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Hi! Today we’re going to be talking about when people call bands ‘sellouts’. And more specifically, the crazy amount of people who seem to have no idea what the word actually means. *reads* Traitor! You’ve got to have a good reason for calling someone a traitor. Just go into the comments section of any artist that’s changed up their style over the past few years and you’ll find people throwing the word around. And it’s for all kinds of musicians: Bring Me The Horizon, Beyonce, Blink 182 Wait are they all beginning with B? Metallica! They were cool Muse, Michael Bolton, Vampire Weekend THE Weekend Weeknd? The Weeknd? Incubus, Radiohead, Kanye — no one is safe. I just want to clarify- I j-just wan- If a band you like puts something out that you hate, by all means miss their old stuff. That is fine. Like, if every time you went round to your friend’s house they had this adorable cat, And then you went round there and they suddenly just had this inferior cat, You’re going to be like, “Where’s the adorable cat?” “This cat isn’t as fluffly and snuffly and it does — ew it dribbles when it’s happy. Gross.” I’m not sure what my point was. I think I just don’t like my cat. No one’s going to blame you for mourning the loss of the sound you love. Hell, even Kanye misses the old Kanye. There’s verified commentary on his lyrics on this song: “What do you have to say about your song “I Love Kanye”, Kanye?” “I just thought about what I loved.'” Insightful. But the second you go from ‘I hate this’ to ‘They’re sellouts. They should stick to their old sound.’ Do you know where you are? OK Google. Where are they? ‘Douchebagland’ You’re in Douchebagland. Now don’t get me wrong- I’ve been in your shoes. The really big ones that are like £200. I’ve been mad about this since before you were born. Hell, I’ve been mad about this since before I was born! I was furious when Zayn left One Direction and went mainstream instead of sticking to his underground roots. I got mad when Justin Timberlake ditched the ramen hair — you know what I’m saying? No that feels unnatural I won’t say that. I was furious when Stravinsky experimented with dissonant chords in his 1913 composition The Rite of Spring. Stick to Russian folk music Stravinsky! *whispers* Where you belong. I so angry when David Attenborough started narrating documentaries in colour. Well you think you’ve got a boat named after you? You’re special? I don’t know if this is going to be funny, it just feels loud. I was angry at all of those things. Trust me, I get it! Seriously though, I was one of those people when I was younger. For me, it was Linkin Park. I idolized Linkin Park. It was their heaviest sound I had heard at the time Mike Shinoda’s rapping was so fricken’ cool! I found all the unreleased demos on obscure websites. I bought all the merch. I had posters. He was up there on my wall, looking down at me while I slept. And then they dropped the album “Minutes to Midnight” And you wanna know what happened to my expectations? I wanted more NuMetal to sate my teenage angst. And you know what I got? I got fricken “Valentine’s Day” *Reads lyrics**4 I wanted screaming! I wanted rapping! I wanted that specific synth sound. *plays specific synth sound* I wanted 12 more songs of exactly that! But you know what I got? Down-tempo subtle rock! And some good songs, but that kind of spoils the narrative a bit. And as a result of all this, I said some things. I said they should go back to their old sound. I said, “They aren’t Linkin Park anymore.” I wore those self-aggrandizing novelty T-shirts, often about grammar. I was one of those nerds. But it wasn’t till I grew up that I started to get it. What if they ran out of angst? Or more likely, what if they got sick of making same format of song after ten years? Just because an artist wants to change up their style doesn’t mean they hate their fans. If you ask majority of musicians, they will probably tell you that they are doing it for self-expression. Except for lot of rappers, maybe. Although they express their true desire to… get bitches. Keep in mind that for a lot of these artists being deemed sellouts, they aren’t even going to profit from the change. They know it’s going to cost them a lot of their fanbase. But when you’re that sick of doing same thing, it’s either that or taking trip to Switzerland, if you catch my drift. Euthanasia is legal in Switzerland; that was the joke. Just because you make a new genre doesn’t mean you’re going to make more money. Hell, I’ve made over 50 genres and where’s my mansion? Where’s my Tesla? Where’s my roop-tof — roop-tof? Where’s my roop-tof? Where’s my rooftop jacuzzi? I should have Arab money by now. You