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Rihanna’s Million Dollar Radio Hits

Rihanna’s Million Dollar Radio Hits

so they’re giving you the manager name
to brady and yeltsin talks to without any at as npr about re on a her new album called loud he doesn’t know all the details about
how much money actually costs to make at hits and get it on the radio and that’s
why i’m outfit he calculated he goes into a lot of you know that
detail about it is one point seven million dollars for one hits to get it
on the radio and that include having a letter-writing campaign people
rapist on free on a chance to pick them you give a songwriter u_p_ the producer
you pay the vocal producer which helps me out i think the song then you pay for
mixing it and then one dollars goes into travel fermionic to promote the song four marking and to work paid the radio stations which is a
little bit shady in this article uh… when they talk about things that they do want to get the
radio stations to itself that’s why i a previous sucks that’s already a start and you know it’s weird about it is that
i grew up in the days away gambino since townsend ellen and catch phrase but
before that even before you copyright failure is cause i get out of your
vending machine hyundai but even before that you know uh… that’s how the music
industry work we’ve come full circle where you brighten the radio station you
find somebody you write the songs for him it’s a factory that’s why i’ve been
music stocks that’s why the only good music is independent music that’s why i
learned facing promising to sign a part of what they say nothing’s changed i’m
sayin change change change back attract it got better get worse event and that’s
why i think it all starts now i would say one more thing their is um… someone who was a program
director acted bc q_v_c_ yes of course and that beatnik antennae rs though he
said he received forty thousand dollars in one hand on
bills of cash innocent case to place on do you play uh… serengeti uh… well you know what that soiree dec
songs no i don’t i don’t but the little if you don’t know how
great artists out there now radar screen are so welcome rogue traders and hip-hop
great artisanal on field but they’re not getting airplane because
of this stupid raghuram system that this article is about the labels that the
labels doing it that they’re not art music industry is that i guess roll over
and i we or colin alienating label on down new york guy all you’ve got to go away okay what needs to be reborn is something

100 comments on “Rihanna’s Million Dollar Radio Hits

  1. @mrstrings2006 i think thats part of the problem…when you are already a "professional singer" you should already know about musical phrasing etc etc.

  2. You pay radio pluggers who then use various means to persuade radio stations to play the song, not the station directly.

  3. @LilacStar82 Recording and producing vocals at that kind of level is a real skill, seriously. It's not actually to 'help her sing the song'.

  4. @LilacStar82 No you fucktard the vocal producer is like the road for a driver, yeah the driver can drive but they need guidance and direction to get to their destination.

  5. well real artist write their own songs, and don't need vocal producers because they can actually sing, and are good artist so they don't have to pay off radios to play their song. Just shows what type of artist rhianna is

  6. good strategy TYT.
    do NOT pair those two blonde bimbos together.
    they have a synergy effect when together.
    at least Misty sounds coherent now.

  7. damn the old guy that looks like the gay winner of survivor with tax fraud is so passionate about this and the dumb blond with fake geek glasses keeps trying to make some kind of talking point. WTF???

  8. @201stars Don't hate on Rihanna, she's just a product of the system. I'm pretty sure if somebody paid you millions to sing some bullshit you'd do it too.

  9. Young Blonde: "You're that old? I didn't know you were that old"
    Old guy: "Yeah after I ate you out…eeerrr….I eat out of your vending machines."

  10. I've suspected this for the longest, so truth be told. The numbers on the charts no longer reflect success through talent and ingenuity, but whoever is willing pay into the system the most. I can hear Cenk saying it now: "It's about the MONEY Lebowski!"

  11. @Raelsatu
    God thank you for this comment. The dumbass metal heads do not even give it a thought (but then again, they think about very little). Actually, underground in general is where it's at. Even the underground metal and rap are the shit!

  12. I love this guy! I'm from NY. He's like NY die too! It reminded me of Tupac when he sang "Jay-Z Die too!"

  13. Mainstream hip hop artists and R&B are broke as hell. Drake, Nikki Minaj, Swizz Beats, ALL BROKE!

    Mainstream hip hop is truly dead. The artists, however, are usually dumb as hell and refuse to understand contracts and the such. Anyone here know what 1 million dollar contract really means? It means YOU OWE the company that money, so you make it with your music.Science help you if you flop.

  14. its a shame….i feel like only indie artists know that this exists and the general public is brainwashed

  15. @fonkymaster Metal isn't my favorite but there are definitely some tracks that get me. People try to express their preference for any art because emotion and experiences come to define their concept of what's "good". Music speaks in many ways. The music that speaks so you open your eyes to new truths and awareness contrary to the elites/governments interest, is replaced by melodies to make one complacent for their undisturbed life and apathetic toward the impending storm for others.

  16. @Raelsatu
    Yeah. I listen to everything (hip hop particular now, so many different artists and types) and I have to say, underground is where it's at. If you want to get into any music at all, stay independent and underground. You make more money, have loyal fanbases and generally a much more stable career (although getting known underground is difficult). Hell, I have plans getting in myself, and this is the most ideal time to do it.

  17. @xSsj3Sasukex You are just as bad as them for generalizing. I'm a metalhead teenager and i only hate shit like Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka. But I do listen to the Fugees and Biggie on occasion. Besides, the ones you are referring to are the WHITE metalheads because Hispanic metalheads such as myself listen to some rap because there is always someone that listened to it when we were kids and what the case usually is that they listen to some of it. Practice what you preach. Get yourself educated.

