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[SCHOOL RADIO(스쿨라디오)] BTOB(비투비) _ 봄날의 기억(Remember that) [SUB]

[SCHOOL RADIO(스쿨라디오)] BTOB(비투비) _ 봄날의 기억(Remember that) [SUB]

15 minutes to lunch break
In the middle of 4th period (Sneaky sneaky) (Nervous) (Hide! Hide) What if BTOB showed up at your school one day? (Super nervous) 12:50PM LUNCH BREAK (School-wide announcements begin)
Hi, you’re listening to the school radio It’s April already Spring showers bring May flowers Be sure to check the forecast each morning! Here’s today’s first song Ah, ah Mic test Surprised there’s no song? I heard everyone is having lunch right now How does lunch taste today? I bet you’re all wondering who we are I guess we should introduce ourselves first (3, 4) Born to beat Hi, we’re BTOB! What if stars showed up at your school one day? A surprise visiting radio program School Radio! We’re honored to be the first guests on School Radio We’re here at Gyeonggi Art High School Scream, everyone! We’ll be hosting BTOB’s School Radio for about 20 minutes It may not be the longest time But we’ll try our best to interact with everyone as much as possible To make it as hot as fish soup! So get excited! Here’s the first song for today BTOB’s “It’s Okay” Are the girls going nuts in the hallway? I wonder how we sound outside – Can you see?
– No Whoa, they’re singing! They’re singing along! All together! See? They’re singing! Eunkwang is so excited United under BTOB! (Get ready, Changseob!) (About to burst!) Let us say your name! For “Attendance Check” – We received so many texts while the song was playing
– Yeah We’ll select a few to read to you guys See if yours gets chosen Kim Minji from Class 1-5 I’d like to see you, Minji! Maria from Class 1-2 says “I love your new song I listen to it before I go to bed” – Wow, great
– Our latest song! Thank you, Maria Choi Seonghwan from Class 1-6 Congrats! Thanks for texting us! And Lee Seyoung from Class 1-5 Hey Seyoung
It’s me, Hyunshik He said my name! And Oh Se-eun studying Music in Class 2-2 Wlecome, Se-eun Shin Ye-eun and Lee Seoyeon from Class 1-2 Ye-eun, Seoyeon
This is Minhyuk Thanks for the text Thank you everyone for sending us so many texts We’ll be wrapping up the “Attendance Check” here Those of you who we didn’t get to call the name – S T I
– What does that mean? Sorry, thank you, and I love you STI for short That’s good You’re listening to BTOB’s School Radio What we prepared next is… – Seongjae, will you tell us?
– Sure So we asked on MelOn and SNS
what the students would like us to do if we were to visit their school radio program – OK
– So… We would like to pick a few things And see if we can grant their wishes right now – First, Hyunshik
– Yes Please read the first one It’d be great if you guys could do the class start announcements Oh, the class start announcements? The one that tells the students break is over and classes are starting – Right
– Ok, then… Why don’t you take this one, Hyunshik? – With your gentleman voice
– Sure When you’re ready! 10 minutes to class 10 minutes to class Please return to your seats and get ready for class That sounded like the military Hyunshik’s voice is amazing! – He sounds like a robot
– Thanks – It’d be good to record…
– Ten minutes to class… And actually use it for the announcements, no? Ready for the next one? Yes, please read it for us Okay, here it goes I know all the members are good rappers, so rap for us Show Me the School! So BTOB vocalists are amazing rappers, no? Kwang and Seob-seob, let us hear you rap Yeah, are you ready?
Drop the beat Show me the Kwang! Gyeonggi Art High School We came without warning We came without Cube on our back Yo, I’m here yo Gyeonggi Art High School I came without warning It’s chaos out there, yeah I have no idea what I’m saying… I just wanted the attention… Alright, it’s time to read the last message For the seniors who will be graduating this year Please sing a healing song! A healing song, huh? Well the weather is great these days We do have one song that is perfect for the season – A masterpiece, no?
– Absolutely The title song for BTOB’s 8th mini-album “Remember That”
Coming your way, live Let’s sing together Breathing in the spring air Letting the breeze comfort me This street, where I walk like a habit The scent from the painful season lingers I keep thinking about her Makes my nose runny! For all the seniors studying hard Those who will be taking the test this year I hope our voices give you the strength to carry on Maybe we should cheer for them? – Together?
– Ready Go seniors! Oh great, that was energetic You’re listening to BTOB’s School Radio Alright, it’s already 1:20PM Unfortunately, we’ll have to wrap up with this one last corner – Seongjae?
– Right What did we prepare? It’s called “Zero Calories If You Love It!” We prepared some snacks for you, on BTOB! Can you hear them go wild! Oh, good, good, good! Snacks from us, with love! – Shall we rock, paper, scissors for it?
– Yes, rock, paper, scissors Ganshik (snacks) from Hyunshik! Snacks on BTOB!
The winner gets to choose a class to send snacks to Oh, I won! The winner is Changseob Where would you like the snacks delivered, Changseob? Class 1-6 Enjoy the snacks And pay attention in the rest of your classes! We’re live now, we’re live It’s on, it’s on Wow, what a beautiful day! We’re here at Class 1-6 Raiding Class 1-6! (3, 4) Born to beat Hello, we’re BTOB! Say hi to us, class president? Attention, greet the guests We love you! Oh, I used to do this too – Did you hear us on the radio?
– Yes We’re here to deliver the snacks But we thought it won’t be fun to just leave the snacks So we prepared a little event If you answer the quiz correctly, we take selfies with you! The first question So we had breakfast together this morning What did we have? – Fried eggs?
– Nope Me! – Spicy stew?
– Nope Alright, a hint! It’s some kind of noodles She’s next Regular noodles? That came very close to the answer… Stop dumping your chances! Dumpling noodles! Dumpling noodles? Correct! 1, 2, 3 Having a good time with the students… Unforgettable memories for BTOB and fans Here are the snacks! BTOB leaves something for students to remember A special time to turn this day into a memory… Wrapping up School Radio with a class picture time! Funny faces, Class 1-6!
And 1, 2, 3, cheese! We had so much fun meeting you guys today I hope we get to see you again someday! WHAT IF STARS CAME TO YOUR SCHOOL? – Study hard!
– Bye! A Surprise School Radio Visits by Hottest K-Pop Stars! First Guests
BTOB’s School Radio, A Huge Success! Thank you Gyeonggi Art High School
for all your cooperation!

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