is a joke and Tommy jus sat and didn’t say anything…. he knew that was wrong period foh

  2. Yes Mario did Tondy wrong but I just can't feel sorry for Tondy because she's an attention seeker and is the loudest woman in the room.
    She talked bad about Reva throughout the whole show now she's looking foolish. Hell all 3 of them are!

  3. Mario was feeling Reva and wanted her to compete with Tondi whom was so willingly to give him to much of her too soon. Men like a certain attention and this was a competition to him. Tondi treated it as a competition based on liked pictures in the past. Many women like Tondi choose men based on their vanity of I'm better than the other girl and they get the man they never thought they knew.

  4. If Reva thinks the way Mario handled the situation was respectful to women, she is delusional. Reva seemed more thirsty and revengeful toward Tondy than actually interested in Mario. As a woman Reva should have demanded Mario tell Tondy the truth before the show aired on national television. They both had an agenda to embarrass and humiliate Tondy on national television. Neither party owed Tondy anything, but we are talking about respect . This shows Mario is immature and has no respect or empathy for any woman. It shows Reva as a spiteful, bitter and thirsty. Reva snapping her fingers as if she won a prize is childish and disrespectful. Both Mario and Reva will reap what they sow. Now Mario is on Instagram begging for forgiveness from Tondy. Mario is narcissistic, petty and immature. Tondy is better off without Mario. Tondy is raising one child. She doesn't need to raise a grown man too. Mario has a daughter. What message is Mario sending to his daughter regarding a man respecting a woman? Men like Mario mess it up for so many good men out there. What a complete jackass

  5. Tondi is H U R T.
    After all, for her Reva wasnt a strong competition !! 😂😂😂 too confident too soon about a man who wasnt able to let a woman he didnt feel go . I love this 😂😂

  6. To be factual, we do this in regular life all the time. We break up with people and we move on. It's not like the dated for years so how hard could it have been to move on. Also in the context of how they met and dated, I don't see the issue.

  7. I really think Mario wanted Reva…the messiness between Tondy and Reva caused Reva to back out….Tondy wanted Mario and was willing to go back and forth with Reva and Reva was not having it….Mario and Tondy was not a match for him….so he went after the woman he really wanted…..London is a liar he really wanted Alexis…Devyne was his back up she made it clear she wanted London from the beginning…Alexis had several men after her…Kerry…London…Jimmie…and then Brent…she is younger no children…and cute….Devyne is fooling herself…she was London second choice and may have to deal with this again because I think he will keep looking….Brent is Alexis second choice also….he need to keep looking for someone that will choose him first….Her mind is still on London as well…She just have to continue to tell Devyne she only got London because she moved on to Brent…which i believe is true…and he did kiss her and tell her not to go to Brent….

  8. Anybody notice at the 2:19pm mark that Mario accused Tondy of doing stuff while they were together.

    He was mad about that Ginuwine concert because she went when he told her not to. She said they were already broken, and he told her he called Reva.

  9. Sceeezer, that's what mario is. Its hurtful and spiteful what he is doing and I would not be surprised if in a few weeks reeva suffers the same faith. She would deserve it though cause all she care about is tryna one up another female

  10. And why does the other woman always wanna start attacking the other woman you got the man you say you wanted so why act crazy with her.just chill out.

  11. Ladies hope you are taking notes. Dont be giving up your cookies to these men. It just gets cheaper and cheaper. Mario won because he ended up with 2 cookies 😜

  12. If there was any shadiness Reva and Mario will get what they deserve and if I was Reva I would not have been with him because I don't want to be second choice. It's really sad how desperate some women are

  13. But the show is Called Ready to Love . He just so happened to keep his faith in Reva . Who wants a Wild Girl Like Tondi anyway she was on another show prior to this 1 !! Where she was having problems in her Marriage. Tondi seems to Run Men away for some reason.

  14. Well being cheap with Tondy was all because he had to save his money to court Reva.

    Reva better watch out, because eventually he's going to start being cheap with her when he moves on to the next girl. Mixed Nuts Mario just living his 20 year old player lifestyle. "The same way you got him is the same way you going to loose him". Believe that !!

