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ŠKODA KAROQ: Connectivity: Part 1

ŠKODA KAROQ: Connectivity: Part 1

The all new ŠKODA KAROQ is at the top of it‘s class when in comes to innovative connectivity solutions. This car is always online, which means not just access to entertainment and information but also advice that will help you save time and money. How exactly? Let me show you how ŠKODA Connect is bringing you to online world. It’s very easy.
Just press the ŠKODA Connect application on the display, and Infotainment Online instantly brings you the most up-to-date information. And you know what the best part is?
It instantly sends the updated info to the navigation, so you can learn in real time. Traffic restrictions, traffic accidents or other limitations on your road. It will advise you on the current number of free parking spaces or even fuel prices at nearby petrol stations.
And that’s not all. ŠKODA Connect can also inform you about the weather at your destination including a detailed forecast. Download the ŠKODA Connect app, and get even more detailed connection to your KAROQ. You can lock and unlock the car, check the parking location, the status and even adjust the climate control. You can easily connect your mobile phone to the KAROQ both by cable and wireless via Bluetooth. If you plug-in by cable, the CarPlay function will automatically start. The menu is displayed and your phone is now part of the car’s infotainment. Direct access not only to your phone and contacts but also to addresses or music, such as Apple Music or Spotify. It is also easy to connect the phone via Bluetooth. It’s a matter of a moment in KAROQ. After a while contacts are automatically transferred to the car and the phone is set as another possible source of music.

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  1. how does the climate control work? could I be in bed and it's freezing outside, I go on the app and set it to be 25degrees inside the car? how will it get the power and would the car remain locked?

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