just have to remember that those artists are still people. They get bored like everyone else. But you still get those people furiously typing away on their keyboards. You know, the ones next to the guitar that they bought and played three times before giving up. And they’ll be saying things like: “Oh, this is such a slap in the face!” “They should go back to their old sound! This isn’t even them anymore!” “I was here since their first album! I bought all their merch! And now they do this to me?” It’s not about you! They don’t owe you anything! Either you hadn’t considered that musician who “betrayed” you did so for their own mental well-being or you’re just an ass. And you know these are the same people who will say they hate mainstream music. You know what a musician pressured to make music to what majority of people expect from them looks like? The POP industry. Oh, there’s some irony! If they carried on making music that they lost interest in long ago just so they could make money off their fanbase, that would be selling out. Even if band goes super poppy, if they’re genuinely excited about challenge of writing mass-appealing song Why does that make them a sellout? Isn’t that being true to themselves? Unless band specifically says, “We’re never going to stop playing death bagpipe metal.” and builds their audience under that pretense, then transitioning to poppier style of music does not make them a sellout. But it’s not just this side of the argument that has its extremists. You have people on the other side who are like: “What, you don’t like a song they made?” “What, you don’t like a song they made?” “Real fans love everything they make!” “You were never a real fan!” which is a bloody ridiculous statement. bbloody bbloody bbloody Not everyone enjoys every style. It’s okay to not like new material. Just because you don’t immediately love everything an artist releases doesn’t reduce how much you respect them. Saying someone is “not a real fan” delegitimizes how much they care about that artist. At bottom of Pacific Ocean, at southern end of Mariana Trench, lies an indentation called Challenger Deep. It’s 10898 meters down and takes over two hours to descend in most advanced submarines humankind has developed. Our music tastes go way deeper than that. sumbarines For some reason, music is one of those things that drills down into our core. That’s why musicians are some of the most famous people in the world. So, for a lot of people, questioning their dedication to an artist is like insulting their innermost feeling. It’s understandable that you’d be upset if an artist you like makes an album you don’t like. If you’re expecting one genre of music, of course it’s going to be shock if you hear something totally different. I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I’ve literally had the thought when listening to some songs: “I’d probably like this if it was from different artist.” And that’s so freaking illogical. But it’s not illogical. Context matters when it comes to music. The packaging has psychological effect. As a wise man once said, “Imagine you go to take a drink of water and find out it’s vodka.” There are two types of people in this situation: Those who take the sip and then spit it out and they’re just confused and frustrated and people who, after initial shock, think, “Hmm, okay.” Sometimes it takes while to appreciate new style of music We all have that song where initially we hate it and then cut to week later and we can’t stop playing it over and over and over. People care so freaking much! I could insult their family, their religion, that stupid cat from earlier, and they wouldn’t care about any of that! But the second you bring up that maybe there was a reason that band changed — NO! — NO! They’re my favorite band and I will hate them until day I die! Look, man, just enjoy bands for what they are. If their style changes, give it a chance and then if you don’t like it…you can find another band. There’s loads of bands out there! Like, a hundred. Or maybe even more than that. So don’t blame musician for wanting to experiment. They made some of your favorite music! Give them a break and let them explore! When I think about all things I said about Linkin Park…I never gave their new stuff a chance. Just said mean things. I didn’t think about how they felt. I, uh,I just… I can’t — I — I’m sorryOh! Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park! Hi! I am so sorry I said all those mean things about you. You said mean things — ? No, the point is: you can make whatever genre of music you want. It doesn’t matter that all those people on internet call you sellouts. They say that? Yeah, like, all the time, all over the place. For like a decade.

