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Scene On Radio Podcast’s “Seeing White” Series

Scene On Radio Podcast’s “Seeing White” Series

In the coming batch of episodes, a series we call Seeing White, turning the lens around looking straight at white America, and if the notion of whiteness itself. Where did this idea of a white race come from? The three races—in the order usually presented— Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid, Caucasoid at the top, is not a biological fact. So, it’s fair to say literally that slave traders commissioned the invention of this sort of codified racist idea of black people, and implicitly, then, on the other hand, of white people. Yes. It’s important that we see this creation was for the upliftment of white people, primarily the white people at the top. If you had a long a skull and you were light-skinned, that was good. And then, if you had a long skull, but you were dark-skinned, that was not good. Deena goes on this way, ticking off government benefits set aside for white people. So was this country built on affirmative action for white people? I don’t know what that means about trying to salvage the idea of, like, good whiteness. Right. You know, when was whiteness good? It is all about power.
It is not prejudice, it is not racial prejudice, it is not bigotry… it is power.

6 comments on “Scene On Radio Podcast’s “Seeing White” Series

  1. White is RIGHT! The best of all people. White is the smartest, sharpest, strongest most creative creature in the world.

  2. An absolutely thought provoking series. Uncomfortable at times. Looking at yourself in new ways takes courage. I hope to see more comments that show people are listening—and not just to try to accuse, or to feel self-satisfied that the problems of race belong to other people. I hope people listen to gain new perspectives and take away something valuable. It's worth your time.

  3. I am talking to people about this My husband and I are both planning on listening to the series again! So much to take in! So much to share!

  4. Absolutely thought provoking series, makes your think about human psychology, how each one of us operate and think!! Thanks!!

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