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Silversun Pickups – What’s In My Bag?

Silversun Pickups – What’s In My Bag?

Hi I’m Brian. And I’m Nicky from Silversun Pickups. We’re half of Silversun Pickups. You’ll see Joe and Christopher soon, they take longer than we do. Our picks were way better. Hey I’m Joe from Silversun Pickups. I’m Christopher. And this is what’s in our bag. First of all nice bags, these are lovely. Yeah, we love this bag. The way we like to shop Amoeba is to not think about too much because you’re gonna lose your mind so just go with your instincts, if you see something, move towards it. It’s like the Louvre. Ok whaddya got? Can I just pick out stuff? Yeah. What’s this about? Ooh, ahh. Desmond Dekker. He’s the best. He has such a beautiful voice and I’ll buy all of his albums. There was a lot of them. Yeah there were a lot of them. What made you get that one? Did you feel pressure? I felt pressure and I liked the cover. All of these are great. Thank you, that’s lovely. I love him. I love Car Seat Headrest. This is the new album I believe. ‘Teens of Denial.’ It’s kind of a cross between Pavement and old Beck and it’s just really clever lyrics, really good lyrics reminds me of kind of like a male Courtney Barnett, which I love. I’ve got this, the entire, I think, collection of Zatoichi, The Blind Samurai. In the early days of IFC, they would play these every Saturday or Sunday morning I would get up and drink coffee and watch whatever Zatoichi movie was on I remembered they put this box set out but then I completely forgot about it and I saw it on the shelf and was like, I just have to get it. It’s a beautiful box set, but also these movies just rule. Ok I’ve always wanted to own this record and I don’t know why I don’t. Savages. All of our friends were talking about them for so long and we know people that actually travel around to go see them. We played Coachella recently and we all found ourselves at Savages and had our faces completely melted off and every time someone else would come, like you’d show up all the sudden and everybody would go, yeah how’s it going, cool and so you would watch them react to this seriously, one of the best bands I’ve seen so long. They’re so incredible and I love their music. It kind of ruined the rest of Coachella It did. Honestly, I was like, game over. Savages. I grabbed the new Aphex Twin EP, which I haven’t heard anything from yet. He was sort of like my entré into electronic music. Somebody, I can’t remember who, turned me on to him and it just kind of blew my mind and made me appreciate electronic music in a whole different way because it was just so bizarre and also weirdly catchy. I have high hopes for this. It’s nice that he’s making music again, so excited about that. I remember those videos. Yeah and he also made the creepiest videos of all time. So intense. That was a big part of why I really liked his music as well There was a whole sort of complete vision. Duran Duran limited edition. I saw this right away. Lately I’ve been listening to Duran Duran a lot. I forget how good they are. The bass playing is amazing. It is crazy. You listen to that first record and it’s wild how good they are. So I can’t wait to listen to those two vinyl and look at this. Oh John Taylor. Silly Simon. Oh there’s a giveaway. Oh there’s a poster. I might let you have this after I’m done with it. Thank you. And then old J Dilla ‘Donuts.’ This is a record I’ve listened to a lot but I’ve actually never had it on vinyl When we were making our first full record Dave Cooley, who produced that record, I think he did some mastering on this record he knew Dilla and turned us on to him. He was just light years ahead of everybody else and so, yeah I just wanted to get this on vinyl, because he was amazing. Oh come on. Oh Bri-Bri, like you don’t already have that. I don’t already own it, actually came in here gunning for this, I was really hoping they had it. Radiohead, like a lot of people has literally been one of my favorite bands since Nikki made me go see them at a club in England. Yeah. I made him. ‘In Rainbows’ is my favorite but this is getting up there this thing is so gorgeous and so insanely beautiful and Radiohead records take so long to absorb and it’s almost like work I purposefully made myself, everyday, listen to it on headphones He would, everyday, we all listened. from beginning to end, so by two weeks in everybody was at a bar and our hotel was about an hour away and I just left a bar ’cause I knew I could walk at night in St. Louis, from that bar to the hotel and listen to it in the streets that I’ve never seen and it was amazing, I love it. Incredible. Recently we’ve been on this insane soundtrack kick like we based our last two records off of soundtrack themes. It sets a mood. ‘Under the Skin.’ I love this movie, it’s creepy, creepy cool movie and I remember the soundtrack being equally creepy and moody and scary and all that This one ‘You’re Next’ is a mediocre, mediocre horror film and I mainly got this because it’s put out by Death Waltz and I am a huge, huge fan of Death Waltz. They put out reissues of movies and even current ones but the artwork is amazing yeah, the cover is just awesome it’s kind of, if you can see, it’s like the layout of a house and then a mask of a fox, which was kind of the thing. We were talking about Mondo, that poster company in Austin. They do a lot of reissues too. they’ve been doing reissues too and Mondo and Death Waltz have been doing it it’s just such a great little niche type thing that they’re doing. I’ve owned this movie… this is the fifth time I’m getting it I keep giving it away to people, because it’s the movie that I know if you haven’t heard of it and you like stuff I’m gonna give this to you and you’re gonna be happy that I did because it’s amazing. You saw