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  1. Given that Metallica, after encouraging their fans to bootleg their songs in an attempt to get better known, literally sued their fans for bootlegging their music once they were millionaires, sellout is appropriate in referring to them.
    In most regards, though, I'll never fault an artist, or a person in general, for doing what they want to (barring it being illegal), or wanting to make a good living doing what they enjoy. The "starving artist" stereotype exists for a reason, and it's because most artists, in any field, can't actually make enough working at it to make a living, and enjoy luxuries like food.

  2. I agree, music is a very personal thing to me. Literally earlier, I listened to an old song, it was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar, and tbh, and I wept.

  3. exactly. I do not like the Rush 1982 album Signals that much, but then I decided to just listen to the old stuff I loved and not the new stuff I didn't, and they're still one of my favorite bands. Same thing for their first album and Permanent Waves

  4. This also god for YouTuber
    Like Sean (Jacksepticeye)
    He change a lot and SO MANY PEOPLE HATED IT
    “I want the green hair back”
    “I want you to scream more”
    it’s annoying he changed because he needed to!
    He was mentally dying.
    And look at him know happy as a duck!
    Can ducks be happy?

  5. I love how he always puts down his cat. Also I know how you feel when your cuddling your cat and then find a puddle on your chest

  6. Fair, but if a band decides to drastically change their style to the point where it isn't recognizable as them anymore they should probably publish it as "from the creators of xyz" and not the band itself

  7. I completely support literally everything you say, but damn you must be making lots of enemies.

  8. "Except for a lot of rappers… well, they're are expressing their desires to…"
    Looks up a rap song
    "get b*tches"
    I'm dying xD

  9. "I wanted that specific synth sound"
    -Boyinaband, 2017

    Idk why I had to laugh so much, you must be doing something right mate

  10. I just love how intensely serious dave looks while playing these few notes on the synth that kicked off my teenage nostalgia

  11. "Next to their guitar that they've played 3 times before giving up."
    For the record; I gave up on try 6. thank you very much.

  12. U should sleep more haveing dark scrrcles under u eye is unhealthy so what if ur late to post ur video ur well being is more important

  13. Oh yeah I drank some chocolate milk from a fast food cup with a Coke logo on it. I thought it tasted terrible when I expected coke.
    Normally, I really enjoy chocolate milk.

  14. Some people were saying that they were sellouts. Others were saying that the former were not true fans. Ugg, I needed to find out for myself.

  15. I'm just imagining what he said to mike at the end of the video to film that clip.
    'okay so I bump into you and apologise for calling you a sellout, and you look at the camera, make a sad face and have a singular tear rolling down'

  16. i don't know why but when you picked up the dandelion i half expected James to come out of the bushes, take it, and eat it.

  17. Well. I've always and will always think about it like this:
    If you consider yourself a Linkin Park fan but only like their Nu-Metal style then you're a "Hybrid Theory fan" not an LP fan.

  18. Omg. Super late to the party but a friend of mine actually did that with the last of my Ketel 1. Swapped the water I poured for myself with the last of my vodka. I was already sure of my impending hangover so I was reasonably upset

  19. There are some songs that I occasionally hear on the radio and really enjoy. A lot if times, one of my friends asks me what some of the songs I like are, I mention one of these he asks if I know who the artist is, and if I dont know, he claims I don't like the song. He doesn't understand that I can like a singular song without absolutely worshiping the artist. Pls help.

  20. The "missing someone's old music" thing is weird to me. Because it's still there. Whoever's old music you're "missing" is still there. Go and listen to it.

  21. I do think the word 'sellout' is used to frequently.

    For me though, if the style changes so much that you sound nothing like the band then why not create a new band or side project?

  22. 2:26 so if you truly found all the unreleased demos, you should be aware of Mark Wakefield, the orgininal singer of Linkin Park.

  23. Why do people say pop bands are ‘selling out’ for making pop music? Imagine if little mix started making screamo music lmfao

  24. This video reminds me of the lyrics from the Imagine Dragons song "Bullet in a Gun"

    "How many voices go unheard, how many lessons never learned. How many artists fear the light, fear the pain go insane. Lose your mind, lose yourself, YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT GAME AND WEALTH! sellout Sellout SELLOUT!"

  25. Korn and Slipknot have changed a lot over the past 2 decades. I'm not sure I've heard an album of theirs I didn't like. AFI, however, has lost a bit of the Sing The Sorrow poetic lyrics to some degree.

    It's fine.

  26. So for some reason I've JUST found your videos and let me tell you, I laughed at every single joke in the video. I love that your videos are researched, insightful and hella funny 🙂

  27. Tbh I just pretended that minuets to midnight didn’t exist because I didn’t like that style and I listened to it again and it’s actually pretty good.

  28. I like how specific you were about how deep challenger deep is! Are you OCD Dave? (I’m not judging because I am and It’s actually really nice, I appreciate little things more…) that was a really cool way to put it into context! Also I just randomly found this statistic, did you know what 41 percent of people who have OCD have depression? I don’t understand why, and it’s not that much considering that only 2.3% of the population has it, but still!

  29. Yeah, I’ve had times when I thought that if this was from boyinaband I would’ve enjoyed it… I don’t understand why, I just would’ve… probably because I can actually understand what you’re saying, unlike others who just mumble through the whole thing!

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