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Sky Q Favourites

Sky Q Favourites

With Sky Q’s favourites you can quickly
find the channels you watch most often. You can browse your favourite
channels while watching TV or use the assigned channel
number and go straight to it. To set up your favourite channels
go to TV Guide and select ‘Favourites’. You’ll see a list of your most watched channels. You can save these as your favourites or go to ‘Change list’ to add or remove channels. Each channel in your favourites list is
assigned a number from 1 to 99. To reorder them select the
channel and move it up or down. Select ‘Save and finish’. You can change your list at any time by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting ‘Manage favourites’. To browse all your favourite channels press ‘Select’ swipe or press left and select ‘Favourites’ swipe or press right to see
what’s on your favourite channels. Or to go straight to a channel while watching TV enter the number assigned to
one of your favourite channels.

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