it on a plane. I saw it on a plane I’m glad I did because I would’ve been really scared I’m probably gonna give this one away, here. Thanks. I’ll take that. I’ll never be able to own that movie. Don’t open the door. See? Everything’s ok. So Brian talked about this movie because all of us are obsessed with this movie and the soundtrack is amazing. The guy Disasterpeace who did it I think it’s a really key part of what makes this movie so good is that the soundtrack is so unique and trippy and sort of sparse so I wanted to get the actual soundtrack on vinyl. The ‘Finding Dory’ book for my girls. Yeah, tell me about that. Well I recently tried to watch it with my young daughters, they’re three and a half and they said they’re too scared, so now I’m gonna get a nice friendly book so we saw ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ instead. Everyone knows ‘Finding Dory’ is the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of the ‘Finding Nemo’ series. It’s pretty crazy. I can’t wait. I didn’t even know this existed, it’s the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. There was a woman named Delia Derbyshire who was sort of like the first, even pre-synthesizers, synthetic music wizard. We can, if we like, go to these sound generators here, electronic generators and using all of these, we can build up any sound we can possibly imagine almost. They did all kinds of crazy stuff with tape loops and weird found sound recordings to make these like the ‘Doctor Who’ soundtrack and stuff like that, for the old BBC radio shows and TV shows this just looked super cool and I figured I’d grab it there’s a bunch of Delia Derbyshire stuff on here, so I’m stoked about that. Oh, Autolux. We love Autolux. Of course we had to find Autolux ‘Pussy’s Dead’ We’ve known them for years, we used to open for them all the time. Who do you think came up with that title, Eugene, Carla, or Greg? Probably Carla. She’s one of the best drummers in the world and this record’s great. Everything Autolux does is great. Yeah we love them so much. ‘Pussy’s Dead,’ that was a shock, right? Kind of, yeah. Is pussy dead? Write to Amoeba or use the Amoeba social media. Hashtag ‘is pussy dead?’ It’s funny, ‘Joe Versus the Volcano,’ because we were talking about this. You and I both independently started watching it on TV like within the last two weeks. Yeah, it was 9:00 a.m. I was just waking up, I turned on the TV y’know, it was the credits, I’d just caught it. I was like, ok, I’m gonna watch some of it and I ended up watching all of it. I was like, this is the best movie ever. This movie is so underrated. This is ahead of its time. Meg Ryan is amazing in this. Me? I remember when it came out and not a lot of people liked it. Oh, people hated it. Because they didn’t get it. It was so out of line with both of them being sort of America’s sweetheart actors. And the sets, fake backgrounds, but really lots of color and they were just on this boat and you could tell they’re really not on a boat no one does this, and it’s kind of like harking to the 50s and the 40’s, y’know those type of movies Right, everything was in a pool on a backlot. Yeah where you just kind of had the suspension of disbelief I thought that was cool that they did that in this movie a lot. There’s some great movies and then there’s some horrible movies but there aren’t very many horrible movies this great This is the best worst movie of all time. I did not hit her, it’s not true, it’s bullshit, I did not hit her, I did not. Oh, hi Mark. And it’s sort of become a rite of passage for our road crew if anyone hasn’t seen it we make everyone sit down and watch it again because it’s just so fucking bad. You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket. We end up quoting it for the whole tour. Actually it gets annoying. We get kind of annoying. I think we lost our copy so we need to get a new copy of this. Thanks Johnny. Let’s go eat, huh, come on let’s go. I’m starving. Uh oh. Controversial to the staff here. This is the ‘Neon Demon’ soundtrack. It’s a movie that I really liked and a lot of people didn’t like, but I agree with them too. But the music, I love Cliff Martinez and this music is really bizarre and I actually like the art and I’m really looking forward to listening to it, which is really strange it’s gonna be weird, me listening to this at my house on a nice sunny L.A. day. This is the first Can record. Love Can. I’ve never had this record. I don’t know if I’ve ever even actually heard this record. This is when they were still called The Can, which is hilarious. Can has been kind of an influential band for us for a long time it’s very linear but it’s not necessarily verse chorus verse, it’s much more groove-based. Chris and Nikki did a lot of stuff that was very sort of geometric and it was more about a groove than it was about separate parts of songs. These guys are a huge part of that sort of approach to music. And that album art is amazing. And that album artwork is just fucking rad. What’s this last one? ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ I’ve heard of it, I’ve heard of it. This is great because Nikki’s actually never seen the ending of any movie. You’ve seen the ending of Princess Bride and Uncle Buck For Christmas, I was gonna make her the ending of all movies. As you wish. And she’s gonna be so shocked. Yeah. To find out what happens at the end of this, you’re gonna be so surprised it might change your opinion. Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. And that’s what’s in our bags, Amoeba. Whoever your favorite Silversun picks were, please comment everywhere. Comment all over the place. Hashtag Brian and Nikki’s picks are better. If you have any comments on what we chose you’d like it or dislike it please, again, social media, Amoeba Music, go in there, tear it up.