  15. Why he doesn't think Tondy should have a problem with him liking Reva pictures? His focus was supposed to be on Tondy not Reva. That should have been a red flag for Tondy. The way he went about it was all wrong. He didn't give him and Tondy a chance because out of his own mouth he said he was thinking about Reva the whole time. He should've chosen Reva from the beginning. He was being greedy and selfish. He wanted to sleep with Tondy and have a relationship with Reva. He played them both and got what he wanted.

  16. If they fired anyone between season 1 and 2 I need them to come back because I feel like I'm watching OWNs love and hip hop this season.

  17. This man is wayyyy to old for this..I'm only 23…. this isn't right… says in bible shall reap what you sow

  18. So y'all broke up less than two weeks and you already went to a trip with Reva to Mexico you ain't got that kind of money….he is full of …. been messing around from day say go…

  19. Neither of them deserve the energy! Tondy you WON girl!! 🙌🏾 Definitely dodged a bullet! Both their characters spoke loudly …it won't last! 🐍

  20. That’s so dirty and thirsty! Reva and Mario deserve each other sitting over there looking alike. Tondy said reva came for her man before in the past smh

  21. Question is their a time limit to how long you should wait to move on…….
    I knew they weren’t gonna last it looked fake to me

  22. So trifling. They both need to be slapped. It’s not the issue of him being confused. The problem is Tondy found out with with rest of the cast. Smh

  23. I can't understand how a man can be in a relationship with someone for almost 4 months and he have even stronger feelings for someone else. Mario shouldve just been honest from the jump. He shouldve left the show when Reva left.. if she's who he wanted. I hope it works for them, they deserve each other. Tondy won, she deserves a man that knows how to respect women in general and can match her energy

  24. When Reva didn’t want to say when they had started dating is proof Mario has been double dipping and reva was the side chick for a minute. That is why Mario did this whole dramatic show of letting the world know reva is his woman. That’s why he was so rude to Tondi the whole reunion. He made a promise to reva to show her that she is his woman and Tondy meant nothing to him. This was all for reva comfort. Because she was messing with him all this time knowing he was still dealing with tondy. She’s pathetic and so is he. Reva is clearly jealous of tondy or other women and uses the Backdoor method to get men. She’s always in competition with other women for men. She’s insecure that’s why she wears so much makeup. Sad.

  25. If Mario knew his connection was stronger with Reva why would he allow Tondi to meet his family his ex daughter…Mario wasted Tondi time he played games with her

  26. Mario reminds me of someone who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. If you heard what his family said when Tondy met them the red flags were there. One of the tell tale symptoms of this disorder is selfishness and controlling behavior which his family and ex mentioned. They also mentioned the “anger…the dark side” all red flags of (NPD) NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. It’s a real thing. Another sign of this disorder is the fact that people who suffer with it can’t be alone….they always have to have somebody and they jump from relationship to relationship….quickly without a second thought. And they become all “in love” real fast. Reva thinks she won but she’ll soon see Mario isn’t capable of loving anyone but himself. The only reason he’s not with Tondy is he couldn’t control her….so on to the next one. I say to both of these women….RUN LIKE HELL! People like Mario make everyone around them MISERABLE!

  27. How desperate are we as women to ignore how this dude IS moving? Reva said, "the best woman won!" Foolishly amazing!!! …..and remember what his ex and his family said about him. Tondy dodged a bullet! Reva, you in danger girl–with yo silly self!!!

  28. Mario is a fraudster.💯 I understand making different connections BUT if he felt so strong 💪🏾 about being with Reva he should’ve left when she left and not continued on the journey with Tondy👸🏾 I’m so disappointed in both of them 🛑

  29. As soon as he gets Reva where he wants her, he will turn and those narcissistic behaviors will be unleashed full force. Just wait and see.