  18. 100% true my friend is a independant rapper and we live in a city bout 85k population in northern alberta and the local radio stations wont even play his song , im sure they could spare 4 minutes out of some classified or down with webster

  19. SEE!!! I told you fucks that Misty knows what she's talking about. The other one is the one I'm not sure about. -_-…

    And what the fuck did the old guy mean? It's because I eat out of your vending machines? WTF?

  20. COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Immortal technique, a progressive rapper with clear anti-establishment politics had to sell his first album from the back of his car.
    He then used the proceeds to start his own indy label, and to this day remains unhirable due to his politics, its insane.

  21. @Ex0dus111
    hes not unhirable, he doesnt want to be mainstream because that would be selling out. hes already one of the biggest in the underground any ways so he doesnt need to.

    also, i didnt like that old guy but hes cool now. i still dont like the blond girl

  22. Who cares?
    While Murdoch tortures the Dowler family and subverts British democracy, as Belfast descends into internecine riots, as Obama murders 38 Pakistanis by remote control, Gaddafi begins to surrender, Italy faces financial destruction and hundreds of thousands of Somalians face starvation; TYT talk about the cost of making here today but forgotten tomorow "hits" by some plastic bimbo.
    TYT a news network? As if.

  23. Thank god for Youtube and Pandora! I definitely support indy and lesser known artist when I can by buying or word of mouth. Its a damn disgrace how mainstream radio stations hammer the same 30 songs in our heads. Smh @ mainstream radio

  24. Could not agree with him more- I only listen to the radio when I'm on the bus, and even then I have my iPod over it. Most of the songs today on the radio are very similar in my opinion, and most good artists aren't getting known- yet people who have no talent dominate the radio.

  25. Rhianna – another perfect example o a talentless manufactured pop superturd who cant even write her own songs or music. "Musicians" like her are why music today is so shitty.

  26. That's why youtube is here and that's why corporate giants are trying to stomp the freedom, creativity, independence, and ability to reach an audience out.

  27. old white man shouldn't be afraid to say BET sucks. black ppl know it sucks too. its okay, u won't hurt our feelings.

  28. @BlackMambakins "we didnt care about looks" Yeah, everyone cared about dressing like women instead. It was just as contrived then as it is now.

  29. @Chimera1591 earlier in the show they talk about how vending machines with only healthy foods are expanding all over the country

  30. @devourerofbabies no one hating, it's not like she's known for being a good singer. Im not knocking her cuz i jam to some of her songs. And radios play what hot now, if your song is hot the radio keeps playing it because they know people will tune in. You'll never see someone like beyonce begging and paying off radio stations to play her hits

  31. vocal producer, lyricists, paying to get on the radio? man what happened to those days where music was written by the artist proforming it. If you guys want to listen to real music listen to yngwie malmsteen, steve vai, 80's GNR, joe satriani. I know music is subjective but it seems like there isn't even a standard anymore. God how I long for the days when artists actually played instruments and didn't use all digital crap, where there was no such thing as auto tune.

  32. @chefawkes – I don't see why some white people get their panties in a twist about BET. Not only has BET sucked for close to a century it's white-owned now anyway. Founder Bob Johnson sold it to some white guys for a cool $2 billion.

  33. @DiamondChrome42 – Bro (or sis) you might want to look up BET's executive board. Look who the owners are: Viacom. Last I heard Viacom doesn't have a black CEO, does it? Why would a white owner mean it would have less black-oriented shows? Most black sitcoms in the US have had white/Jewish directors, producers and/or writers.

    Try doing some research before trying to talk about subjects you're uninformed about.

  34. @LilacStar82 that makes sense but it never hurts to have a second opinion. they might have a different perspective and offer her pointers or something. just because someone has talent doesn't mean they don't need help every once and awhile.

  35. This guy has completely win me over and I will follow him faithfully until the end of time. Old dude knows music, he is straight up hipster.

  36. Be glad that we all have the internet to listen to good music, than listening to the "MAJOR LABEL ASSHOLES"!!!

  37. Rihanna is a nasty bitch !
    What the fuck payin for some spins on radio ??? Really ???
    What the FUCK is wrong with this world ! Others are dyin because they got no money to buy a bread or milk for the kids and this nasty hoe buys radio spins ???
    I liked her and enjoyed some of her songs untill I heard these stories about her and her label !
    Nasty people !

  38. What a freak. You can tell from his tone he is just an angry old man.

    Radio stations are not payed to spin Rihanna songs, they simply do it because it is what the general public likes most. That is pretty self explanatory, she is a huge star with catchy music.

  39. @zixus3 Hey,rihanna better than Beyonce ha!
    When Beyonce sing with her Mezzo Soprano voice and dance like a mermaind
    Rihanna walk on her knees on the stage and touch her genital part!
    So who is the whore now?
    No one say Rihanna is a good singer or dancer but all the industry say Beyonce is the best entertainer of this generation:

  40. Not every artist has a multi-million marketing team behind them. Rihanna even admitted on Jonathon Ross that she wasn't singing before she met Jay Z. She was basically recruited cause she was a good-looking Dominican babe. The fact of the matter is, any exotic- looking girl who could barely hold a note would have achieved the same amount of success as Rihanna.

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