100 comments on “Silversun Pickups – What’s In My Bag?

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  2. ive tried listening to savages a bunch, but always end up turning them off half way through the album and listening to siouxsie and the banshees instead.

  3. I gotta say the Under the Skin soundtrack is fucking AMAZING,
    These guys did well, liked a lot of their stuff or i'll check it out

  4. I agree with everything Chris says about Joe Vs the Volcano. It really is an underrated film, and a very beautiful one as well. Absolutely LOVED the sets, cinematography, music (RIP Georges Delerue), not to mention Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are great together.

    Anyways, episode request: Klayton – What's In My Bag?

  5. I saw Silversun Pickups open for Foo Fighters in 2012. They were great Lazy Eye was one of the first songs I learned to play on drums.

  6. It's mind-boggling that some fans are suggesting that Radiohead's new album is their best ever. So ridiculous.

    It Follows and Under the Skin were such pieces of shit. C'mon. Not everything that's hyped online is actually good.

  7. "I love Can"
    "Their sound was very influential to us."
    "This is their first album."
    "I don't know if I've actually heard this album."

    These guys are clowns.

  8. I loveeee this fuck yes. so many subtle things confirmed in my mind with these record choices!! super rewarding. Fucking love this band though seriously. cheers

  9. Love Love you Silver Spun P's……..You ALL are Such FINE MUSICIANS, and Oh Yes, Nicky… are SO FINE!!! Anyways Thank you so much for posting this GEM…….🎸💚

  10. A Moon Shaped Pool, Under the Skin, It Follows; really great picks. Saw that DVD of The Master behind them, need that.

  11. That Radiohead album is so fukin good. They are The Beatles of this generation.
    The Bends = Rubber Soul
    OK Computer = Revolver/White Album
    Kid A = Sgt. Pepper
    Amnesiac = Magical Mystery Tour
    In Rainbows = Abbey Road
    King of Limbs = Let it Be

  12. The debut from Autolux, called Future Perfect, is one of the best albums from the 2000s. I played the hell out of that around the same time I was playing Pikul.

  13. Brian and Nikki were on Comedy Bang Bang recently and they were charming and funny. They also did a really great job doing intimate versions of their songs. I really haven't listened to them since their first EP — which I loved — but now I might check out some of their more recent work.

  14. it would be a cool video if silversun pickups didn't suck so bad now. i'm bitter about what they became. Probably because I love their early stuff so damn much. They were alternative rock. Kissing Families.

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