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So, how was your day? (Radio Arvyla joke – subtitled in English)

So, how was your day? (Radio Arvyla joke – subtitled in English)

So, we have two women talking with eachother
and one says: -What happened yesterday? Anything good goin’
on between you and your husband? -Oh dear! Yesterday was bad.. He came home,
quickly ate the meal I had prepared for him (why are you looking at me like that,
am I saying something wrong?) (I think you’ve started it a bit wrong) -(no, I’m saying it just fine!)
-(he’s saying it fine) (he’s married, what did you expect
him to say?!..) So, she says: Was terrible yesterday, he
ate the food I had prepared for him We then had sex for 2 whole minutes
and then he fell asleep right away! How about you, what happened?
So, the other woman replies: -Oh, yesterday.. I couldn’t believe it, u won’t either!
-Why? What happened? -The best night of my life!
-Meaning? -He came home, he took me out for a
wonderful dinner at an amazing restaurant We later had a walk together for one hour We then arrived home, he gave me foreplay
for one whole hour After that we had sex for one hour And then another hour of conversation! -And then we fell asleep like lovebirds!
-I can’t believe it! At the exact same time, their husbands are having
the same conversation at another cafe So one of them goes to the other:
-Hey man, what’s up? How was last night? -Yesterday was super! I went home, ate, boned my
wife and fell asleep! Super cool! How about you? -Aw, disaster.. I went home, and we had no
electricity since we forgot to pay the last bill so my wife and I had to go out to eat then our check was so expensive that I couldn’t
afford a cab home… we walked for a whole hour so I arrive home, and I’m so angry at all that, ..I CANNOT get it up, so I’m trying for
the whole next hour Anyway, I manage to get it up, and I’m at it
for one hour seeing as I can’t come… and then from all those nerves I couldn’t even
sleep..was talking, and hour straight and THEN I manage to finally get some sleep!

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