  30. How are y’all not communicating but you said she was getting mad at him liking your pictures? So that means he was in some way keeping in touch with you. Who plans a trip together in less the 2 weeks of reconnecting with someone who knew but really didn’t know because you didn’t speak to each other since you left the show? Ok they they we are really stupid. A blind man can see straight through the bs of lies they were telling.

  31. Everyone is so upset
    .did yall want Mario to marry Tondy then divorce her for Reva. Be glad he told her when he did. I could tell he was in love with Reva. Mario and Reva enjoy your relationship and dont pay everybody else any attention

  32. Everybody on here is an angel . They dont do anything wrong. A bunch of hyproctits . Calling people trash. I applaud Mario for telling Tondy early he didnt want her

  33. Tondy keeps hollering about being broke up two weeks and he's already moved on. Yes that's what men do, we are the silly ones that hold our lives up thinking we might get back together. A man can be with a woman 10 years meet another woman and marry her within 6 months so all of this he owes her explanations and respect about his moves is ignorant. Shameful for a woman this old.

  34. Reva is a sad case… Mario just wanted more air time… And Tondi is a good one because I would have read TF out of that dead make-up wear chick and that Luigi looking dude….

  35. Is it just me? What did Tondy do to either Mario or Reva for this to happen on T.V. Mario doesn't even wear the cloth of shame (Like London did when he insisted he didnt kiss Alexis) Reva doesn't have an ounce of respect for Tondy because no way I KNEW you from some where and didnt have beef with you and got on T.V and took your man like this. No way.. there has to be something else between these women

  36. THIS foolishness. MARIO MARIO MARIO. You will soon be an "ExAssiciate" after she is board trying to hurt Tondy. He's so weak, tired, and petty. HOW you do things matter, and telling.

  37. Mario! Is a straight bitch….I'm so disappointed…not that he with Reba…but she should have got dropped out if he wasn't really into Tondya all the way

  38. You can't make a man want you, regardless of what HE SAID you need to believe WHAT HE DOES. He admitted Reva was in the back of his mind and maybe Tonda was too real for him or it wasn't as much fun as he thought Why get mad at HER? He should have been man enough to say something but he wasn't he saying it now. You don't want an after the fact man EVER, at that point the conversation would have ended with me, Tonda throwing shots at Reva like she was in the relationship "SLOPPY seconds" girl shut up and be happy for that 1st TO EXIT recognize your blessings. Let that be her headache and not yours. Reva feels like she has a better connection with dude, I would keep both eyes open on him if I was her and try to make it work. Black women WE can't afford to be each other's enemies WE ALL WE HAVE .

  39. What yall women aren't understand is my dude just wanted to smash Thandi and that's it ..and once he did he was out .I mean look at her thick fine and she dont look better than Reva and Thandi knew that dude wanted Reva dude cold with it now he smashed both and has an excuse for it hahahhahahahah

  40. He has a mean streak! She dodged a bullet
    Black men are abusing our queens on record amounts. He fits the negative stereotypes of black men disrespecting and mistreating blackwomen.

  41. Women like Reva make it hard for monogamous relationships to exist. She's comfortable being a mistress/side chick/ SECOND choice. She has zero values and morals and how she got him will be the same way she lose him. Tondy dodged a BULLET.

  42. Reva is a thirst bucket " pick me"and Mario is even thirstier dog, Tondy sis you deserve way better and those two deserve each other!!!

  43. I haven't seen a full episode of this show, so can someone please tell me what the big deal is about him deciding to date the other lady after he broke up with Tandy? If he's looking for love, why not cover all his bases? The lady he's with now bowed out gracefully while she was on the show, why can't Tandy do the same? What am I missing? Me personally, I would have congratulated both of them, kept it moving and waited til I got home to be salty. Nothing that a cocktail and blunt won't cure. Especially at her age, it's not her first rodeo. Seems like she just didn't want him with her.

  44. I’m not shocked… few episodes back with him and Reva in the pool told me all I needed to know. Women need to start paying attention. When Reva had her legs wrapped around him in the pool Tondy should’ve self eliminated. Side note Reva look like a man so Mario May be a switch hitter. It is Atlanta

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