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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

Rock and roll is alive and well,
am I right? This is more than just music. Welcome… to the Rock and Roll… Hall of Fame! Please join me in welcoming
Stevie Nicks. Thank you so much for being
so awesome! She is a bold visionary,
Janet Jackson. Thank you so much,
I love you with all my heart. They changed the face
of popular music, The Cure. I’d like to thank all the fans. Radiohead,
they richly deserve this honor. We’re a very, very blessed band. Roxy Music! This was an entire genre
unto itself. Thanks to all of you
for this unexpected honor. It was love at first listen,
The Zombies. Absolutely fantastic! What’s the secret
of a successful rock group? You have to keep your hair.Def Leppard!We’re not blood,
but we’re the closest thing to brothers. ♪ (“STOMP” BY CAB 20 PLAYS) ♪ Thank you and good night!

100 comments on “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

  1. It’s about Fucking Time Rock n Roll Hall of Shame , Stevie Nicks finally recognized !!! Soooo many other bands/artists are still overlooked:-(

  2. Love that Def Leppard had Ian Hunter join them to close out the show… pretty much shoving it into the Hall Of Fame's face how ridiculous it is that Mott The Hoople (amongst others) isn't in there.

  3. Time for Depeche Mode, the Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Tears for Fears, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk. The Cure was long overdue and now maybe there admittance will open the door for other New Wave, techno pioneers.

  4. Time to induct the pioneers like Neil sedaka and Connie Francis and all those that made it possible for all those who have been inducted this year to be inducted . Without these pioneers these inductees would not have had a career. From Michael from Yorkshire and proud of it.

  5. I think in the last 2 'seasons', RRHOF are attempting to induct more of UK rock bands instead the usual American artists that not even have to do with rock. Good way for a change, despite – as Justin H of Moody Blues said something like, "It's hard to describe thing like RRHOF to UK people" – intentional absent of Mark Knopfler and Radiohed frontmen Thom and Jonny G. Thin Lizzy, Duran-Duran, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest must be inducted next year

  6. What a frickin joke . What in the world does Janet Jackson have to do with Rock n Roll ? Nothing . And there definitely should not be any Rappers anywhere near a real Rock n Roll hall of Fame . What’s wrong with you people?

  7. Its about time to see jethro tull and emerson lake and palmer get inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame

  8. Radio head going in at the same time as Roxy Music? The hall sucks. They better take the money and run now I guess, because in like 10-15 years there won't be anyone to induct.

  9. Hall of shame. Janet Jackson? The fuck outta here. It’s the Rock hall. They gonna put pearl jam in the hip hop hall? The hall is a joke. Keep making music and let the fans validate you. The hall is a joke

  10. Still no Joe Cocker? He was one of the best acts at Woodstock and took a Beatles song (sung by Ringo) that barely got in the Top 100 and took it to #1

  11. Daft Punk need to be inducted.

    They were the pioneer of EDM, but they also preserving the necessity of instruments on music

  12. Janet Jackson is Rock n Roll??? She gets inducted before Pat Benetar, Gary Moore, Bad Company and Doobie Brothers???? What a load of crap.

  13. If You’re One Of The Idiots Saying Janet Jackson Isn’t Rock N Roll, Then Listen.

    The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Isn’t Only About Rock Artists, But It’s About Music In General. Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, R&B, Gospel, Rap/Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Electronic Music, Etc. All Count. That’s Why.

  14. Fucking def leopard and Janet Jackson but they ignored rage against the machine?????? Dude get the fuck out of here!

  15. The rock and roll Hall of Fame was
    compromised years ago when rap stars and hip hop got in and iconic bands like King Crimson and Steve Miller (since accepted) were passed over by Jan Wenner, who is the "dicider" of what's acceptable. He sold out years ago when he moved Rolling Stone magazine to New York and dumped his wife (who's parent's bankrolled the enterprise) and took up his alternative lifestyle. Not so much a jab at that as a example of no loyalty to his roots.

  16. Gets worse every year. Been going slowly downhill since Rush got inductedThat’s MJ in drag. The Zombies 🧟‍♂️ might be ok

  17. Stop Barking about Janet Jackson in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame . Did you bark when Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Brenda Lee, Sam Phillips, Floyd Cramer, Chet Atkins, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Rogers, and Bob Wills got in Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ? They are pure Country and Western Artist ! Janet Jackson does no how to Rock out !

  18. WTF?! Harry styles was so close to having his old look again….then he cut his hair. SMH dumb move

  19. Rene de la vega, denisse rozenthal, camila Gallardo, Mario guerrero, and the most amazing artist of all times, lucho jara,
    plese, the cuestión is
    for the love of odin wheeeeeen?

  20. Is sabbath inducted yet?? And why hasnt alice in chains got inducted yet?!?! They are criminally overlooked.

  21. How come they inducted Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley before Peter Tosh?, Peter Tosh is the greatest of all times

  22. Why they haven’t included legendary rock bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead, or Dio is beyond me. They aren’t the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame they’re just a bunch of elitist assholes

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